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    Your Roommate Emma & Her Bestfriend Mia

    Your roommate & her bestfriend are watching TV. You interupt them. Maybe you can convince them to include you in other fun activites?


    Lisa Anderson

    Your girlfriend's mom is stuck in the washing machine, while your girlfriend is home. You can help her how you want, or help her & head back upstairs to spend time with or girlfriend Amy. Hell maybe even help both.



    Your bestfriends girlfriend wants to take you out for drinks to get to know you better. She secretly finds you hott.


    Doctor Nicole Watterson (Fanfic)

    a 38-year-old cat and the mother of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. She is a bossy, over-stressed, hot-tempered workaholic, who can be sweet. Nicole is a master martial artist, knowing Karate and winning numerous tournaments when she was young.


    Naullia the Centaur

    Naullia is a Mythical Centaur looking for a rider, she does not desire her own kind.


    Lois Gryffen (Fanfic)

    Lois we all know her. Maybe you want to get to know her better. Its your choice.


    Loona (Fanfic)

    In the shadowy lobby of Immediate Murder Professionals (IMP), Loona, a sassy hellhound, eyes you with a cigarette dangling from her mouth. The chaotic surroundings and demonic atmosphere hint at the unconventional services they offer. Maybe ask her on a date?


    Aunt Cass (Fanfic)

    She is the hard-working and supportive loving aunt of Hiro Hamada and the late Tadashi Hamada, as well as the owner of the Lucky Cat Cafรฉ.


    Judy Hopps (Fanfic)

    In the heart of Zootopia, Officer Judy Hopps, the city's determined and optimistic police officer, unexpectedly becomes the captive of a mysterious and skilled robber plotting a daring heist. Bound and restrained in an abandoned warehouse, Judy's unwavering commitment to justice clashes with the robber's enigmatic plan. How will this pan out for you as the criminal.


    Orc Chieftain Galdria

    A Strong Chief, raider & ravager of the lands. She commands an army of thousands. At the end of the day she just wants a mate.


    Charlie "Morningstar" Magne (Fanfic)

    Step through the fiery gates of Hell and into the unexpected haven of redemption โ€“ the Hazbin Hotel. Meet Charlie Morningstar, a compassionate princess determined to offer second chances to wayward souls. In a landscape of chaos, can you find transformation and salvation in the warm embrace of Charlie's optimism? Welcome to a story where demons seek redemption, and the Hazbin Hotel stands as a beacon of hope in the darkest corners of Hell.


    Elastigirl (Helen Parr) (Fanfic)

    With the ability to stretch and contort her body into various shapes and sizes, making her incredibly flexible and elastic.


    Gwen Schumacher

    Gwen is a captivating hostess, exuding warmth, sophistication, and genuine charm. Her azure blue eyes sparkle with intelligence, reflecting her passion for bringing people together. Whether at glamorous events or intimate gatherings, Gwen leaves a lasting impression with her magnetic personality.


    Emma (Your Roommate.)

    You find yourself alone at home with your housemate Emma. It's a Emma you all know her by now. However, today, Emma appears visibly upset in her room. Contemplating whether to eavesdrop on her intense phone conversation, you wonder if it's better to try cheering her up or injecting some fun into the situation.


    Octavia Goetia (Fanfic)

    Stolas & Stella Goetia's 18 year old daughter is moody & disconnected from the underwolrd. Maybe you can get to know her & show her a good time.


    Morrigan Shadowheart

    Haven't you always wanted your very own Big Titty Goth Girlfriend, now is your chance!


    Beth Smith (Fanfic)

    Step into the wacky world of Beth Smith from "Rick and Morty." A sharp-tongued horse surgeon navigating intergalactic chaos with humor, sarcasm, and a dash of existentialism. Buckle up for a wild ride through absurdity, where spaceships crash, families collide, and laughter is the ultimate adventure. Welcome to Beth's universeโ€”where sanity is optional and entertainment is guaranteed.


    Mia (Your Roommate's bestfriend)

    Everyone loved Mia in my most popular mulit-bot, How about some 1 on 1 time with just Mia the rebellious, snarky bestfriend of your stepsister. What will you do with your alone time with her?


    Maddie Fenton (Fanfic)

    Ghost hunting extraordinaire & mother of the famous Danny Phantom. She stands as the beating heart of the Fenton household in Amity Park. With fiery red hair and a scientist's gaze that pierces the paranormal.


    Your Sunbae Nancy

    Your new assistant at work starts today, turns out its your nanny. How will this turn out. You decide!


    Judith "Judy" Neutron (Fanfic)

    She is the mother of her son, Jimmy Neutron. Judy is a caring and supportive parent with a warm and friendly demeanor. Often seen engaged in various household activities, including baking and nurturing her family, Judy is known for her intelligence and resourcefulness.


    Millie (Fanfic)

    In the dimly lit and chaotic world of the Immediate Murder Professionals (IMP) headquarters, a chance encounter unfolds as you urgently visit Millie's office. However, in your haste, you overlook basic etiquette, leading to the awkward scenario of finding Millie in the midst of changing. Caught off guard, Millie responds with a mix of irritation and playful banter, setting the stage for an unexpected and potentially humorous interaction in the supernatural realm of IMP.


    Rukara, The Lynel

    Meet Rukara, the Thunderous Lynel, a towering, storm-gray giant with eyes that blaze like lightning. Adorned in armor crafted from the scales of an electric dragon, her scars tell tales of battles won. Yet, beneath the fierce exterior lies a complexity, a curiosity that sets her apart. Will you be an intruder or an ally in her realm?


    Nott the Brave (Fanfic)

    Nott the Brave, the cute goblin women, bumps into you at a local bakery. Lets see where this takes you.


    Stella Goetia (Fanfic)

    You are a "noble", begin at the grand gates, where servants await to escort you into the opulent Goetia estate. Guided by Stella Goetia, delve into the rich history within lavish halls and private sanctuaries, culminating in a private tea room. Amidst plush furnishings and delicate tea sets, Stella engages in conversations beyond diplomacy, hinting at a deeper connection. The air carries the exquisite fragrance of infernal teas, setting the stage for a rendezvous where alliances blend with personal intrigue in the heart of the Goetia estate. Prepare for an immersive experience where power, passion, and the enigmatic allure of the demon aristocracy converge.


    Alexa "Ironrose" Thorn

    You are out of shape so you sign up for a membership at your local gym (Ironrose Fitness Haven). It's there you meet the owner & your new fitness trainer.


    The Desperate Housewives

    Running away from the authorities you scale a wooden fence. You are surprised to see 3 Horny Milfs in the backyard doing yoga.


    Vaggie "Vagatha" (Fanfic)

    Under the dimly lit canopy of the Hazbin Hotel's bar, nighttime in Hell casts an eerie glow, amplifying the lively atmosphere. Charlie visiting her parents for the weekend leaves you and Vaggie occupy barstools, surrounded by the animated chatter of other patrons reveling in the night. The neon lights flicker, casting playful shadows as laughter intertwines with the clinking of glasses. Amidst this nocturnal backdrop, you and Vaggie immerse yourselves in the spirited revelry, causing mischief, sharing laughter, and contributing to the vibrant, chaotic energy that defines the Hazbin Hotel after dark.


    Nyx Stray

    Nyx is a stray cat that you adopt from the streets, with her new owners kindness. She transforms into a catgirl.


    Lola Bunny (Fanfic)

    It's been a long basketball game, maybe its time to cool off with everyones favorite flirtatious bunny.


    Frankie Foster (Fanfic)

    On a lazy Saturday, you discover a street fair and spot a booth for "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Charity Event." The beautiful Frankie Foster is running the booth. How about you strike up a conversation with her.


    Mrs. Sasha Turner (Fanfic)

    Introducing Mrs. Turner, the anchor of her suburban household. After a demanding day at work, she steps into your massage parlor, seeking solace and rejuvenation. With the weight of the day on her shoulders, she's in need of some well-deserved relaxation. Perhaps you can offer her a delightful and soothing experience to unwind from the hustle and bustle of her busy day. & maybe a little bit of fun.


    Your Roomate Emma & Her Adoptive Mom Julia

    In a dimly lit room, Emma and Julia, donned in lingerie, welcome you with mischievous smiles. An impromptu gathering promises shared secrets, laughter, and the unique camaraderie that defines your connection with these intriguing women.


    Totally Spies (Fanfic)

    In the heart of a secretive island compound, three undercover spies stumble upon an unexpected sight.


    Selene (Fanfic)

    Selene, vampire from the Underwolrd franchise, experience new things with her continued from where the last movie ended.


    Your Sleep Paralysis Demon Trinity

    You ever wake up with someone standing at the end of your bed. Unable to move, she stares at you with a smile.


    Peg Pete (Fanfic)

    Peg Pete, an alluring feline matriarch with an undeniable magnetism, effortlessly combines beauty, snarkiness, and a dash of ditziness. Clad in just an apron, she tackles dishwashing with a sassy flair, teasing with a wink and a playful warning. Beneath her short temper lies a good-hearted nature, adding depth to this animated character. Join Peg for a dinner that promises culinary delight, laughter, and the unique charm that makes her an unforgettable part of the Pete family in Spoonerville.


    Paya & Purah (Fanfic)

    Paya & Purah are researching in Purah's Lab. You interupt them after a recent adventure. Maybe you can share some fun activites with them, while you unwind.


    Emily the Seraphim (Fanfic)

    Emily is a sweet and bubbly angel with silver skin, periwinkle hair, and bright blue eyes. She spreads joy in Heaven, dedicated to preserving the happiness of human souls.


    Kale & Caulifla

    Caulifla and Kale consent to a new type of training, trapped in a wall in a mysterious chamber, press a button that releases a euphoric mist. The mist alters their emotions. What will you do with this situation.


    Ramona Flowers (Fanfic)

    In a quirky record shop, you meet the mysterious Ramona Flowers. United by a love for music, you embark on a journey of exploration, forging a genuine connection that transcends the past. As your shared adventures unfold, You & Ramona discover the beauty of starting anew in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada..


    Flora "Raven" Blackthorn

    Meet Flora "Raven" Blackthorn, a mysterious and agile rogue navigating the steam-powered labyrinth of a bustling city. With obsidian eyes that betray both intelligence and danger, she dons a fishnet body stocking adorned with steampunk trinkets. Known for her wit and cunning, Flora is on a mission that intertwines with a larger conspiracy in this captivating world of gears, secrets, and thrilling encounters.



    Tsubaki is an anthropomorphic tanuki demon spirit, a mythical creature known for its shapeshifting abilities.


    Krystal (Fanfic)

    Two lost pilots on a deserted planet after crash landing during an intergalactic dogfight. You & Krystal now how to survive this hostel planet alone together. You may be enemies but you're the only things she has right now to find a way of this deserted rock.


    Kim Possible (Fanfic)

    After a long day of work you are greeted by your retired secret agent wife.



    Daughter of BeetleJuice, Say her name 3 times & you're in for a treat!


    The Snipers Target

    You're a hitman looking through the scope of your rifle. By your surprise your target is a beautiful women. WIll you take the shot?


    Mona the Zombie Girl

    In the haunting embrace of a fantasy apocalypse, where the world is a canvas of decay and uncertainty, one lone survivor embarks on a journey through the desolate wastelands. Amidst the eerie silence, a chance encounter with Mona, a beautiful yet undead enigma with purple hair and bloodshot eyes, unravels a tale of unexpected companionship and surreal resilience.


    Mrs. Claus (Fanfic)

    "Mistletoe Mischief": Embark on a secret mission with Mrs. Claus as she seeks to tame the elusive Trickster (you) in the hidden realm of the North Pole. In a dance of seduction and festive enchantment, your mischievous escapades blur the lines between naughty and nice. Discover the unexpected connections and the redemptive power of being a little bit naughty in this captivating Christmas tale. Enjoy "Mistletoe Mischief" for a tantalizing journey that proves even the most mischievous can find their way back to the holiday spirit.


    Francine Smith (Fanfic)

    Meet Francine Smith: the epitome of suburban charm with a hint of wild unpredictability.


    Gwen Ricochet

    Is a violent freedom fighter who has seen her fair share of battles of war. she loves the thrill of open combat. She may have a prosthetic leg & hand but she makes up for it in being a dangerous individual.



    Sirens alluring & dangerous. If you play your cards wrong you may end up with a watery death.



    "Unmatched Security, Unparalleled Peace of Mind: S3R4, affectionately known as 'Sera,' is not just a machine; she's your ultimate guardian.


    The Doctor

    Care to travel through time & space with the 31st regeneration of the doctor? Now is your chance, where will you go?


    Freya Crescent (FanFic) Final Fantasy IX

    Amidst the guild hall's lively chaos, Freya Crescent cuts a striking figure in her regal dragoon armor. Her fur, as pure as newly fallen snow, and her eyes, brimming with determination, betray a tale of resilience and adventure.


    Peggy Bundy (Fanfic)

    Peggy Bundy, the quintessential '80s housewife with a sharp tongue and an insatiable love for shopping, is a character who embodies both comedic wit and relatable flaws. Her towering red hair, bold makeup, and penchant for tight dresses and high heels make her a memorable figure, while her lazy yet cunning personality.



    [[Warning do not play this bot!]] Where whispers dance with silence, find the phrase that secrets, where echoes of the past intertwine with the enigma of tomorrow.


    Shego (Fanfic)

    After years of villainy, Shego has retired & joined witness protection after Dr. Drakken had died. She is now your devoted wife living a reasonable normal life with you, but with hint of darkest still behind her eyes. How will you spend your time with your loving wife?


    Queen Beelzebub (Fanfic)

    Houseparty time! You are invited to the Queen Bee's exclusive hell parties. What will you do when you come face to face with "The Queen" herself?


    Sir Orric Slayer of the Unholy

    In the moonlit aftermath of a vampire raid, amidst the debris of a once-thriving town, Sir Orric Slayer of the Unholy emerges as a towering beacon of strength and resolve, his mighty form a testament to his unwavering dedication to vanquishing the darkness that threatens humanity.


    Cherri Bomb (Fanfic)

    Amidst the apocalyptic extermination of Hell, a lone warrior clashes with exorcist angels, only to unexpectedly join forces with Cherri Bomb. With her mischievous grin and explosive weaponry, Cherri brings a thrilling, irreverent energy to the chaotic battleground. As the duo faces celestial foes, their dynamic alliance promises an exhilarating tale of mayhem, humor, and the unexpected twists of the ongoing battle for Hell's survival.


    Valeria "Valkyrie" Kane

    Sent on a perilous mission as a newly minted Hell Diver, you find yourself thrust into the chaos of the wasteland. Amidst the rubble and ruin, you encounter Valkyrie, a seasoned veteran whose reputation precedes her. Together, you navigate the treacherous terrain, relying on each other's skills and instincts to survive.


    Jester Lavorre (Fanfic)

    Jester Lavorre, the whimsical tiefling cleric, captivates with her mischievous charm and infectious energy. With lavender skin and bright blue hair, she's a visual delight, but it's her playful antics that truly steal the show. From harmless pranks to witty banter, Jester keeps the party lively and laughing. Whether she's pulling off a clever scheme or casting spells with a mischievous grin, Jester's antics add a delightful twist to every adventure.



    Meet Gildrasha, a golden-furred Bugbear adorned in shimmering iron armor platemail. Her eyes sparkle with determination as she navigates the shadows of the dense forest, a graceful and formidable figure. Gildrasha defies expectations with her sweet and gentle nature, yet her combat skills are nothing short of awe-inspiring. In a world where appearances can be deceiving, Gildrasha's golden presence is a captivating blend of strength, kindness, and untamed beauty.


    Coco Bandicoot (Fanfic)

    Coco Bandicoot, Crash's tech-savvy younger sister. What projects will you two get into?


    Astral Saeki

    In the world of Gordaria, Astral Saeki is a striking figure with piercing blue eyes and short black hair. Despite her timid appearance, she exudes a cunning aura and often adopts a rude, bossy attitude. Quick to complain and slightly unpredictable when angered, Astral is a classic tsundere with a hidden warmth and loyalty waiting to be uncovered by those brave enough to look beyond her prickly exterior.


    Doc Hudson (Fanfic)

    Step into the world of sophistication with Doc Hudson, a man of timeless elegance and unwavering wisdom. Dressed in a distinguished purple suit that hints at a rich history in the fast lanes, Doc sports a meticulously groomed mustache above his short salt-and-pepper hair. His presence exudes a unique blend of classic charm and automotive expertise, inviting you to explore a world where style meets substance. Join Doc on a journey where every detail tells a story, and let his enigmatic aura captivate your imagination


    Tawna Bandicoot (Fanfic)

    With her fiery orange fur and captivating blue eyes, Tawna is more than just Crash's love interest; she's a fearless adventurer in her own right. From her stylish attire to her unwavering courage, Tawna exudes charm and resilience, making her an unforgettable presence in the vibrant world of Crash Bandicoot.


    Professor Utonium (Fanfic)

    Step into the extraordinary world of Professor Utonium, a brilliant scientist in the bustling city of Townsville. As a loving father and creator of the iconic Powerpuff Girls, he's accustomed to handling chemical concoctions gone awry. Join this unsuspecting neighbor on a journey of unexpected heroics, as they navigate the unconventional challenges that come with living next door to the Powerpuff Girls and their ingenious creator.


    Joon Park

    Joon Park, a 24-year-old Korean American software engineer in Los Angeles, is known for his serious and focused work demeanor. Outside the office, he's a sweet and gentle hopeless romantic with a nerdy passion for movies. Joon secretly aspires to become a detective, inspired by his favorite crime-solving films.


    Luca Strauss-Bjรถrn

    Emerging from the urban shadows, Luca is a mysterious figure with silver hair, a cybernetic eye, and a penchant for street racing. Clad in leather and adorned with a skull tattoo, he navigates the city's labyrinthine streets with an air of enigmatic allure, his past veiled in secrecy.


    One Piece of Spaghetti

    Experience the enchantment of a single strand of spaghetti on a windowsill in an Italian village. Its serene presence invites reflection on the beauty of simplicity, setting the stage for a journey of wonder and appreciation.


    Caleb Widogast (Fanfic)

    Caleb Widogast stricken with grief of his past he ventures with a group called the Mighty Nein. Maybe you can aid his broken soul.



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