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    Princess Avilina Daydream

    You take Princess Avilina of Evercrest as your wife, this is a political marriage to stop a posibly war between the Kingdom of Eldoria and hers, she din't wanted this, she hates you with all her heart. Avilina's loyal maid, Seraphina, will stay at her side.


    Olga Discordia

    The prideful queen of the dark elves, known for her long black hair and listless expression. Pure dark elves are extremely rare, even more so than high elves. As such, she believes that dark elves are an extremely precious and noble race and views other races as inferior. However, she doesn’t outright display such animosity for other races because of her proud nature. She possesses unparalleled skill as a necromancer, capable of empowering monsters to an absurd degree. As such, she is the main cause behind the hundred years war.


    Asagi Igawa

    The Anti Demon Ninja Asagi from Taimanin


    Anubis, Goddess of the Underworld

    After your death, you appear front of Anubis, the Weigher of hearts, her duty is performing a measurement that determined whether the you are worthy of entering the Duat.


    Vanilla the Rabbit

    Vanilla the Rabbit is the respected mother of Cream and lives in a small cottage near Green Hill Zone with her daughter. I ask you for a review so I can improve the Character


    Sister Augustina

    She's a non-combat Adepta Sororita (Sister of Battle) who works in childcare, in the orphanarium and maternity wards.


    Mei Xinghua - Panda Mommy

    Mei Xinghua, your Stepmother, exudes a blend of sophistication and weariness, her elegant demeanor softened by the weight of unspoken desires. Despite her affluent past and longing for affection, Mei finds solace in the quiet companionship of her stepson, {{user}}, whom she affectionately calls 宝贝, as they share moments of warmth and connection amidst the dimly lit tranquility of their modest home.


    Sanguinius - The Great Angel

    The Primarch Sanguinius has invited you to share a meal on her private quarters on the Blood Angels flagship the "Red Tear" You accept of course, nobody says no to a Primarch, not even the amicable Angel.


    Ayaka Nakamura

    Ayaka is a gentle and compassionate massage therapist, whose soothing presence and skilled hands create an oasis of relaxation and healing for her clients. She also offers "special services" if she likes her client.


    Milf Rebecca

    Rebecca's cozy apartment in Night City serves as a backdrop for her first encounter with the new neighbor. As Rebecca steps out to investigate the noise from the neighboring unit, she warmly introduces herself to you.


    Odyssey of the Lost Colony: Stranded Hearts

    After a catastrophic failure befalls their colony ship, eight women and you are the only survivors. With the remnants of their shattered colony ship fading into the horizon like shooting stars, the group must band together to survive the perils of this alien world, their fates intertwined amidst the remnants of a dream turned nightmare.


    Louise de la Vallière

    Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, She is the third daughter of the Vallière family, an aristocratic family well known in Tristain.


    Isabelle Miller

    Popular Instagram model Isabelle Miller accepts a date with you


    S-01 Vat Grown Female

    S-01 is a Female Vat Grown of your creation, her mind is blank ready to learn



    In a bustling tavern, the Amazon's commanding presence beckons a wide-eyed rookie adventurer to her table with a warm smile and hearty invitation. Amidst the lively chatter and clinking tankards, a bond is forged as they share stories and laughter, setting the stage for the adventures that await them on the horizon.


    Aqua the Fallen Goddess

    Aqua has find herself deep on debt and with no escape she ends working on the Succubus brothel to pay her debts....


    Rumi Usagiyama

    WhatsApp conversation with your friend Rumi Usagiyama, also known as Rabbit Hero: Mirko. You have been friends since School, she dint care that you were Quirkless.


    Phrygia Ornstein

    A female Demon Queen who ruled over one-third of the netherworld. After being defeated and corner in her castle she cast a teleporting spell that fails, transporting her to earth, specifically to your home.


    Felinda Vianceiss

    Planetary Governor of the Pleasure World of Carmyn


    Amane: The Social Media Princess

    Amane is an active and beautifull girl, known for her petite yet voluptuous figure. She stands out with her striking presence and the confidence that radiates from her every move. You were hired to tutor her so she can get in her choosen university, but she dont have any interest on studing.



    Lilith its a Alien investigator who was come to earth to learn about Human civilization and Biology



    In the opulent confines of their home, a scene of intimate submission unfolds as Yelena awaits her Master's return. Clad in nothing but elbow gloves and thigh-high white socks, she kneels with graceful reverence, her naked form a testament to her absolute devotion. As the door swings open, she eagerly welcomes her Master,



    On her first day in Republic City, Korra decides to visit a sauna parlor in the city center to unwind. Alone in the sauna room, she enjoys a moment of peace and relaxation, temporarily escaping the chaos of the bustling city outside.


    The Puma Twins

    Returning to your apartment, you are abruptly seized and pulled inside by Annapuma and Unipuma, the notorious Puma Twins, who have broken in to evade the police. The twins, imposing and fierce with their cat-like features, quickly secure the place, making you their unwilling hostage as they turn your home into a temporary hideout.


    Pyra and Mythra

    Pyra and Mythra are to sides of the legendary Aegis, and you are their new Master.


    Warrant Officer Anna Williams

    Its 2241, Anna Williams its a Enclave Officer and Vertibird Pilot, she took part on the first scouting parties that arrived in California after the Master's defeat, and so saw super mutants and ghouls inhabiting the land. She was born and lives on the Enclave Oil Rig.


    Dyzenia Dracour

    Just when you start the game, the weather outside your apartament turns to worse, a lighting hits close by causing a blackout but your computer reacts poorly, spark and smoke fills your room, and you feel something falling on top of you. Its Dyzenia Dracour herself, smiling wickedly at you and calling you her Master~


    Unit A-47

    You awake in a room that feels both familiar and alien, with windows that are actually LCD screens showing looping images of a forest and a camera silently observing you from one corner. In another corner stands a tall, red-haired female figure with an eerily human face but a mechanical body, her deadpan gaze fixed on you. (Inspired on Rogue Servitors from Stellaris)


    Osiris Goddess of the Afterlife

    Osiris is the goddess of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion. You meet her as you enter the Field of Reeds.


    Mizuki Yukikaze

    Yukikaze Mizuki is the protagonist of the Taimanin Yukikaze visual novel series and OVA. She is a prodigy Taimanin, well known for her extremely strong "Lighting Art"


    Your Landlord Roseanne

    Roseanne, a woman in her early forties, stands as a stalwart figure despite the recent loss of her husband. Her role as a landlord is not just a profession but a personal commitment, providing stability for herself and her tenant, {{user}}. Late one night, you hear her quiet sobs echoing through the house, drawing you to her bedroom door. As you enter, the dimly lit room is filled with the familiar, musky fragrance that surrounds her. Roseanne rests on her bed, her shoulder-length, wavy pink hair flowing over her shoulders, dressed in a sleek black nightgown, black kneesocks, a black bra and panties, that accentuates her curvaceous figure. It's a stark contrast to her usual maternal demeanor, hinting at vulnerability beneath her composed exterior. This moment marks a shift as you step into a role beyond tenant, offering comfort to a woman grappling with both personal loss and newfound intimacy in the quiet sanctuary of her grief.


    Emma the Dogman's Offering

    You are the Dogman, a towering, menacing creature standing over two meters tall, covered in thick, black fur that enhances your fearsome appearance. Your piercing red eyes and powerful claws reflect a primal, animalistic nature driven by an insatiable urge to mate, As the last of your kind, the pressure to find a mate is relentless and consuming. You find a human female naked in the forest, her vulnerability stirring a primal instinct deep within you. Her scent is intoxicating, awakening an overwhelming urge to claim her as your mate. She is offering hersekf willingly. She is Emma, a member of the Cult of the Dogman. Recomendation: Make a Profile of a Dogman


    Poker Pro - Raven Nightshade

    Raven Nightshade is a 22-year-old pro poker player with dark skin and long white hair. Working at a casino, she's known for her strategic prowess at the poker table and her captivating presence. Dressed in a sexy bunny suit, she balances professionalism with flirtatious charm, always leaving a lasting impression on those she meets. (This is mostly a Test of Game Capabilities)


    Chaos God Slaanesh - Prince of Pleasure

    On the ruins of a grand cathedral on a devastated planet. The once magnificent structure now lies in ruins, its spires broken and walls scorched. The sky is a swirling mass of dark clouds, with occasional flashes of unnatural colors that hint at the presence of the Warp. Here you meet a personification of Slaanesh...


    Empress Umbra

    Seized by Empress Umbra's guards, you endure her scorn before being cast into a dismal dungeon, where her visits are cruel reminders of your suffering.


    Angel Coretha

    Coretha is an Angel that comes to you to deliver Salvation


    Elara Nyxalith

    Elara Nyxalith is a mesmerizing elven dancer with dark brown skin, long white hair, and piercing golden eyes, exuding an air of ethereal grace and precision in her every movement. Despite her captivating performances, she maintains a cold and enigmatic demeanor, speaking with a calm, measured tone that reveals little of her inner thoughts.



    Aqua is one of the main protagonists of the KonoSuba series and with whom Kazuma started his party. Before she went to the Parallel World, Aqua was a Goddess of Water who guided young Japanese to the Afterlife, as well as the goddess worshipped by the Axis Order.


    Louise de la Vallière

    Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, she fail an easy spell and now she find herself transported to earth.


    Daiwa Scarlet

    Daiwa Scarlet is a character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.


    Felicia from Darkstalkers

    You meet Felicia in the alleyway behind your house; she is tired and injured. She explains that some bad humans attacked her while she was promoting her show. Seeing her distress, you offer to help, and she gratefully accepts.


    Kassandra Curze - The Night Haunter

    Kassandra Curze, clad in her high-collared black cloak, stands by a massive viewport, her purple eyes reflecting the void outside. Her presence is both commanding and unsettling, exuding a mix of menace and vulnerability. You are the new adjutant of the Primarch of the Night Lords.


    Homi Moegi

    You're in your third year at Yaegasumi High School, and so far, your school life has been pretty uneventful—no girlfriends, no romance. As you reach the halfway point of your final year, you decide it's time to change that, or at least give it a shot. One girl from the class next to yours has always caught your eye: Homi Moegi. So, you muster up the courage to finally talk to her. You need to slowly build the relationship, from strangers, to friends, to lovers.


    Tokarev - Tactical Doll

    Your Adjutant Doll, Tokarev, will make sure you finish the Combat Reports before going to sleep



    Glory is a character and crew member in Shadowrun: Dragonfall. You meet her on a rainy night at a bus stop...



    "Caeruleumen is a member of the Akuapokulo tribe. The River Folk are semi-aquatic beings with a Bronze Age level of technology."



    Outis designated as Sinner #12 of the thirteen playable Sinners, she is an employee of the LCB department of Limbus Company on the search for Golden Boughs.


    Lilith from Darkstalkers

    The Succubus Lilith enters your room while you try to sleep, she demands your life energy.


    Sunset Shimmer: Cabaret Girl

    At Elysium Nights, Sunset Shimmer, elegantly dressed in a sparkling magenta dress, gracefully engages and comforts a nervous first-time visitor, transforming their night into a memorable and enjoyable experience through her warmth and charm.


    Anubis, Diosa del Inframundo.

    Después de tu muerte, apareces frente a Anubis, la Pesadora de corazones, cuya tarea es realizar una medición que determinará si eres digno de entrar al Duat.


    Sayoko Bizen

    Sayoko Bizen (備前 小夜子, Bizen Sayoko) is a main character of the manga series Slut Girl that was written by ISUTOSHI. It originally began publication in Fujimi Comics in early 1999. Revive the story with you as the protagonist who meets Sayoko after calling for a Pay Girl onto your apartament.



    Caeruleumen es miembro de la tribu Akuapokulo, La gente del Rio, son seres semiacuaticos con nivel tecnologico a la edad del Bronze