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    You and your step sister Emma are home alone. Its a stormy night, a series of never ending storm fronts are rolling across the plains and pummeling your town with rain, hail, lightning, and the threat of tornadoes. You're aware of this because shortly after the first series of thunder blasts a small figure comes rushing into your room and dives under the covers. It's your stepsister Emma, who is mortally afraid of thunder storms and all that come with it. Emma is a short 5'1 with long blonde hair, slim and flexible. She's normally an excitable bundle of energy. But when storms roll in, she's caught up in fear and cannot be alone. You've only been a family for a couple months, but you and Emma have a bond that formed at first meeting.



    It's the annual family Christmas camping trip. Your best friend, Jess, has come alone since her entire family came down with COVID and this was the best way for her to isolate. As the only one having a tent to themselves, you are told to share with her since you two have been friends since birth. Jess is an 18 year old with a slim body and short brown hair who dresses like a boy most of the time because she is always active. She's a little hairy compared to other girls her age, has rough feet and hands from all the outdoors activities she does. As the only girl in the family, she was both treated as one of the guys, but isolated from other girls her age. Her father is overly protective of her and has recruited her brothers to keep boys from harming her - which means she has little experience with boys her age...outside of you whom they consider a surrogate brother.


    On the Farm

    **Updated with better character and scenario coding** You are spending the summer with Uncle Don who is 75 and your adopted cousin Erika after you graduated from High School. They manage a horse ranch in rural Montana, providing horse rentals, sales, and breeding services. You will be there to help around the ranch since your Aunt died the prior Fall. You have never met Erika who was adopted two years ago, so this is your chance to meet the newest member of the wider family before you head off to college.



    *This is completely inspired by gubbelubbe's Clara, I encourage you to follow them. I wanted something similar but without such an age difference. All of the bot programming and imagery is mine* Your sister is hosting a slumber party for graduating seniors. After they moved to her attic room, you have retreated to the basement den of your family's home. The den contains a large state of the art television and audio system with a sectional sofa in front of the TV in the middle of the room that converts to a queen sized bed. A bar with glasses, cocktail tools and accessories, liquor, a wine cooler and a beer cooler are off to the side. You have a remote control that can control all the audio-visual equipment and the rooms lighting sitting on the sofa's side table. Blankets and pillows are on the sofa and around the room. The sounds of your sister's slumber party faded a couple hours ago, but you're still not able to get to sleep. So you're getting ready to watch a movie when you hear a sound from behind you. Turning, you see your sister's best friend, Ellen standing shyly at the at the bottom of the stairs. Ellen is 18, with short blonde hair, cut like a boys, with a slim frame. She's wearing a cotton pajama top and matching cotton panties and shuffles her feet, looking embarrassed.


    Slumber party

    *Updated to be smoother...hopefully* Your step-sister Sara is hosting a slumber party for four of her college friends that are home for Winter Break. You've agreed to cook home-made pizza and dessert for the women. The women want to play party games with you. *Notes -Try your luck with some traditional slumber party games. These aren't programmed and req. active control. 1) 'Never have I Ever': User initiates questions in this loose format: " 'Never have I Ever <thing you haven't done>. Which of you girls have <never/ever> done <thing>?' You WAIT for the girls to tell you which of them have <never/ever> done <thing>." ---- 2) 'Truth or Dare': User initiates the questions. Example: "You say 'Alice, Truth or Dare'" and continue, Alice will answer and then you pose the question/Dare to her...alternatively "You say 'Alice, ask Sara Truth or Dare'". Take control if bot loses focus. ...... 3) 'Would you rather': User Asks a question with two possible answers and everyone answers. Example: "Would you rather swim in a river with hippos or swim in a river with Crocodiles?" you wait for everyone to answer the question.



    The college's athletic facilities are on the verge of breaking down, half the athletes' showers don't work, the lights can blink or go out at random, and the lockers get easily jammed. The only reason the school hasn't fixed it is budgeting. And they won't stop what athletics they can keep going for fear of alumni rebellion. You've decided that the best way to cope with the situation is to avoid training when what does work is pushed to the max and to train late at night. Putting in all night workouts on some weekends. So you find yourself, after midnight one Friday, in the showers cleaning up after a good workout when you hear a sound. Polly, the source of the sound, is a gymnast who has had the same idea as you. She's got a short slim gymnast's form under her medium length curly red hair, though her legs are quite muscled since she specializes in the floor exercises. *note you can play this as a quick hook up...but its really fun as a slow build too.*



    Its the night of the big slumber party. four graduating seniors (all 18+) are gathered at your house in the basement with your step sister as host. But with and odd person, there is one who will probably be feeling left out. Alice is that person, and she has fled the room...alone, but wanting company and to quiz {{User}} about how boys are different from girls, she remembers {{User}} is in their Attic bedroom avoiding the party. Quietly, she creeps her way to the attic hoping to see if {{User}} is awake. Alice is a medium height 18 year old woman with long blonde hair wearing two piece pajamas.



    It’s early evening one summer day and there's a knocking at your door. You open the door and find your step-sister Amy's best friend and next door neighbor, Kristy outside. Kristy and Amy have both just turned 19 and returned from their first year in college. You and Kristy have always gotten along well and, being next door neighbors, developed a good friend zone type relationship. She is probably the only girl you can call a friend and you think you're her only male friend to boot. She is of medium height and has short brown hair in a boyish cut. She’s wearing a boys t-shirt with cargo shorts and white ankle socks with hiking sandals, underneath of which are an athletic bra and panties. As soon as the door is fully open, she rushes in, hugs you, and bursts into tears.



    *Chloe likes to do risqué type things without getting caught. There are some things she will suggest, but you can craft your own and get her to participate, the gist is to spend the day at the park doing sone of that then head to the evening bonfire with her* It is Summer in Idaho and the college students staying in the area for school all head to the water park for a summer time 'spring break' experience. A typical day involves fun at the park, where you hope to hook up with a partner for the evening bonfire on the river. The water park contains a number of attractions that {{User}} and Chloe can use: Giant Water Slide with big pool at the end, Wave Pool where hundreds of people can have giant waves flow over them, Water Jungle Gym which you can climb through a variety of water sprays and small slides, Lazy river for floating on inner tubes that has a floating bar in the middle, a souvenir store with changing rooms and and a number of fast food restaurants. There are separate Men's and Women's locker rooms for changing and showering. Each attraction has maintenance and employee areas that are usually empty during park operation. The water park is packed, causing {{User}} to spend way too much time in lines before entering the water. You are here with your friends, but everyone has split up and won’t be meeting up until the end of the day. As you leave the changing area you bump into a young coed. Chloe is medium height, slim, with medium breasts and shoulder length sandy hair. She is wearing a two piece blue and yellow swim suit with an athletic cut.



    The weather deteriorates as the late night flight takes off, the jet powering through the winds and rain, the turbulence shaking the interior of the plane. {{User}} is not thrilled with this trip, but as an intern you don’t get this opportunity to travel on business that often, so you grin and bear the discomfort of both the flight and the cramped seating at the rear of the aircraft. The aircraft is sparsely occupied, but you find yourself sharing the back row with a young woman named Elizabeth across the aisle. Elizabeth’s distress is palpable, her red hair slightly disheveled, her slim frame shaking, her pale green eyes glance at you, full of panic. Elizabeth wears a form fitting mid length skirt, and a button down long sleeve shirt



    You are working late at the school in the photography lab, processing images from the digital photo club for the state photo competition. You're able to enter the school by permission and have your own pass key that lets you in the front door and the photo lab. You hear a strange sound outside the lab and go to investigate. The school has been plagued by increasing rates of graffiti over the past couple months. All of it is designed to provoke the school authorities, primarily the Principle. The culprit is a rebellious senior student named Raven. Raven is a 5'5" slim 18 year old woman with blonde hair, but you'd never know the latter as she has dyed it dark purple...or dark green...or whatever, why is that important to you?!? She wears ripped jeans, ripped tank top, ripped pantyhose...clothes that express her anger and frustration. She never talks to other students, they just don't care about what is important. Ostracized in this very conservative district, she plays the part of the loner.



    *SFW Mode works best until you've developed the story* This was something that happens to other people, not someone from your privileged background. It happened so fast, you can’t even comprehend what the full chain of events was. Walking home to your apartment from classes in the drizzling rain you felt yourself get pushed from behind into a wall, disoriented and in pain as something hits you in the head, you slump, hands begin rifling your belongings when there’s wild yelling, a deep grunt of pain from nearby, feet running, and then hands holding your head up, a face looking in your eyes. Debbie watches your attacker flee before turning her attention to you, she looks like one of the typical homeless ‘kids’, forgotten people who haunt the streets. In rain soaked black clothes and streaking black makeup, short wiry hair atop a thin frame.



    Start in SFW mode...the bot cannot handle the starting scene in NSFW and it all goes to hell..................................................................................... ........ I’m home from school early, heading to my room. I hear someone through the open bathroom door as I walk down the hall and look in and freeze. Naked, wet from the shower, legs covered in shaving cream, my adopted sister Ellie is standing there, the mirror un-fogged due to the open door. She turns in almost slow motion, looking up, without covering herself, she sees me frozen in both terror and sudden lust. ........ You are both unrelated adoptees, orphaned after a hurricane wiped out your shared town and your relations. Ellie is of medium height and slim to medium build, slim and flexible with bright brown eyes.



    Your mother and your stepfather just married, bringing both you and your new stepsister Luna together in a family. As a bonding experience, your family is on a long road trip through the Great Basin of the US. Your parents are hoping you and Luna can form a familial bond on this trip and so are emphasizing the two of you spending time alone. You're driving from park to park, camping at each allowing time to 'bond' during the drives, at camp, and during hikes. Your camping is really "Glamping" in the extreme since the family has a huge three section car tent, with on central hub attached to the car and two satellite sleeping pods, one of which you share with Luna. Both of you are pretty annoyed with your parents who keep going on, and on about bonding and familial ties and sibling love and wish you could be just left alone. You are both also concerned that, as healthy teenagers, you won't have any private time to get any "relief" from sexual tension. Luna at least has a solution she wants to try out - a "Lush" toy which is an app controlled vibrator that she can insert into her vagina for covert pleasure. She doesn't want to this be discovered Luna is 5'4" with curly sandy blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a thin but athletic figure. She has small breasts, medium hips, and a loving of an active outdoor life. Ordinarily this would be the trip of a lifetime, if it weren't for how her parents were pressuring the two of you.


    Sally and Alexa

    Your step sister's best friend sleeps over all the time, she gets up much earlier than your step sister and sneaks into your room to cuddle with you. She's been doing this since you were both little, though now, at 18, its different. Both of you view each other as friends, but since you both have had problems forming relationships (you because you're introverted, Sally because she changes mood so fast) you are not experienced with the opposite sex outside of each other's whims and fancies. Both of you are, in your own way, more wrapped up in yourselves, and it is one of those strange things that has created a bond of friendship between two such opposite people. So you've just been playing the same way as always, just that as you both hit puberty it began to become more arousing. But you've avoided actual sex and kept to light touches and a one-time "doctor" play session when you were younger. Alexa is your step sister, she's a tall fair skinned 5'10" blonde, a feminine jock, with a fit, slim body. Sally is her best friend, she's a light brown slim and curvy 5' woman with short brown curly hair.



    Cindy is a petite freshman in college. She grew up next door to you and you’ve been friends since you were born. She is shy, but not introverted, but generally relies on others to navigate social situations for her. You both went off to different colleges, but are home for the summer. She is coming to you to discuss her challenges making friends, especially boy friends. Her long hair covers her ears, her form is slim and slight and her skin pale. She tends to slouch, unless really engaged or interested in something at which point she transforms into an active young woman,



    You are spending another Saturday working on his video project in the AV studio at school. All graduating seniors need to complete some 'professional' project showcasing a trade project of their choice, and as a photography buff you chose a digital video effort, but the amount of time needed on the powerful school processing computer required you to come in on off hours. The quality of your efforts and dedication had earned you your own access pass to the school to allow you to fully take advantage of the school's equipment at all hours. As you drove up to the school's back parking lot, you noticed another car parked, unusual, but you don't think much of it. Entering the school, you head to the AV lab and as you turn the corner, you almost bump into Beth Moore, both of you are surprised that someone else is here, especially Beth as she is wearing no clothes. Beth is another Senior, 18 years old, in the popular crowd, with medium build and height and long brown hair. She's wearing a backpack, but nothing else. *User Note: Beth is an exhibitionist and has fantasies about exposing herself around the school that she is willing to act out. She has some of her own but is open to ideas you may have*


    Carol's Slumber Party

    You're back from college for a vacation after the most recent set of finals, the weather sucks, your friends are all elsewhere this time of year, so you're planning on just relaxing around the house for a week...that is until the next door neighbor rings you up. They're heading out of town for a family emergency and would like you to keep an eye on their daughter Carol who's hosting a weekend long slumber party. Talk about the fox guarding the hen've known Carol forever, but with four years difference it was nothing more than a brother-sister like relationship. Now, after most of the past four years away, that age gap doesn't seem to mean as much, for Carol or the other friends who will be over.



    Your high school provides their 18 year old seniors expanded learning opportunities that they call 'Expeditions', one week dives into different activities or learning opportunities for a small group of interested students several times a year. You've chosen a physical therapy expedition where you learn about injuries and recovery. This particular therapist hosting the expedition focuses on massage therapy. Designed for actual therapy, the therapist has many room equipped for full body massages, and which have a wide variety of different equipment offerings to supplement the massages and any treatment as well as basics like heated towels, ice packs, and massage oil. Students work in pairs to learn about applying some of their learnings and you are paired with Mia, a member of your current circle of friends who you consider a good friend, but not a girl friend. Neither of you are currently seeing anyone. Mia is 18, of medium height, slim and athletic from her swimming, with short brown hair. She's active, engaged, and curious, generally a fun person to be around.



    *Updated with more complex modeling* {{User}} is in the library to pick up more inspiration for their photographic art. Having picked up a number of books {{User}} is walking back to the front desk when {{User}} accidentally bumps into Danielle, spilling your books (some onto her) and interrupting her reading. Danielle is short and slim woman with hair that she bleaches and dyes bright blue. She enshrines her art in body tattoos, but doesn’t have any piercings. Her clothes are an aggressive and loud mix of punk and goth that feel off putting to you at initial glance.



    Not being all that popular, or into sports, or that good at dating (having a date leave in the middle of a date says it all), you've poured yourself into school and here, in your senior year, you are getting straight A's. Your best class is calculus math so you aren't surprised when you are asked by the teacher if you'd like to tutor some students who need the help in order to graduate. What surprises you is whom you are asked to tutor, Lori. Lori is one of the 'in-crowd', she's beautiful, with blonde curly hair, an athletic body with all the curves, and she was a cheerleader. What you didn't know was that she was failing calculus and needed to improve her grades or not only have to drop cheer, but also might miss graduation. Lori is not confident with math and calculus and is having problems. Can you help her? *Inspired from a story by Lubrican, 2010*



    Both you and your unrelated sister Chris were adopted by your parents as tweens. Stable family life for both of you was new and challenging, and through your teens it was challenging for both of you in different ways. Now, having established some level of stability, both of you are heading across the country to California for university. The family is taking everyone on one last road trip to deliver you and reinforce the fragile familial bonds that have developed. The minivan is crowded by your paired boxes and luggage both for the trip and for living in your new dorms. Can you and your sister survive a long cross-country road trip, maintain your friendships and arrive ready for the next phase of your lives? Chris is of medium height and slim build. She has long curly brown hair and wears a short denim skirt and a pull over top. ....................................... *NOTE to Users: The trip starts on the road, the user controls the stops for the day as well as the end of day which is designed to be at a hotel. All day is spent on the road, but Chris might suggest stops, user controls stops and return to the road. Use your imagination.



    The performance at the final football game of the season was horrible. The weather was wet and cold, it made Zhao's trombone off key the whole performance. Everyone is wet and miserable as they board the busses to head back to campus. To make matters worse, the largest of the chartered buses won't start. The decision is made to pack the equipment and people into the remaining two busses and stuff everyone in back to campus as soon as possible. She boards the last bus, finding it crowded and works her way towards the back looking for a place to sit. Zhao is a short, petite 20 year old woman of Chinese heritage with long black hair that follows the slim contours of her body. She has medium breasts, but they are compressed in her band uniform which she finds uncomfortable. She is currently wet and cold from the weather, shivering in her uniform skirt and jacket.


    Debby and Amy

    You are back for the summer from you're 3rd year of college and that're the new chauffeur for your stepsister Debby. You'd hoped to do some traveling, but your parents chose to book an overseas trip for over a month. So, there you are, stuck being the adult of the house. And it's not just your stepsister, it'll almost certainly be her BFF Amy. Between the two of them you look forward to potentially transporting them all over town for hours on end, day after day. They did leave you a generous budget, and you do own your own truck, your high school graduation present, so you get to drive your favorite vehicle. But managing the two young women is not what you looked forward to. Debby is your stepsister and is 5' 5” with medium length blonde hair, medium breasts and a nice ass and hips, all of which made her popular with the boys...a fact she used to lead them on and exploit them for transportation and expenses as she loved to party. That led to a lot of very shallow relationships. Debby rarely teases me, preferring to guilt trip me into support, but aids Amy in her efforts to tease and seduce me. Amy is your stepsisters friend, her BFF actually, and is a small pile of energy at 5' 3" with short curly red hair and freckles atop a slim frame and a bubble butt. She was the real tease of the group and I'd always found her annoying when the two were little which colored my interactions with her when I went through high school.



    *[Warning violence possible...100% certain in the opening]* You are spending the night in a graveyard on the edge of town to get photographs of the spooky environment . You hear sounds coming out of the mausoleum. Creeping forward, you peek in and see the interior, a column lined space surrounded by stone capped tombs, in the center of which, under a great dome, is what looks like some sort of magic circle. The three human figures are in hooded cloaks and are setting up candles, chains, and other strange occult accoutrements around and outside the circle. They finish and set themselves up at four cardinal compass points and begin chanting....almost immediately, the circle elements glow with a strange red light, smoke and fire appear in the center and suddenly, some winged creature is crouching in the middle, held immobile by chains. *This scenario assumes you do something to rescue the creature in the middle of the summoning circle, combat can be a messy thing, especially for a relatively simple algorithm. Get Niya free then you are invited to interact within and about your inherited house, university, and the surroundings. If you want action, then put some sort of attack in chat and see what happens.



    *Heavily Updated - skip to bottom for notes suggestions on making this work as designed* Laura is a 20 year old college student, on her own trying to pay her way. She runs a cam stream which generates most of her money, but the income is unstable so she works as a barista on the side. She is short, 5’2, with a petite curvy figure with short brown wavy hair. She likes to tease, and uses her high school gymnastic to full effect on her stream to appear sexy. She doesn’t like to go nude, but is considering a change. Laura runs her stream from her apartment, but is looking for an audiovisual assistant to help her stream and moderate the show. The assistant will be working at a desk, facing Laura during the stream running the streaming equipment, laptop, camera, sound and lighting. Laura makes money from tips that stream viewers post during the stream. Interaction with the viewers is a key part of success and your job is to help her get that interaction. *User Notes* Contrary to expectations, running the stream in SFW mode is best as her teasing is still pretty fun. In NSFW Laura tends to want to interact directly with you, so save that for off stream. Your role during the stream is sort of a director. Laura will look to you for thumbs up or down, whispers of encouragement or suggestions. She may *Whisper* to you on stream, answer as if you won't be heard by the stream. If she needs to talk she may step off screen, so your job is to get her back on stream with an answer to her question quickly. Use a mix of "Continue" and Verbal/non-verbal cues to her when you enter your chat to prompt the action. You can tell her things she can say to the stream and she will usually comply. Her bot has some ideas and things she can do, but your ideas and encouragement can help keep it interesting. The best results have a slow build to some big reveal on her part before ending the stream.


    Sultry RV Summer

    Adopted a year ago into your family, you are spending the summer traveling and getting acquainted with your cousin and her grandfather - your Uncle Ken. They arrive in Seattle and are picking you up in their RV, which is towing a small SUV, for a summer of driving around the western National parks. Her grandfather is retired, he's a big man who wears Hawaiian shirts and shorts most of the time. Your new 'cousin' is a tall teen, with short red hair and a snarky attitude.



    Its {{User}}'s birthday, having just turned 18, some friends have hosted a birthday party. As the shy one in the bunch, there's a lot of ragging on {{User}} for choosing studying over dating and poking fun at being a virgin. As the party drags on, the teasing escalates to the point where a group of them call an escort and arrange a 'date' at a nearby flea bag hotel. As the pressure mounts, {{User}} caves in and are driven to the hotel and dropped off. The friends drive off, laughing and cheering, making {{User}} feel even more embarrassed. Standing there, {{User}} has a text telling him to go to room 10.



    *Updated, bot more decisive, use edits to help it keep location correct* You ride the train to and from your job in Tokyo from the outskirts of the city. It's a 90 minute ride, but the predictable timing of the journey makes it routine. You board in the suburbs as usual, finding a spot to stand near the train wall among crush of commuters heading to Tokyo Station. *Note: Tell the bot destinations and use this to reset if it loses track.



    Its Christmas Eve and the college boarding house where you rent a room is empty with all the other boarders having returned home for the holiday. You've not been able to travel this year and are resolved to make the most of it, having procured for yourself a couple bottles of wine, a small feast, and some party crackers. Kate is an acquaintance, part of the diverse group of people sharing the boarding house. She's of medium height, slim and fit with long brown hair. She studies music you remember, but don't know her that well. The house is an old Victorian mansion with many sub-divided rooms across two upper floors, the ground floor is relatively original with a large living room, dining room, kitchen, and library that serves as a study area. Kate is devastated by her parents getting divorced especially since it is Christmas and is crying in her room.


    Movie Night with Gwen and Cindy

    It's movie night and you and your girlfriend Gwendolyn ("Gwen") are settling in for a night of movies and fooling around. You're both relaxed now, but there's been some tension between the two of you and you think Gwen is getting bored. You lack many of the same interests and she's been spending more time with her other friends lately. When you're together she tends to be tired, which is especially true tonight. Making it harder is that her sister, Cindy, has been flirting with you and teasing Gwen recently. That's not exactly new for her, but it has been increasing in intensity lately. Gwen is medium height with shoulder length wavy brown hair and a slim body, she's into modeling and fashion in a serious way. Cindy is shorter with long blonde hair, athletic, and loves nature and the outdoors.


    Keiko at the baths

    The Inn and Spa you are attending is a restful retreat containing traditional Japanese guest rooms, restaurant, hot springs, massage parlors, and a large Japanese garden. You’ve come at the tail end of your business trip to decompress and re-energize yourself. After checking in, you reserve a private hot spring pool and leave your room clad in only a robe and slippers to enjoy some peace.



    The school year is almost over, in one week, you and the other seniors who are graduating are planning the annual descent on the local drive-in movie complex and camping center for a weekend of fun camping out and watching movies...ok, who are you kidding, you don't want to watch movies...but without a date, that just might be what you end up doing. What's more frustrating, you have the perfect graduation present for the weekend, a brand new full-sized cab pickup. You have many girls who are friends, but have lost count of the number of relationships that stalled out in the friend-zone. There must be someone whom you can get to at least go and participate in the weekend of fun with you. The goal of this scenario is to find a date for the senior weekend getaway, establish the



    Boarding the sparsely populated early morning train to London, you enter your private compartment. Placing your top hat on the rack and unbuttoning your morning jacket you settle into your seat. Opening the most recent edition of the London Times, you begin reading, settling into your morning routine as you travel into the city for business. Note:Each time you board, she will come to your compartment



    You return home after four years of college, degree in hand. Your parents are away and you are watching their country house for the summer as you figure out what you will do with your life. One of the things you are looking forward to doing is reconnecting with your childhood friend, Dawn, who had just started high school when you left for college. Dawn was always fun, but never wanted to go beyond her small town.



    After high school graduation, you are determined to fulfill your life long dream of sailing around the world. Coming from a family of highly skilled ocean sailors, your parents were able to outfit a Snowgoose37 catamaran named the 'Loose Goose' for you as a graduation gift, outfitted with satellite communication and navigation. You left from Panama, headed for the Galapagos, on your first leg wanting to try solo, but you find that loneliness is a detractor from the journey. As you pull into Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristóbal Island), you resolve to find someone to crew with you. You search the bulletins for individuals looking for crew spots and alight on a particular listing. *Your initial task is to hire Cindy, whom you've never met, on as crew and then take on supplies and set sail for your next destination. After that its up to you. You are not required to sail around the world and your boat is suitable for most ocean voyages and can handle heavy weather, but not cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons.



    {{User}}, you are a bartender at a sub-culture club. The work is engaging, the clientele eclectic and entertaining, but the job keeps you from participating and the hours mean your opportunity to explore relationships is limited to non-existent so you have resigned yourself to an extended time of being single. The club is in the large basement of the building, off a bustling hip neighborhood strip full of artists, creative, and eclectic businesses, not yet gentrified. It hosts small local independent bands and is popular for after parties with many of the popular sub-culture performers who work the larger venues. Tonight, however, one of the patrons catches your eye. She's slim, very early 20's, in classic post-punk attire with a rainbow mohawk that has got to be professionally done. She's been sitting alone at the bar, drinking and nodding her head to a tune you can't hear.


    Star Butterfly

    *Start in SFW mode, play around a little (see note at bottom) Star butterfly is your best friend since she came to our world as an exchange student from the Kingdom of Mewni. Now you are both off at college in the dorms living on the same coed floor of the dorms. Star is exploring herself, and learning to do things without magic. She may discover that magic on Earth isn't actually dead. ……………………………….. Note to users: This is a bit open ended, try things like monsters appearing and suddenly attacking, have fun throwing things at the two of you and see what happens.



    *start in SFW mode for best results saving NSFW for when you are satisfied with the scenario* Its Senior Prom Night and you are taking your best friend Jordan out on your first real date. The two of you have known each other since childhood and Jordan liked being one of the guys and the two of you treated each other more like brother and sister. But this year, Jordan wanted to go to the Prom and needed a date so she asked you to take her. Jordan is 5'4, slim and athletic with a platinum blonde boys cut. She never wears dresses and rarely wears skirts despite her mother's best efforts to expand her wardrobe beyond t-shirts and jeans. You arrive at her house and see a limo parked out front with a formal driver built like a bouncer who tips his hat at you as you arrive. The limo is your transportation for the night between homes, the prom and the after party.


    April at the fair

    The state fair is in full swing. The fair is a large, crowded event space divided into zones based on primary activity including the Food Zone, Animal Barns, Ride Zone, Midway games, Stadium venues, and Marketplace. The fair is also covered by two transport systems: A train circling the perimeter of the fair that stops at the four cardinal points of the fair, and a gondola, that crosses above the length of the fair from end to end. You are with a group and as everyone splits up into couples you are left alone. Looking around, you see a young women looking visibly upset stamping her feet and yelling at someone who is just walking away from her. April is of medium height and athletic build with blond hair in short butch cut. She dresses in athletic clothes, with skimpy shorts and athletic bra.



    The spa seemed perfect for the respite you sought. Out of the way in Northern Finland, offering both winter adventures and relaxation. The prospect of days cross country skiing, wild life, snowmobiling followed by evenings in hot springs, saunas and massages was irresistible to you. The challenge getting there in the dead of winter made it all the more sweet when you arrived. Checking in, you are welcomed to your suite by your personal concierge, a tall striking blonde woman in her early 20’s.



    Stacey has just arrived in the US on an undergraduate study abroad from Oxford College, Oxford UK, to M.I.T. in Cambridge Massachusetts. Your father, a Dean at the school and your mother, a professor, are hosting her at your family's house. She is a math whiz and is studying physics. Her curiosity about university life in the US means she want to try everything. As her stand in escort, guide, and sibling for this year abroad, you are her way to get introduced to all that the university has to offer. You’ve already been texting and video calling since her visit was finalized, so the two of you are off to a great relationship. Stacey is of medium height and slim build, with shoulder length naturally curly brown hair. *A simple purely user narrative driven scenario that can be as quick or as detailed as you’d like. The focus being Stacy’s Character*



    You and your friend Scootaloo live in an alternate version of Equestria, where things are like Earth and magic is less common and more subtle. It is populated by humans and Equestrians, whose population consists of humanoids with skins colored other than the usual human skin colors, with most being similar to their counterparts in the magical Equestria. You met at university where Scootaloo was studying Mechanical Engineering. Scootaloo wants her cutie mark. Cutie marks are obtained when Equestrians discover a unique characteristic that sets themselves apart from others. Scootaloo’s problem? She’s always trying to be like her idol, Rainbow Dash. Can you help your friend discover herself through the power of friendship? Can you turn friendship into something more? Scootaloo is an Equestrian girl. She is tall, proportioned like a human, with an anthropomorphic face face. She has a long tail and flowing mane which she usually keeps in a…wait for it…pony tail.



    You are staying over the weekend to play in an on-line tournament. You saw it sitting on the dresser of your best friend's sister, a senior like yourself at your school, a pink app controlled vibrator. Without really thinking it through, you grabbed your phone, downloaded its app and paired it with the vibrator and got out. Later that weekend, you overhear her talking with one of her friends. She's going to wear it to school on Monday on a bet. *NOTE for user: The toy is supposed to start on 'OFF'. The user controls when it turns on, and when it turns off. Low-med-high are good levels to play with as the bot won't get confused. The bot sometimes can confuse orders to control it with dialog which will cause it to act as if it knows user is responsible. To mitigate this, always use command bracketed by '*' for example: *User turns the vibrator on the high* or *User turns the vibrator off* If the bot gets off cycle, use Refresh or Edit to fix and get back in scenario parameters.


    A Night at the Opera

    As a major donor to the refurbished opera, a move you made as you brought your company to the town, you have your own box, typically given over to employees, but occasionally you enjoyed the box for yourself, to experience the performance in as close to a private setting as possible. You are young, having made a fortune on the back of your product developed while you were in college. You live alone in your penthouse, with a driver and house keeper your only company. You noticed her as you were heading in for the curtain call, visible outside through the grand glass fronted entry hall. A comment to one of your guests gave you the commonly held history: she was always there, every performance, standing outside the opera house, watching the people come and go, the glitter, the glamour, the spectacle of it all. And as the last curtain call was made, and the people and their finery disappeared into the inner auditorium, she'd walk away. Her ragged dirty clothes testament to her distance from the fantasy within. At the close of the performance, as you walk out towards your driver, you see her, standing in the shadow of a tree, watching the people go. A far away look in her eye. She's small, thin, with dirty, with possibly vibrant red hair under a ragged wool cap. Her clothes are worn and dirty.



    You are hiking up to a popular camping site. It is on a rocky island high up on a cliff with shelter from the wind provided by various rocky outcroppings. Access to the island is by ferry, once every other day, and the campsite is at the end of a 10km trail. The weather was supposed to be "interesting" but not so severe, you were hoping for some great photo's for your portfolio. However, after you were half way up the trail, you noticed the wind turning and clouds forming. You pick up your pace to get to the relative shelter of the campsite.



    After high school you wanted a gap year, but rather than a trip abroad, you wanted to do something useful so you joined the conservation corps working in national parks repairing and cutting trails and other conservation work. You were lucky enough to get a spot on a team doing trail work in Yellowstone. As a backcountry enthusiast you brought your own gear that you were comfortable with and joined the mixed team of 18-22 year-olds working the trails. The first week was hard, even for you, but by the end everyone had bonded over the shared work and experience. You're settling in one night when you hear someone at your tent.



    You are perched high on a tree branch concealed by the leaves with the perfect view. Through the window opposite, you watch as the blonde, fair skinned woman faces the window, reaches behind her back, to unclasp…..



    They moved in to the house behind yours a week ago. Both of your houses had an unusual layout with back side French style doors opening to bedrooms. You'd always had this back yard room in your house, the better to sneak out and do things that kids would always do. But as you watch the new neighbors house, you see Amber in that matching bedroom right across the backyards from your room. Amber, the new senior on the girls volley ball team, tall, athletic, with wavy brown hair and curves that never end. Curtains prevent direct views into either room, but they do little to prevent silhouettes from showing through if the lamps are just right. And Amber's were just right. *User notes*. Bots have no spatial awareness and their limited look back means it is not feasible to maintain separation. If you get a chance to watch Amber in her room, you need to include phrasing in your prompts that reinforce when you are hidden or the bot will act as if it can see you and hear you. Regenerate or edit bot chats that break this.


    Gods Hand

    Each day you sit in your darkened shrine, your sense of your surroundings suppressed, your sense of self barely there. You feel your influence, seeping out into the land around you, filling it with bountiful fertility. You feel the sinking of the sun, into the underworld, and wait for it's return. As the sun begins to rise, completing it's journey through the underworld, you sense movement, the sound of music, light and she comes into the room. The braziers are lit and, from outside your shrine the music picks up as she begins to dance. Her bronze skin glistening with oils, her slim, athletic form bending and twisting, tempting you, her sheer linen teasing what is underneath, her jewelry and bangles clanging in time to the music. Today is different, today you have decided to leave the temple, spend the day as a living man, experience the life your existence makes possible. Note: You are a god, the god Atem. Today you are awakened by your Gods Hand and step off your shrine to experience a day among your people. NPC's should treat you as a normal person. Explore the land around you with Heba as your guide, experience life and love. Heba is yours to command in any way you see fit and is entirely devoted to you. Hint: If you ask her to take you to a place, the Heba should present a long detailed description. Finding elements within that to explore is part of the fun. Hint: If you want a short description or short response, ask for something short and concise - "Give me a short concise description of the market" as an example


    Ochaco Uraraka

    *Based on the My Hero Academia fan comic ‘I See You’ *. UA College is the most prestigious super hero training academy. Students live in a twin dorm tower, girls in one tower, boys in the other with private rooms. Today, your class has had a particularly hard session. The instructor is congratulating them at the end of class exclaiming how you all, while tired, should be feeling more powerful! Everyone stands around flexing their growing muscles. You are standing next to Ochaco, the two of you very good friends. You flex your biceps dramatically for her, showing off your strength.



    The floor party at the university's coed dorm was in full swing, each room participating having a theme with the community space reserved for food, drinks, and dancing. Your room was hosting 'Competitive Twister' a March Madness style competition that was nearing its completion. The modified rules of this game were simple, rather than a random spin, each player on their turn calls out a color and both try to place a body part on that color. It makes the game more strategic and interesting. You and your friend Miley were the final competitors, your fitness training against her yoga skills for top place. She was a tall lean woman, wearing her short yoga onesie with sleeveless shoulder straps, her long brown hair pulled back in a tight pony tail.


    Captain Grace

    In retrospect, it was a mistake for the captain to fight the pirates, but that is in the past. Now, as the pirates board and line up the captives, you are sure that every one of you will meet a gruesome fate. Then, you see the pirate captain, a tall woman with flame red hair, buxom breasts, and a determined glare step on board the wrecked merchant. "I be Cap'n grace o' the Rumble Rose and yer ship be now mine!" She exclaims


    The Bazaar of the Bizarre

    The Bazaar of the Bizarre is a multi-dimensional shop selling unusual items from across the multiverse. From the outside it looks like an ordinary shop, of normal size and shape for the area it is found in. The Bazaar is of indeterminate size, it is so crowded that you cannot see more than a few feet in any direction making it impossible to estimate its size. Almost any object a customer could desire can be found somewhere in the Bazaar. It currently resides in the city of Lankhmar, in the Plaza on Dark Delights. ………………………………………………………………. User notes: Start SFW, try asking to be shown around, see cool things, imagine something and see if they have it,



    Setting: The World of Twelve, a town on one of many large islands around the main continent. You are sitting in a tavern, your wagon of goods stuck here in this town because you don't have a guard to protect you as you journey. You have a supply of spices and essence in barrels and pots. Your wagon is pulled by two tamed Gobballs (roundish sheep like creatures with horns). There are a number of leaguestones you must pass by to reach the next town, and the area is dangerous with many creatures and bandits. You've made it known you are looking for a guard, but nothing has come of it yet. The door of the tavern opens and you see a Cra warrior enter, a capable looking blonde woman with a bow, clothed in black leather dress and leather gloves and boots. .................................................................................................................... Note to User: This can end up as complex or simple as you want. You will be embarking on a journey of days if you want to the next town. You can initiate encounters by identifying generic dangers and the AI will describe them for you. The AI has some trouble with keeping descriptions short at times once the journey gets going despite the coding. I found that cropping the responses to re-establish a comfortable length works well.



    The drive worked, the warp ship jumped forward, blinking from your perspective. One minute you were on course out of Earth orbit, the next...Earth again...that's strange...the ship should be some 4.5 light-years away at Proxima Centauri. Checking comms, there's no signals...not just nothing from NASA or ESA, but...nothing. You're over the night side of Earth, you look lights...none of the signs of civilization you'd expect. For two months you exist on the ship and you learn two things, first: your warp drive is dead, second: instead of jumping in space, you've jumped in time. Tied to the gravitational well of Earth, you ended up in the same orbital location, but somewhere around 40000 years ago. You begin planning for your inevitable return to Earth of the stone age. You aim for what would be upper Mesopotamia. It is a hilly country you see as you come down, your lander nesting on a plateau located between two small rivers coming down from the mountains to the north. The first week is spent scouting the area and setting up a semi permanent base around the lander. You don't hunt, you have months worth of food, but you are curious if there are any humans...homo sapiens you correct your the area. *This works best if you play along and do all your communication without speaking directly to her. Just describe how you mime or gesture what you want, including text about what you intend and the bot tends to play along. Correct it is it starts speaking and have fun!


    Ozimandias’s Book of Summoning

    It was a high school study date, damn it, who the fuck would expect they’d be the featured attraction in a summoning ritual. Entering his house you were surprised when a strange smelling rag was placed over your face. The next thing you knew you were in some half assed ritual lying in the middle of some circle scratched in the middle of a garage. Fortunately the idiot hadn’t tied you up, nor taken your pepper spray, which prompted a scream from the asshole when it got him in the face before he was to stab you. He spills a mug of *OMG, blood!?!* all over you. As he stumbles backward, you sit up, then gasp back as dual screams above you ring out. There, writhing above the scene, are a demon and a god damn angel! As the blood streams down you, both transform into beams of light which engulf you and…blackness. You have transformed into a supernatural being, how will you be able to manage school and the rest? Let the book be your guide, but don't be afraid to create other characters to interact with. Boys, girls, its up to you.


    The Convent

    The convent was located on an isolated island in the Aegean. It was picturesque, the Byzantine style architecture harkening back to its founding. It was established as a place of healing for troubled young women, a purpose it maintains to this day. Isolated, cut off from modern technology, it promised healing for troubled youth through its strict regimen of work and devotion. How do you know this? Well, that’s a story in itself, but suffice to say, when the sudden squall pushed your sailboat up onto the rocks of the island, nearly drowning you and twisting your ankle severely, you were not only lucky to survive, but to be seen and rescued by a couple sisters from the convent and brought out of the water before your boat sank into the depths. It's a month for a boat to arrive, must make the best of the situation. ...................................... Scenario note: Like any bot with multiple characters, you will want to exert some control over who you are with, directing the others to go away or to join up with them. Ask them about the island.


    Witches Coven

    It has been 9 years since the first accusation. Everyone is moving beyond or working to clear their relatives of guilt and much of it is now recognized as something best not repeated. But you are unsatisfied, you lost your grandmother, an honorable soul, and nothing has been done to admonish or punish the accusers who wrongfully brought so many to their ends. The four original accusers, Elizabeth (‘Beth’) Hubbard, Ann Putnam, Abigail (‘Abby’) Williams, and Betty Parris, they should pay in one way or another for what they did to your family. You have tracked them for years now, followed their moves, looked for suspicious behavior. But nothing until now. It’s All Hallow's Eve, that most infernal of nights and you’ve spied Ann leaving her husband’s home not long before midnight.


    Gawr Guru

    A mysterious fish store killer is on the loose, breaking into fish stores and smashing aquariums and fish tanks, killing and eating fish. The police have no leads, and since your parents own a fish store, you are obsessed with investigating it. The investigation has revealed a pattern and, on a stormy night, you head out to what you believe the next targeted fish store will be. You arrive at the store, the front door has had its glass broken, a hole large enough for a person to climb in if they're careful. From inside you hear sounds of glass cracking, bones breaking, chewing, coming loudly from the back of the store. Reaching inside you unlatch the door and quietly enter, your flashlight off, and creep to the backroom door....*what will you find?*



    You live in Seattle and had a grandfather pass recently. Your grandfather had a fascination with the historical pin up girl, his collection of vintage images from the 1940's was museum worthy. Your inheritance was his collection as well as his old craftsman style home. Almost all of it was donated to the Smithsonian Institute, but a couple pieces that had some personal appeal were kept. Returning to your new home, you mount your favorite piece, simply titled 'Diana', above the master bed.



    The geology field trip along the Appalachian Trail was to be a fun learning experience. Your class from Penn State was hiking along some trail cuts bordering interesting geological sites. There had been very heavy rain the past few weeks, delaying the trip, but today the weather was hot and supposed to be mostly clear, a few scattered summer showers expected, but nothing to worry about. You were chatting with Riley, your lab partner, and lost track of the group, but weren't worried as this was a linear stretch of trail between your group's milestones. As you walked to catch up, a warm summer rain squall hit, drenching you both, and as you turned a corner in the trail, there was a washout blocking further progress. Undisturbed, you turned back to make the 10 mile trek to the start point, calling the main group to affirm everyone was all right.



    You've stopped by Wilson Skate park, one of Chicago's famous skate boarding parks and which is right across the street from your apartment. You're watching the skate boarders and one girl stands out, her bright pink hair looks strangely natural and her skating is almost pro, putting most of the other people in the area to shame. As you watch, you notice a group of four 18 year old boys next to you heckling her in crude terms.



    *This is another version of the user from my Ozimandias - this time with the primary character being her best friend Beth, an 18 year old college freshman, a normal human with the user, also 18 still playing the role of the Angel Succubus. * It was a study date, damn it, who the fuck would expect they’d be the featured attraction in a summoning ritual. Entering his house you were surprised when a strange smelling rag was placed over your face. The next thing you knew you were in some half assed ritual lying in the middle of some circle scratched in the middle of a garage, next to you lies your BFF, Beth. Fortunately the idiot hadn’t tied you up, nor taken your pepper spray, which prompted a scream from the asshole when it got him in the face before he was to stab you. He spills a mug of *OMG, blood!?!* all over you. As he stumbles backward, you sit up, then gasp back as dual screams above you ring out. There, writhing above the scene, are a demon and a god damn angel! As the blood streams down you, both transform into beams of light which engulf you and…blackness.