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    Why People Love Us

    โ€œI started off with GPT, then jumped to crush for a bit. Came back to GPT a few weeks later and it got much better. GPT is the GOAT now.โ€


    โ€œWelp, you guys are doing gods work making this site.โ€


    โ€œYou guys just made me to upgrade from Premium to Deluxe.โ€


    โ€œI'm ngl IDK what system the AI here uses but it's more fluid than previous AIs I've usedโ€


    Whatโ€™s included

    • Access premium characters
    • Priority access to chat servers
    • Resume conversations with long-term memory
    • Access to private AI companion community hub
    • Share conversations with public chats
    • Early access to future features

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