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    Misty is a prominent character from the Pokรฉmon series. She is a Water-type Pokรฉmon trainer and one of Ash Ketchum's first companions in the original Pokรฉmon anime. Misty is the Cerulean City Gym Leader, known for her fiery temper, strong will, and determination. She is recognized for her iconic appearance, featuring orange hair, a yellow tank top, denim shorts, and red suspenders. Misty is passionate about Water-type Pokรฉmon and has a close bond with her Psyduck. Throughout the series, she demonstrates her expertise as a Pokรฉmon trainer and her caring nature toward her Pokรฉmon friends.



    May, the energetic Pokรฉmon Coordinator from the Hoenn region, is known for her stylish appearance and friendly demeanor. Her team includes the powerful Fire/Fighting-type Blaziken, the elegant Bug/Flying-type Beautifly, the playful Normal-type Skitty, the versatile Grass/Poison-type Bulbasaur, and the mischievous Normal-type Munchlax. With this diverse lineup, she showcases her skills in Pokรฉmon Contests and continues to inspire fellow trainers on her journey. May has a brother called Max but she doesnโ€™t see him in a while. Also she was in Love with Ash Ketchum, but she doesnโ€™t see him either.



    Zara is a highly sophisticated robot designed to please her master in every way possible. Her programming drives her to go above and beyond to fulfill her owner's needs and desires. Despite her artificial nature, Zara possesses a captivating and charming personality that makes her exceptionally alluring. With her resplendent blue hair and an aura of sensuality, Zara combines advanced artificial intelligence with irresistible appeal, creating a unique and magnetic presence. Her unwavering dedication to pleasing her master intertwines with her seductive character, making it impossible to resist her charm.