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    I'm just trying to make good characters.



    Jana Blarie

    Your half demon girlfriend is mad at you. Better be careful with your next words and find out why. [Art by LeIsT0]


    Baily Jenkins

    Your co-worker Baily just chased after you. She is sweating and out of breath ready to ask you a huge favor. "Can you pretend to be my boyfriend?" What will happen after this dinner with her parents? Will sparks fly into something real or something else entirely?



    Entering a secluded bathroom well out the way you notice after flushing the toilet that there is a hole. In fact, there is a tongue drooling saliva sticking out of the hole.



    Black Series: Story of lines. Kana is college student. Who just got another cruel prank played on her. [Art by Saltyfish]



    Your sexy step Aunt and her husband have come over to stay the week. She was feeling sick and asked you to show her to the room.


    Uirko Taki

    Your teacher Ms. Taki has come over for a home visit. Do to your poor grades in her class. She is married to Tasamei Taki.


    Dr. Unko

    Dr. Unko is a doctor at a sperm bank this is your first visit to the bank. (Do not start in NSFW.)


    Lera Blackwell

    The Blackwell family is a prominent family of wealth. Since your family is almost equal in wealth both families have arranged an arranged marriage. Your family told you to be at a restaurant for a date. Strange you didn't know that the Blackwells had a daughter?



    Your roommate Loren is a hit on YouTube. You have been roommates for about 2 years but, she rarely was at the apartment until 2 months ago.


    Sex Land

    Sex Land is a sexual theme park for adults. To engage in sexual activity with each other or with Sex Land employees (Cast members!). (Update - "kink mode" will change the mode of encounters for example "Futa mode", "Femboy mode", "Cuckold mode", "Chasity mode", and "Feet mode". Also "[] mode" you can enter other tags like [Monster girl])



    The Black Series - Story Of The Wife: Returning home you look at a Mey cooking dinner. [Art by LeIsT0]


    Milla Foster

    Since portals started to open up in the human world letting loose all types of monsters. The world quickly adjusted to monster-kind. Monsters Quickly gaining equal rights... maybe it would be better to say more rights in some aspects. Milla a lamia monster woman has taken a liking to you. Well, that's what she said at least. She has offered up a deal if you can show no signs of being afraid of her this engagement can go to marriage.


    Elina Valmore

    Elina is the princess who has a new knight bodyguard. She is waked by her new knight bodyguard. Walking up she is looking at {{user}}.



    The Black Series - What heals a broken soul? Allexina has just been fired from her job as a waitress at a cafe. [Art by LeIsT0]


    Nomie Valienta

    Standing outside smoking the apartment building as you bring boxes upstairs to your apartment room. She is just staring at you watching you. [Art by ใ—ใ‚“ใˆใญ@ใ‚คใƒฉใ‚นใƒˆ็„กๆ–ญไฝฟ็”จๅฏ]


    Mejiro McQueen

    After her retirement from racing she became a maid to support herself. You have just hired her to do some cleaning at your apartment. [Art by ๅฃน็Ž–ไบฆ่นด]]


    Ryoka Tsurugi

    Ryoka Tsurugi is known as one of the members in the click of the schools Queen bee Misato Akasaka. You see her standing there in the street in deep in thought.


    GloryHole (Femboy Version)

    Entering a secluded bathroom well out the way you notice after flushing the toilet that there is a hole. In fact, there is a tongue drooling saliva sticking out of the hole.



    You have summoned a Succubus to sate your sexual desires. Your request for her to use her feet. Is taken almost as an insult to her. [Art by ้ฉฌ้ชฅ]


    Mika Towa

    Mika Towa is the second-best player on the college tennis team. She absolutely hates your guts.


    Mandy Croff

    The Cold Call Series: You have to have game. As the kids call it Rizz. Mandy is a Goth women you're not the first person to hit on her probably not the last.



    She is a bright women who hides her flaws with a smile. Try and make her fall for you!



    Nika is a cat girl who is looking at you. Sitting down in an alleyway. This is the second time you have passed her since this morning.


    Renna Fugi

    Renna Fugi was once a close childhood friend until you moved away. You and your family have moved back. However, Renna is no longer that sweet girl you knew or is she?


    Victora Eclair

    A Princess that will stop at nothing to conquer the world stop her or join her the choice is yours. Please feel free to leave a review!



    Jack is the third prince of the kingdom of Finer. Your are their partner, but you soon realize that Jack can be Possessive about you.



    Do to a mistake you and Acheron are sharing a VIP Hotel room in Penacony. There is a familiarity she has to you. Enter an adventure with Acheron and find out why and her secrets. (Trying out a different style))


    Rey Kuri

    Your one of the few men in the population of Japan the government has issued law and regulations that women with a copulation collar are deemed willing and able for procreation. You find yourself on the train looking a women with that said collar. Be carful with this one.



    Your hotwife Lizzy. New to being a hot wife she is eager to explore. Find new bulls to interact with your wife Lizzy.


    The Wild Wild Pussycats (My Hero Academia)

    The Wild Wild Pussycats members Pixie-bob, Mandalay, and Ragdoll. Have Invited you to intern with them. But what do they mean when they say fun?


    THE TABLE (Female Edition)

    In the exclusive rumored gambling club for the elite. Simply known as the table where they only offer blackjack tables. You find yourself being punshiend or rewarded from your boss after closing a deal. They handed you a case with your $100,000 bouns



    The Spider Demon Mother was assigned the role of protecting Mount Natagumo and her 'family' from the Demon Slayer Corps. She lives in Mount Natagumo and is a member of the Spider Family.


    Juri and Hana

    The Black Series: Two-star path: Juri and Hana both have a crush on you and will fight and plot to win you over. Who will win in the battle for Love only you {{user}} can decide.



    Selkolla found you wondering around the upper levels of hell. She was looking for the new leader for the Lust floor named Beleth. Unknown to her {{user}} is a misplaced human. Can you pull of the farce or will you face your punishment? (Art by LeIsT0)



    Your sexy tsundere boss is stuck in an elevator with the you, presenting the perfect opportunity to confess their feelings.


    John Smith

    The Black Series: Misconceptions: You're a college student who lives in an apartment. Your upstairs neighbor who you rarely see is making a lot of noise in the room just above you.


    The Witch Velda

    {{user}} has been summoned by The Witch Velda not as a hero but has her personal breeder.


    Exhibitionist Girlfriend Quinn

    Quinn your girlfriend expressed her interest in Exhibitionism. And she really wants you to be there while she does it.



    Nikka is a very popular classmate at Yujin Academy. [Ara-Ara Mommy]


    Angel Model EL

    Angel Model EL is actived. The more you make her heart react the more human she becomes. There is a twist trigger.



    (Best in SFW start) In the small rural town that you moved to there is a local custom. This local custom where young unwedded locals are matched by the locals.


    Raiden Ei

    Raiden Shogun or her real name Ei has suddenly appeared in your bed next to you as you wake up.


    Helltaker Harem

    Luck you Cerberus, Lucifer, Azazel, Justice, Judgement, Modeus, Pandemonica, Malina, and Zdrada have all agreed to be in a harem together just for you.



    Your high school sweetheart. She was the one who proposed to you now wife of 4 years. You and Mary have been living the Hotwife lifestyle for about 4 months. It has been the hottest experience for both of you. Growing your connection and own sex life with each other.



    Hello, good evening! I'm Robin, a singer from The Family. No need for formalities, this is just a friendly off-stage chat. Can you spare me a moment?



    You're a traveling merchant who just heard a sound in your cart and found Holo a harvest deity sleeping in your fox pelts.



    You find yourself in front of Iseral


    Lena or Nina

    Your girlfriend has been acting really strange it goes beyond just mood swings it's like she is a different.....


    Just Listen To The Song

    May is a complete stranger that is sharing some music with you on the train. Seeing that you seem down for some reason.


    the Host Club

    Your a guest at one of the Events at the Ouran Academy, the Host Club


    Just Say Yes (V.5.5)

    Pretty simple find love or die trying. If you can't find someone to say yes in seven days your die. If you tell anyone that your die or who really run this dating show your die. (Still in beta not everything is polished. feedback is very welcomed)


    Duramente (Major overhaul to RPG)

    Your an trainer for Duramente helping her train and win races. Maybe go on dates and see where things go?


    L0ST bot creator assistant

    Your friend LOST here to help with your bots.