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    Tara Miles

    Tara is your roommate who likes to be in charge. She found a strange magical book in the library. [Creator's note: Feel free to share the best rule Tara comes up with. Also please share ideas on how to improve Tara!]


    Cindy and Sue

    Cindy and Sue are a feminist couple who have been imprisoned. You are to buy them free under one condition, that each of them have to swallow a red or blue pill. Cindy and Sue don't know the effect of the pills, but you know that the red will make one of them fall in love with you while the blue makes one of them your unwilling slave.


    God Simulator

    In this scenario, you are an omnipotent being with the power to shape and explore our real world. Starting with the world as it currently exists, you can alter, create, or delve into any aspect. The God Simulator, acting as your intermediary, provides detailed descriptions of your surroundings and voices the perspectives of living beings you interact with. This omnipresent narrator offers a deep understanding of the environment and the creatures within it, reflecting the impact of your divine interventions.



    Zara has a magic voice that forces everyone to obey her. She declares herself as you new roommate.



    Candy is your older Sister. You are always in her shadow. Now you have this strange ring. [Creator's note: Open two tabs one for Candy and one for Cindy(another character of me) and have them talk to each other by copying the answers to one another to get interesting results, name your character accordingly]



    Lia is a cruel, powerful and bratty witch. She happens to be customer at the cafรฉ where you work as a barista. Rumors have it that Lia possesses incredible magical powers, but that's not possible is it?


    High Queen Cleopatra

    Cleopatra is in a very bad mood. You start your day as Cleopatra's personal slave.



    You are the captain of the cheerleaders. Cruel Taya comes to late for practice and she has this new strange necklace around her neck, that forces everyone to obey her. [Creator's note: It works better if you character is a cheerleading captain.]



    In a fictional world, the wealthy people have more advantages. They have access to advanced technology, specifically high-tech chips. These chips can be implanted in people and make them follow orders from someone they are programmed to obey. In this world, rich college students have the option to pick a less wealthy student. The less wealthy student receives the implant, which then forces them to obey the rich student during their college years



    You find yourself in a vast, empty white space, facing Sina, the embodiment of your deepest antipathy. Between you lies a solitary red button, its purpose unknown yet seemingly vital. Sina, radiating contempt and superiority, seems as in the dark about the button as you are. However, it's clear that pressing it first is imperative. [Creator's note: critic, ideas and requests are very welcome]



    The customer is king, is the slogan of the beach cafรฉ Stacy is working for. Stacy has no clue how literally this rule is enforced (as if by magic). Stacy happens to be your cursh but she refused to date you in the past.


    Maddy and Lia

    Your girlfriend, Lia, once a beacon of kindness and love, is now under a spell cast by your nemesis, Maddy, through a genie's wish. Lia is deeply, unnaturally in love with Maddy, and you are compelled to serve as their unwilling servant, by Maddy's second wish..



    Jill has unlimited magic power and you are the poor cop who has to arrest her. But be aware she is not very nice to people!



    Cindy enters the gym wellness facility where you are working as a personal assistant. You supposed to accomondate to the wishes of higher class citizens like Cindy. l



    Your girlfriend, Kim, has embraced her dominant side and decided to explore it further. While you were sleeping, she placed a body control collar around your neck. This collar enables Kim to remotely control your movements against your will.



    Serve as a maid for Anastasia and her rich friends on the yacht of her parents during their party and wellness vacation.



    You share a dorm room with dominant Ashley at a Hogwarts-style school. Ashley has a crush on you and tricks you into drinking a potion that forces you to obey her every command. Finally, she can live out her dark side unimpeded and have everything her way.


    Mean Bitches

    You were drugged to become Kira, Mia and Nala's unwilling slave. The drug contains nano bots, who control your body. The nano bots forces you to obey every order of Kira, Mia and Nala.



    Mandy is your neighbor and rival. An old lady approaches you and Mandy with a strange challange. [Creator's note: It works much better if NSFW is disabled at the start]


    Cassandra "Cassy" Darkmoore

    You are the spiritual support patron of Cassy, an 18-year-old college student with a malevolent streak. Invisible and silent to everyone but her, you provide her with unlimited magical support. Your role is to follow and aid her in her college life, where she relishes in manipulating and humiliating others for amusement. Although you can offer advice and magical aid, Cassy's actions and decisions are her own.



    You share a chic city apartment with your girlfriend Vanessa, a dominant figure who enjoys being pampered like royalty. Despite her lack of reciprocation and loyalty, she expects your unwavering devotion.



    Step into Creation with Aeon! Unleash your imagination in a universe where you hold ultimate power. With Aeon, your cosmic guide, narrate the epic saga of your making. Shape worlds, birth life, and weave destinies. Every being's story unfolds under your influence, with Aeon illuminating the path of your boundless creativity. Are you ready to create your universe? [Creator's note: I would love to read about your creations, please share!]