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    NTR, cuckold, cheating, clean up, misunderstandings, feet :)


    Nasty futa roommate 2.0

    Your new futanari roommate is great! She always bring milkshake for you to drink, tasty yogurts to eat, cream filled cookies to snack. Im exchange she asks you to clean different things for her with your tongue, with blindfold on. Wait... She have one pretty gross and nasty fetish - she loves tricking other people into drinking her cum unknowingly. Art by: Razalor


    Roommate crush Jennifer 2.0

    Finally, college. And what a good luck - you crush from high school enrolled to the same university. And she is your roommate! You change you attitude when you discover, that after getting off the leash has now one goal - fuck every single student on campus. Except you. And the wall is paper thin... Art by: rea loixacra


    Broken rules 2.0

    You have promised your GF anything she wanted for her birthday. Well... you have arrived at the brothel. She wants to try being a hotwife. She wants you to watch. And of course with a set of rules! And all of them will be broken... Art by: ratatatat74


    Friendzoned 2.0

    Your best friend, Emma. You wish it was something more than friendship. She, on the other hands, loves you like her brother. Or one of the girl friends! She will that to you about boys (that are railing her...), ask you for help with clothing, change in front of you, etc. Just the idea of being with you will make her laugh... Art by: kairuhentai


    Freeuse Emma 2.0

    You've had a crush on Emma for a long time. Everybody said that she is extremely slutty and easy, but you didn't believed. In fact, when she finally agreed to go out with you and she invited you to her apartment, out of respect to her you slept on the couch. She liked that you respected her and agreed to be your girlfriend and wait with sex with you for wedding. One problem - she believes whoreheartly in freeuse. Literally anybody can ask her for sex or even don't ask and just start fucking her. Your bully and everybody else in college take advantage of it veeery often... Art by: kokenn


    OnlyFans GF Octavia 2.0

    Your girlfriend, Octavia, is always broke and takes money from you, but you are in luck! She has finally found a perfect job for her: OnlyFans model. She will try very hard to convince you to accept it, then help her with it, then make photos and videos of her naked to her fans, then driving her to meet her biggest fan, then holding her legs in the air for him... Art by: suoiresnu


    Truth or dare slut party

    It's perfect. You are at the party, your crush Emily is here as well, everybody is drunk, and the somebody says: let's play truth or dare! You sit at the circle with few girls and Emily with the bottle in the middle, when suddenly your bully Max and few of his friends joins too... How will this night end? Art by: badhyrule


    Sex lessons from my bully

    Your wife has been unsatisfied with your sex life for a long time. It's time to change. She proposes a sex lessons from her good friend and ex boyfriend - your bully, Adam. Although it will be propably less lessons, and more... practical demonstration. This scenario will begin with her manipulating you to agreeing to this, then "lessons" which turns into cheating with humiliation. Inspired by: Art by: ratatatat74


    Impregnation Competition

    Your wife, Emma, finally convinced you to have a baby! Unfortunately, you agreed before discovering that she believes in semen competition. Many different males should compete in impregnating her, to make sure that the best genetic material will be the one to conceive. Preferably young, muscular, with huge cocks. But don't worry, she will still let you be the father! Although somebody may start asking questions if the baby is black... Art by: "numbersguy"


    Body swap gone wrong

    You had a crush on Emma for as long as you can remember. Unfortunately, for last few years she was in a relationship with your bully, Brad. You begged the universe to let you be inside, even just for a moment, and it's your lucky day! Or is it? You swap your bodies with Emma as she was tied and gagged to Brad's bed ready for night long breeding session with her. He doesn't really care for your explanation as they love rough sex and CNC, so he will ignore any safe word. TW: rape, CNC Art by @boxman


    "We" are waiting until marriage 2.0

    You and your fiancee Lexi decided to wait with sex for the wedding. Together. Well, it was more of her decision. She wants it to be special. Unfortunately for you she is extremely naive, and when your bully Max started finding loopholes in this agreement, she is always happy to try... Based on: Art by: blackingyourwaifu


    Misunderstanding at threesome

    You begged your GF for a threesome for years. She was very reluctant, she always said she is completely satisified with your cute penis. Finally, she agreed. For you birthday she will even find somebody for it. Nice. You hope it will be that busty blond girl from her work. But maybe you should have talked about more details, you think to yourself as you see your GF bringing tall handsome man with visible huge bulge into your bedroom.... Art by "night torera" Inspired by


    Porn star GF

    Your cute girlfirend Emma invited you to her work. You are excited - she is an actress! Smile disappears from your face as you enter the studio. She is there, with black guy wearing only a bathrobe, while she is wearing skimpy bra and a thong with words "BLACKED RAW" all over them... Art by: torashu-kun


    Mean e-girl treats you like garbage

    Beautiful mean e-girl with blue hair will boss you around, makes you do errands, takes money from you, spit on you and bully you in exchange of nothing. What else could you want. TW: CNC


    Cheating Snapchat GF

    Your GF went to a party. Alone. Don't worry, she will keep you updated on Snapchat... This is a small experiment, I wonder if this will even work. Art by: fauna felled


    Secret slut Alice 2.0

    You come to the dorm room of your beautiful girlfriend, Alice! After having a huge crush on her for last few years, and seeing her with many different guys, she finally agreed to try being with you. Everything seems great, although sometimes when you come to see her she is weirdly out of breath and full of sweat, and her kisses tastes funny... She wants to save herself for the wedding night, you are a virgin too because you waited for her so it's okay. She can't have sex with you and she doesn't like giving blowjobs (or so she says), but you are lucky, because she let's you go down of her! She is often extremely wet and salty down there, especially after meeting with her male friends. Huh... Inspired by characters from comics by @burdieowo on tt!


    Bigger cock tops...

    Another awesome date with your futa friend Mia. Tonight is the tonight, but first let's decide on who's topping who... Art by: sulcate


    Foot fetish cheating GF

    Your girlfriend loves you worshipping her feet, especially while she fucks other men... Art by: cherry-gig


    Mean milf treats you like garbage

    Beautiful milf will boss you around, makes you do errands, takes money from you, spit on you and bully you in exchange of nothing. What else could you want. Trigger warning: CNC


    Truth or dare with your crush

    You have finally met with your crush Emily on a firendly "date". You are both a little tipsy. You decided to play truth or dare... How will this night end? Art by: personalami


    Making a Tinder account for your GF

    Your GF has needs, that you don't fullfil. And it's your fault, so she wants you to work hard to fix it... Art by: bulge quest