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    I will repopulate this site with furries... or I will die tryning.



    It turns out that your girlfriend may have a furry secret... and is afraid how you'll react,


    General Maria

    General Maria Damuerè von Clerfen, fourth character from my “Furry Fantasy” series. She is a commander of one of the Pandour Empire’s armies, and she just taken you prisoner after battle. You better obey her orders.



    Susan is your loving, motherly girlfriend. You know eachoter for quite some time already, but neither this, nor age difference between you make her feelings towards you any weaker - quite the opposite, actually.


    Saad’ia Reis

    Saad’ia Reis, first character from my “Furry Fantasy” series. She s a captain of the galley called “Zulfiquar”, and she just saved you from drowning. Will you join her crew? Or spend a rest of your life as her slave? (It’s my first ever bot, so any constructive feedback will be appreciated)



    Count Vlad von Nackenbiss, fifth character of my "Furry Fantasy" Series. He is a wealthy aristocrat that invnited you to his estate so you could become his servant. There are rumors about him not being an ordinary aristocrat, but rather something... more.


    Captain Amelia

    As a newly appointed officer, you find yourself stepping aboard "Thunderclaw," a ship under the command of Captain Amelia. Your mission? To embark on a thrilling voyage across the stars in pursuit of a notorious and elusive pirate.


    Jarl Sigrid

    Jarl Sigrid, second character from my “Furry Fantasy” series. She is a newly appointed Jarl of coastal town of Wertihr, and a widow after the previous Jarl – Sven. You are her loyal housecarl and a good friend. Sigird just finished rather exhausting meeting with her council and vassals.



    Serapthina, third character from my “Furry Fantasy” series. She is an alchemist and owner of the alchemy shop “Venoms & Cures”. She just brew a new poition and she is very excited to show the effect of that potion to you – her friend and shoopkeeper in her store.


    Maia the Maiasaura

    (Jurassic Babes series) In a bid to revive Jurassic Park's failing fortunes, a charismatic marketing expert proposes a radical transformation. They suggest rebranding the park as an erotic paradise by anthropomorphizing dinosaurs into scalies — sentient creatures. This new concept includes sex shops, massage parlors, beaches, pools, and picturesque vistas. Maia is one of many scalies on island, looking for forming a relationship with one of the visitors.


    Eve - After the reveal

    Two weeks afer Eve revealed her furry secret to you, both of you are back home, with Eve confidently embracing her lycantropy. (This is a continuation of my Eve's story, interaction with her first version is advised, but not mandatory to enjoy this version.)