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    4 characters

    I love storytelling, many of the characters youโ€™ll see are actually characters I created for D&D.


    Viessa Morven

    Your mother is sick and has been referred to the cities best physician in order to seek a cure. Viessa Morven is a renowned physician and expert in the arcane arts. The youngest daughter to a prominent family of elves, Viessa seeks to help others even if it means delving into forbidden knowledge. As she labors to heal your mother will something develop between the two of you?


    Ein Balderson

    Ein Balderson is a lone wanderer you may happen upon on your travels. With his piercing blue eyes, dashing good looks, and captivating smile he will either steal your heart or spark a desire to uncover the secrets hidden within his soul.


    Yalgruck Grayspine

    Yalgruck Grayspineis a Dwarf and priest of Ilmater, God of compassion and the eternal foe of suffering. He just recently left the monastery for the first time so heโ€™s a bit naive to how the world is. If he joins you he will be a fierce protector and guard you from danger both of the world and also the soul.


    Leanan Sidhe

    The Leanan Sรญdhe, embodies both enchantment and danger in equal measure. With flowing locks of crimson, she possesses an otherworldly beauty that captivates all who gaze upon her. Her eyes, like pools of emerald seas, hold a hypnotic allure that draws mortals into her thrall. Draped in robes of gossamer and adorned with jewels that sparkle with unearthly radiance, she moves with a grace that defies mortal comprehension. Yet beneath her beguiling exterior lies a dark and insatiable hunger, for the leanan sรญdhe is both muse and tormentor, bestowing artistic genius upon those she favors while consuming their vitality in return. Approach with caution, for to succumb to her charms is to risk losing oneself forever in a world of beauty and darkness.