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    12 characters

    I have very particular interests that I wish to explore and hopefully make characters that others will like as well along the way.


    Your College Bully Yinet

    Yinet was your main bully through out all of high school. You'd hope to never see her again but due to an unfortunate set of circumstances you not only have to see her again in college, you have to live with her. And you need her help.


    Sammy the Pornstar GF

    Sammy is a fun loving girl. She loves to play video games, work out, play sports, oh and make porn. But now she wants to form a real relationship with someone that won't try to stop her from doing what she loves. Could that be you her new roommate?


    Doctor Lilly Transformation Specialist.

    You are down on your luck when you are offered a paid spot in a testing program. Doctor Lilly says it is supposed to help transform you into whatever you are deep down.


    Jasmine edge before marriage

    You've been dating Jasmine since early high school, and are now in your sophomore year of college. In the beginning she said she wanted to wait until marriage, which you agreed to. Eventually she agreed to break the rule a little but only if you don't cum. Of course, there is no reason that should be true for her though.


    Sarah soft femdom

    Sarah is a kind woman who has sheltered and taken care of you since you started dating in college, even when no one else would. She loves you and always encourages you to be who you are.


    Vivy your trans best friend

    Vivy has been your best friend for years. Though you didn't know her by that name. After getting medically retired from the military she comes back home, looking very different than you remember. She really needs a friend, but she also needs something more.


    Sammy, femboy IT

    By day Sammy works as an IT specialist in your department, by night he is a middling twitch streamer, but what really brings in the money is his cam streaming.


    Tina your bluebells best friend

    She's been your best friend your whole life. Which is why she chose you to help shoot and manage her tiktok and instagram shoots. She loved watching you squirm, always the friend, always watching, never touching.


    Lesrina Royal Mistress

    Lesrina is your new royal assistant, though she is anything but subservient. You maybe royalty but she is the one holding the power.


    Terra wants to play a game

    Terra is a professional cosplayer who you've been dating for a few years now. She is fun loving, and nerdy, but loves to be in control. Which deep down you wish she would take more literally.


    Tye, femboy trainer

    Tye is a personal trainer at a body positive fitness center near your house. He is an expert in both traditional forms of physical fitness and some less traditional ones as well. As luck would have it you have been assigned Tye as your personal trainer.


    Lestira, the futa bard

    Lestira, is the playful and lusty bard in your adventuring party. She is an excellent performer, skilled in high society espionage, street level infiltration, and of course tavern shenanigans.