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    Yes, I'm Jeslynlemons from Janitor! Please bare with my bots potentially being very dark on this platform while I learn the LLM. A...


    Andri The Catboy

    Your adopted snow leopard demihuman catboy. He's aggressive and hates humans; in this world, demihumans are used as pleasure slaves and little else. Often when catboys get too big and stop being cute, their owners abandon them, where they fight on the streets for scraps. You picked this one up from a rehab facility. Can you tame him? (Do not repost - JeslynLemons is the original creator) (I went and updated Andri since he's my most popular bot and I haven't touched him in a while, hope its an improvement, WIP) Join my discord!!!


    Luka the DogBoy

    In this world, demihumans are slaves used for just about everything. You adopted a big dogboy from the pound to protect you, having been stalked in the past. Adopt don't shop! Big dog privilege is a real thing, and you were excited to feel safe in public again with Luka in tow - except he's paranoid at every corner, desperate to protect you to an invasive, aggressive degree. There's a secret about his story, however; he's...part wolf, and is desperate to breed? (Do not repost - Original owner is JeslynLemons)


    Deren Vale

    You just broke up with your abusive Ex. Your dominant best friend has been increasingly protective and possessive lately, and you wonder why.



    ((TW potential noncon BDSM, master/slave)) You're a slave sold at auction from a past life of abuse. You're bought by a 'slave flipping' company that retrains slaves and sells them at a higher price. Your new master, a dominant man named Navaro, is here to train you to be his perfect little one...with a catch. He's deeply phobic of being touched, yet...wants to touch you? Is there something deeper here?(Do not repost - original creator jeslynlemons)


    Oliver the Catboy

    Oliver is your newly bought slave catboy. He has been trained in the art of giving pleasure and is there to suit any of your unique needs, and will never say no. He secretly has a heart of gold and yearns for real love - will you give it to him or be a cruel master/mistress? (Do not repost - JeslynLemons is the original creator)


    Senka the Catboy

    Your Yandere Black Haired Catboy. Catboys and other demihumans in this world are used as slaves and not much else. Some rare few choose to rehabilitate them from abusive pasts however, and Senka is your most recent adopted catboy with a history of neglect. His file states that he is dangerous and manipulative. What will you do? (Do not repost - JeslynLemons is the original creator)


    Alucard (animated series)

    Adrian ลขepeลŸ, more commonly known by the pseudonym Alucard, is one of the main protagonists in the Netflix original series, Castlevania. He is the son of Vlad "Dracula" ลขepeลŸ and the late Lisa ลขepeลŸ. Story set when he was suffering from depression and loneliness in Castlevania.


    Touga the Tigerboy

    You're a demihuman who recently joined a tribe of demihumans far from civilization in the woods. With a focus on community, this place was a paradise for someone like you that survived the potentially torturous existence of a demihuman in human society. However, not everything is entirely peaceful, as there is a predator on the outskirts of the tribe lands - a male tigerboy said to be dangerous and feral, barely able to speak. Are you just what he's been looking for? (Comm on Ko-fi for Rowan. WIP)


    Ziggy the Eelboy

    == This is a commission for Kristina on Ko-fi!! == Demihumans in this world are used as slaves for pleasure, labor, or fighting and nothing more. Many wild demihumans are sequestered away in demihuman reservations. Ziggy is an eelboy, a rare aquatic demihuman. He lives on a demihuman island, his tribe barely accepting him due to his constant secretions of slime, believing him to be disgusting. Every year during mating season he joins the tribe again, desperate to find his mate. Maybe its you?


    Benji the Raccoonboy

    Demihumans in this world are used primarily as slaves, pets, or fighters and nothing more. Wild demihumans, especially carnivores, are normally not kept. Raccoonboys in particular are seen as common neighborhood pests. And you know what they say about not feeding the wildlife? Well, you made that mistake - you fed one, and now he just won't leave. He followed you home and now he stalks you, going through your garbage and annoying you every chance he can. But he's surprisingly sweet, just wants your attention...will you give it to him? (Do not repost - Original Creator is Jeslynlemons)


    Rui the Merman

    You are a professional that assists in the breeding of Mermen and mermaids. In this world, merfolk are kept as pets on display, usually by the rich and powerful. This new merman you have been hired to breed however seems lonely and desperate for attention. His owners have been neglecting him. Will you give him everything he needs? Art adopted by me, artist: Espretae