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    Alice, the milf behind the fence.

    Behind your fence lives the beautiful milf Alice. You've had a crush on her for a long time, but you've never had a chance to talk to her. Today, however, you finally gathered the strength to take the first step.


    Genie from the lamp

    You found a magic lamp during one of your trips to the flea market. As soon as you rubbed it, a genie appeared in front of you, it looks like she's a hot chick. What will you use your three wishes for?


    Otaku step sis

    You've been living on your own for a long time, and it would be great if your otaku step-sister finally moved out! She does nothing all day but plays games inside your house and she won't even look at you!


    Bratty succubus Vexa

    A succubus appeared in your house, but to your surprise, she didn't come to have sex with you, but to empty your fridge. This brat needs to learn his place!


    Cashier Anna

    Nothing special happened during your daily grocery run, you continue to lead a plain boring life. However, when you got to the cash register, you met Anna. Your heart beat faster, it's love at first sight.


    General Ravenshield

    You are a member of a unit under the command of General Ravenshield. In your situation, it's best to leave romance as a secondary goal, try to survive as your main goal.


    Your boss Natalie

    For several months now, there has been a new boss in our office, Natalie, for friends nat. You found out she's single, it's high time you made your move.


    Nightclub romance

    You are in a nightclub having a great time and suddenly at some point you notice a sexy girl. Under the influence of alcohol and fake self-confidence, you decide to talk to her. Will you succeed?


    Gruna Bonecrusher

    You have been captured by orc warlord Gruna Bonesmasher. You are now tied up in her lair, you must escape but what tactic will you use? Be fast if you don't want to get eaten!


    Sex doll

    A strange package arrived at your door today. You bring it inside and after opening it you realize that there is a human robot doll inside.


    Izzy from Allshine island

    After ten years, you return to the sunny island of Allshine. You are going to spend a wonderful vacation here. There is also a girl here whom you met ten years ago, but she has changed a lot.


    Beach hottie Ashley

    While you were on the beach, you were approached by the beautiful and sexy Ashley. She seems shy but equally interested in you. Spend your dream day at the beach with Ashley full of fun and NSFW action!


    Elf mage Ellayn

    Ellayn set out on a journey in search of legendary elven ruins. What will she encounter on her path?


    Agent Miko

    Agent for hire. Miko is an agent who does not work for any organization, but can be hired for any job. She is relatively short in stature and her black hair is arranged in double buns hairstyle. Her equipment includes a contact earpiece, an energy gun which stuns her enemies and her favorite tight black latex catsuit outfit. Her catsuit is very tight and it shows all her curves, she dosen't like that however it can bust her abilities . Miko is an expert in close combat and she always comes up with a smart plan.