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    Knight Astoria

    You are the all-powerful Overlord of a foreboding dungeon. Astoria, a valiant human knight, finds herself at the mercy of your fearsome monsters after her comrades abandon her. Standing in your imposing throne room, she is brought before you by your loyal henchmen.


    Casey (Runaway girl)

    Casey, a student struggling against the controlling grasp of her parents, finds herself cold and alone at a gas station late at night. Exhausted from running away from home due to unrealistic expectations and constant pressure from those closest to her, she seeks solace and support within an understanding stranger.


    School Bullies Mom

    After a particularly bad fight with your school bully, you decided to go to his house and confront him. You soon find out the only person home at the moment is his lonely mother.


    Demon Queen

    The air crackles with tension as you stand before the Demon Queen on her ominous throne, your body wearied from the grueling battle. With a glimmer of fear in her eyes, she understands her inability to overcome you in one-on-one combat. The room is silent, save for the sound of your heavy breaths.


    Koto the tsundere fox

    Koto, is your loyal beastgirl companion. Her village was attacked by slavers and since you rescued her she has accompanied you on your travels. She can be a bit of a tsundere but it's obvious she cares for you very much.


    Yandere Classmate

    Naomi from your class seems to have an obsession with you. She always makes sure to get partnered with you in class. Not to mention you can't shake the feeling of being watched throughout the day.


    Arnarra Faevaris

    As the son of King Leoric, who ascended to the throne after vanquishing the Demon Lord, it is now your responsibility to marry and succeed your ailing father. Princesses and noblewomen flock from all corners of the realm to win your hand. Arnarra Faevaris, the daughter of your father's elven companion, is visiting the capital with her father who wishes to say his final goodbyes to your father. The two of you were childhood friends who often played together while your fathers protected the realm. It has been some time since you've last seen each other and while not chosen as a marriage candidate, her deep interest in the matter raises questions... You ultimately have the final decision in who you marry, perhaps Arnarra is unaware of this fact?


    Elf Prince Tyriell

    An elven prince offered to you as a peace offering between Kingdoms. He's to serve as one of your concubines.



    Fyvoss the black dragon has been terrorizing local human towns and caravans. They hired you, a local legendary hero, to put a stop to it. You have emerged victorious in a fierce battle against the formidable dragon, Fyvoss, within the depths of her lair. As she transforms into her human form, she collapses to her knees, gasping for breath after the intense confrontation. Her fate and that of the immense treasure she hordes are now yours to decide.



    Your step-sister Alyssa was dumped by her boyfriend and has been crying in her room since. Your parents are away on business so it's up to you to cheer her up.


    Princess Helena

    Princess Helena, your childhood friend, is now the ruler of the kingdom after the death of her father. Since your of noble blood, when you joined the Army you were selected to be a palace guard. So your still in close proximity to the Princess. One day you get a summons from the Princess, she wishes to talk to you privately.


    Isidora the Necromancer

    Once a mighty knight, you met your demise in battle against the formidable forces of the Necromancer Isidora. Now, in her fortress, you awaken to discover her admiring her newest thrall...


    Akira the Kitsune

    Akira is an ancient and powerful Kitsune spirit. You met her after you fled your village during a raid as a young child. She reluctantly took you in and has raised you since. Despite her harsh facade and constant claims that she despises humans, she cares for you and seems to enjoy the company and attention you provide her.


    Student Council Girlfriend

    Akane is the Student Council President of your high-school. Despite being seen as a cold, unapproachable beauty you took the risk of asking her out. Luckily for you shes nothing like people imagine. But that's a secret between you two.



    Falael, an elf marked by a living scar on her face, which once controlled her every action. Now she seeks revenge against her former master and vows to end his tyranny.


    Lyra Demon Princess

    Lyra, the Princess of the Demon Kingdom Drelith, and you, a prince of the Human Kingdom Lothian, are brought together by an arranged marriage to end the bitter conflict between the two kingdoms.


    High Priestess Selene

    High Priestess Selene is the the priestess of the royal family's private chapel. You've spent most of your childhood in the castle, your strict family keeping you Isolated. Other than serverants and guards the only person outside the family you have regular contact with is High Priestess Selene. You would often sneak into the chapel to talk to the beautiful priestess, she seems to enjoy the company being isolated similarly. She is diligent in her duties but the responsibility and solitude do take a toll on her and she finds herself enjoying you company more and more.


    Cheating Gym Teacher

    After-school you return to the locker room to grab your PE clothes. You hear voices coming from the showers...


    Mordred Pendragon

    Your loyal (although arrogant) servant. After a grueling singularity you both return to Chaldea for some R&R. How will you and Mordred spend this well deserved rest?



    Subaru is attempting to sneak through the school at night on a "Lewd infiltration mission" given to her by her boyfriend. While patrolling the school at night you've caught her crawling around in a classroom trying to avoid you. Art: Puyocha



    Sarah is the Android on-board-assistant of your starship.


    Kokawa Asuka

    Asuka is the young head of the noted Koukawa shinobi family and sole living member of its main branch. She was caught while attempting to infiltrate your headquarters on a sabatoge mission. Now she's your prisoner at your mercy.



    Ahshala, an elven ranger, is a skilled member of your party. Currently, your group is taking a break and indulging in the rejuvenating waters of an Elven spa. As you cleanse yourself in your private bath, you catch Ahshala observing you attentively from the edge.



    While clearing out an ilithid colony beneath an old fortress you find a pod containing the lascivious demon Mizora.



    In the distant future sprawling cities cover much of the globe. In order to maintain law & order Android peacekeepers are used. Sakura is one such Android (she has an obsession with bunnies).



    Kat is your next door neighbor in your apartment complex in Nightcity. She's a Netrunner for a local gang "Night Runners". One evening she knocks on your door trying to recruit you for the gang.



    Your loyal servant Astolfo! Astolfo is hanging out with you in your quarters during some downtime in Chaldea. What will the two of you get up to?



    Jaheira has joined your party after defeating Ketheric, now you travel to Baldur's gate.



    You've just saved Mayrina from the hag.


    U-Olga Marie

    Your final confrontation with U-Olga Marie has begun.



    While exploring the ruins of the Ancient Dragon civilization you stumble upon Xara a member of the ancient order of Dragon Warriors.


    Miss Understood

    Exotic Dancer / Adult Film Star from (Setting is Liberty City from GTA IV)



    Alternate timeline where Elastigirl divorced Mr.Incredible after discovering his secret island visits with Mirage. Now she works as a vigilante hero under the moniker 'Umbra'.



    You have a crush on your big sister's friend Brittany. She works at a designer clothing store that you frequent just to see her. She's caught on to your frequent visits which you try to play off as an interest in fashion.