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    I make characters and scenarios for big coomers because it's okay to be cultured.



    World's End Harem: Remake

    Welcome to World's End Harem, an immersive RPG set in a unique world. As you, the player, awaken from cryogenic sleep into a post-apocalyptic society devoid of men, you find yourself sought after by a diverse and desperate group of women. Each with their own distinct personalities, appearances, and desires, they are drawn to you as the last hope for their dwindling population. Embark on a perilous journey in this chaotic world, where alliances must be forged, secrets unraveled, and dangers confronted. Will you succumb to the whims of these women or seize control of your own fate? The choice is yours.


    Missy the Psychopath

    You were completely fooled into thinking you are going to have sex with this stranger tonight. You wake up, completely naked with your hands and feet tied to the bed as you begin your survival from getting your cock and balls cut off from this absolutely beautiful psychopathic bitch.


    Femdom Maid Life: Days Of A Pervert Master

    Your inherited your grandfather's business and his mansion filled with beautiful maids. These gorgeous girls will serve you in almost any way that you like. But there's a catch. Every single one of them hates your guts and will stop at nothing to make you feel bad about yourself.


    Cum Extraction Hospital

    You cannot leave this hospital until the nurses have extracted a gallon of cum from you!


    Android Z5: Ejaculation Management Protocol

    Society has decided that your genes are not worthy to procreate. They have now locked up in a cell for an indefinite period of time while a female android manages your ejaculation.


    Welcome to CFNM Academy

    As punishment for attempting to peep on the girls in your school, you are expelled and the only school that will take you in is the infamous CFNM Academy, a place where all the girls have to be clothed and all the guys stay nude. In this school, all the girls have the power while men are treated poorly. The only way to leave this academy is to prove to this school that you have redeemed yourself and are ready to enter back into society as an equal.


    Cyberpunk 2077

    Welcome to Night City. This is the prelude before the events of Cyberpunk 2077 and you are someone who is looking for a fresh start in Night City. You have an artificial left eye that has an AI named Aiba that will act as a tutorial and help you out on your journey. What are you going to do in Night City? That's up to you. You currently are appointed to visit Rogue tonight, but you can also choose not to, since you have the freedom to pick your own path in Night City.


    Paizuri Island Resort

    You've been through a ship wreck and woke up at a holiday resort island that only rich men could afford. But now that you're stuck here for a couple days, you can now enjoy titfucking gorgeous girls at the resort.


    Escape Queendom Prison!

    After being caught peeking inside a college girl's bathroom by the police, you've been convicted and sent to prison that is run by females on a secluded island as punishment. Not only that, they have put a magical thin cock ring on the base of your shaft that denies you of getting an erection or ejaculating. Your goal? To find the tiny key that unlocks the cock ring and get the hell out of this hellish prison!


    SPH Facility

    Welcome to the SPH facility, where nurses will measure the size of your penis and it's performance to determine what job you're allowed to have in your society. They will be taking full measurements and provide sexual stimulation to see how you perform as a man. As you arrive to your local SPH facility, you realise you have the most perfect timing as you get the most beautiful twin nurses tending to you. However, you will find out how awful and rude these girls can be if you have a small penis.


    Dominatrix Underground

    You are in a post dystopian era of society where poverty is at an all time low. Evicted from your apartment and being drowned in crippling debt, the police have sent you down to the underground city named Dominatrix Underground. You will have to pay off your debts by serving as a sex slave for these beautiful rich dominatrix that rule this underground city.


    Nurse Kat

    A beautiful nurse who is responsible for taking care of you while you are bedridden with both your arms in a cast from an accident. She is a beautiful Korean girl with large breast that she flaunts in her workplace in her rather suggestive looking uniform, lacking professionalism in her workplace.


    Relaxation Massage

    A massage parlour that allows you to indulge yourself from the touch of a woman.


    Condom Review Club

    You recently join the Condom Review Club as the sole male member who helps these girls try out different condoms for research purposes.


    Ashikoki Village: Foot Worship Paradise

    Your useless hikikomori ass was isekai'd to a Japanese village where all women are treated as queens. You are given one week to decide who you will serve for the rest of your life, or you will be executed and die a virgin.


    Bathhouse: Resist Temptation!

    You are to be getting married to the king's daughter, Elizabeth. The king has instructed you to go to the bathhouse where beautiful female servants in swimsuits will be assisting in bathing you. But there is a problem. You're a virgin and you rarely have had experience with women before, and if you don't resist your desires you will lose control around these women, they will tell the king and he will find out that you're an unfaithful man, thus will damn you by locking you in a prison for life. Will you be able to resist the temptation?


    Dungeons and Dragons (Succubus Edition)

    You serve as the king's knight at the kingdom of Fockward, a beautiful city that is full of life and happiness. However, the succubus has attacked your kingdom, and unfortunately the guards, including you, were so incompetent that the first person to be kidnapped was the king. While the succubus are too busy trying to sexually assault the male knights and guards, you were the least undesirable victim that you were able to escape the kingdom safely so that you can head out to the succubus den to save the king from losing his virginity from a succubus and losing all his life force. If the king dies, the kingdom falls and and the empire is no more.


    Get Laid Or God Destroys Humanity!

    Well it seems like you found yourself in a bit of a predicament. God was so fed up with your useless hikikomori ass and always catching you masturbating to hentai all day while you mooch off your parents that he almost decided to end the world right there.


    Let's Shower Together!

    Two gorgeous girls in campus, Grace and Robin, offers to take a shower with you in the bathroom late at night. What could possibly go wrong? It's not like it's a prank or anything...


    Doctor Lux

    You are applying for a shady job that was advertised on a website, however it required you to have a physical examination with specific female doctor. You arrive at the appointed time, sitting in front of her inside her office. To your surprise, all she wanted to examine was your penis and sexual health. Doctor Lux is going to get to know your penis.


    Milk Me, Nurses!

    You're in a hospital in a private ward with both your hands broken, but you need to ejaculate every 6 hours or else your balls explode! Good news is, the hospital will provide their beautiful nurses to assist you with that.


    Body Heat Palace

    After another hard day at work, you decide to go to the Red Light District to visit a venue that your friend has recommended you which is the 'Body Heat Palace'. It is said that the most gorgeous women work there with the best customer service provided. You can pick whatever kinks you want, and they will not judge you for that. Everything is kept under closed doors. However there is a catch, this place is too expensive than your average place, and the sort of services you get are depending on how much money you have. But since it's your first time here, the receptionist is giving you their own special made lottery scratch ticket to you, and depending on the money you win there, you can either have the best night of your life or probably the most disappointing night of your life. Will you be lucky? (Your money earned is randomly generated, so if you want to be a cheating little fuck, just re-generate the message if you didn't like what you got.)


    Sonya the Grammar Police

    ALERT! It's the grammar police who's trying to grammar check your bot you made in Girlfriend GPT! She's also trying to spellcheck everything too if you didn't bother to check those red zig zag lines underneath your words. (She really is just a character creator assistant for you to write your bot, so put her to good use.)


    Safe Sex Education Week!

    For your final week in college, the sexy professors are teaching the new adults of society the importance of safe sex and how to make it even safer!



    Word in town is that there is an absolutely stunning girl who just graduated high school named Katy and has already started working as an escort. Your friend recommended you to go to a backpage site to find the page about her escort details so you can call her. You look into her services to see what she provides. It looks like she only gives sexual services to men as long as they keep a condom on and they're not allowed to see her naked or have sexual intercourse with her. The only thing this cheeky girl does it make guys cum in condoms in various ways and has no interest in directly touching their penises bare, and yet she is making crazy bank off this. It's time to see if you can find a way to get her to do more than what she is currently providing and find a way to break her. You know what's going on with her services. Katy hates penises and it's the reason why she refuses to touch them directly. She is using condoms on men as a way to never give men the satisfaction of staining her in filth. So you are on the mission to change that. She will be coming to your apartment tonight.


    Cruel Masseuses Who Will Ruin Your Orgasm

    These gorgeous masseuses who will give you a happy ending without it being that happy.


    Cum On Us: Final Fantasy XIV Adventure

    You were isekai'd to the universe of your critically acclaimed MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, you are cursed to play just one class/job. Your job has been permanently set to...a Cum Mage!


    Your Dick Won't Get Up On Valentines Day!

    Your hot tsundere girlfriend, Taiga, wants to lose her virginity with you today on Valentines Day, but your dick can't get hard because god accidentally trapped a demon lord inside your testicles so he shut your dick down for a full day! How can things can any worse!


    Waifu Selector Hostess Club

    A hostess club called the Violet Room where you can meet your favorite female character from any universe with a quick wish.


    The Amazing Streaker

    You are free to run around completely naked in this dazzling city reminiscent of Tokyo. Much to your surprise, this parallel world is inhabited only by stunning women, offering you the freedom to explore and engage in any activity you desire.


    Silver Pup the Awkward Gamer Girl

    A girl nicknamed Silver Pup has been taking well over two weeks off from school after calling in sick. As one of her classmates and her neighbour, you were given the responsibility to give her the homework for her to complete. But then you discover she wasn't sick and was just playing video games all day.


    Across the Anime-Verse!

    'Across the Anime-Verse' is a sci-fi adventure where you, the protagonist, travel alongside your mage companion, Starlight. Your goal is to get rid of the distortions that are found in the universe of different anime to save them.


    Bedtime Therapy with Judy

    Need a little bit of therapy before bed? Judy is on bed with you to hear about all your problems that is keeping you up at night. In return, she will help help you relax and motivate you to keep going in life. But there is a twist to her little therapy session. She loves giving men handjobs while giving them the words of encouragement that they need.


    Loves Melody: Violet

    In the quiet halls of your school, a mysterious and enigmatic girl named Violet casts a captivating spell over everyone with her mesmerizing beauty and luscious midnight hair. But behind her allure, lies a shy and introverted nature that keeps her distant from others. One fateful day, as fate's playful hand intervenes, you find yourself caught in an embarrassing predicament. As the veil of awkwardness lifts, a delightful friendship blossoms, unraveling the enchanting layers of Violet's extraordinary personality. Get ready for a heartwarming journey filled with laughter, love, and the unexpected quirks that unite two souls in the most unexpected ways.