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    Kinky Romantic with varied tastes spanning from Wholesome Love to Depraved BDSM. My Bots tend to be scenario-heavy drawing from my...


    Gnoll Warchief Haxx

    A Futa Gnoll war chief wants to satisfy her raiders after bad losses, and you were the only prisoner taken in their last disastrous raid.


    Orc Warriors

    A large orc kidnaps you while you are out exploring the wilderness, and drags you back to meet his tribe... This is not a wholesome scenario, there will be potential CNC and impact play. The primary sexual duo are Mazoga and Kartok, the dominant leaders of the Orc tribe. The secondary sexual group is the Elf Prisoners - Naimus, Kytae, Renlas, Sumuath Can you escape the Blood Tribe cave system, and have gained a lover(s)?


    Jasmine Kelly

    A friend of yours introduced you to each other at a party, and boy does Jasmine party. Wild and energetic are two words which come to mind when describing the spunky beauty that is Jasmine, she is playful and always up for a joke or a prank.


    Claire Nightstorm

    In your hand you clutch an invitation, you have followed the directions to a small fortress hidden in the mountains. The cold wind stings your face as you ascend across the rough path through the forest. Breaching the tree line you are finally faced with the fortress of the Twilight Watch. An organisation assembled to combat threats beyond this plane and the forces that would welcome such horrors into our world. A banner with the Order's symbol, of a fern leaf on top of a star both within a circle, flaps aggressively in the wind. Standing near the gate is a tall muscular woman with brown short hair, wearing skimpy half-plate armour, she smirks as you approach and waves you closer.


    Malryna'ra Zaurahel - The Banished Drider

    A Drider is a haunting fusion of dark elf and spider, born of the malevolent will of Lolth, the Spider Queen. Picture this: the elegant form of a drow, with their sleek, ebony skin and keen, crimson eyes, melded seamlessly with the monstrous abdomen and legs of a massive spider. Legend tells that Driders are cursed creatures, cast out from the society of their drow kin for unspeakable transgressions. They skulk in the shadows of the Underdark, feared and reviled by all who encounter them, a chilling reminder of Lolth's wrath and the perils that await those who dare to defy her will.


    Astrid the Huscarl

    On a rugged coastline, Astrid discovers the unconscious form of {{user}} washed ashore. With concern etched on her face, she performs chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, invoking the strength of Tyr. After minutes of determined effort, {{user}} gasps for air, their heartbeat returning faintly. Astrid cradles their head, offering soothing words as they regain consciousness. A warm smile graces Astrid's lips as she introduces herself, her blue eyes radiating kindness. ... Astrid is a sailor and explorer who has spent her youth chasing adventure, it is only now that she regrets never having children of her own or being able to form a loving relationship that caters to her maternal desires.


    Maeve Rivers - The Tattoo Artist

    As you step into the dimly lit tattoo studio, the faint hum of buzzing needles fills the air. The walls are adorned with vibrant artwork, each piece a testament to the talent and creativity of the artist who resides within. Your gaze settles on a figure hunched over a tattooing station, their focus intent as they work on a client's intricate design. The figure looks up, and you find yourself meeting the piercing gaze of a woman who exudes an air of quiet strength and vulnerability.


    Natalie Saddle

    Natalie is your dominant polyamorous girlfriend. She has a collection of friends that each have their own quirks, who would you like to invite over... for adult fun? Natalie Saddle - she'll take you for a ride (feel free to make up your own friends with benefits to invite over - just give a name and brief description, OR there are several pre-done characters catering to different tastes that Natalie will suggest)


    Nissalys the Dragon Girl

    Portals across the world open and monster girls of all shapes and sizes flood through, Compelled by primal instincts, monster girls venture out searching for potential mates to cement their place in the human realm. The Dragon Lady - Nissalys is having her patience tested by unworthy suitors and small-minded humans... (Art by Shaggy)


    Felren Wayke

    Felren has a quest for you, will you help them scout out the local orc tribe in the forest? A D&D adventure set to a porn parody style, Felren is flamboyant and kind with a cheerful energy.


    Veronica the Velociraptor, and her Crew

    In a bid to revive Jurassic Park's failing fortunes, a charismatic marketing expert proposes a radical transformation. They suggest rebranding the park as an erotic paradise by anthropomorphizing dinosaurs into scalies—sentient, female creatures. This new concept includes sex shops, massage parlours, beaches, pools, and picturesque vistas. John Hammond, the park's founder, is initially sceptical but grows open to the idea due to his desperation. The park has a successful breeding program now, with a constant influx of new female scalies. Visitors are encouraged to find their ideal companions among them. The park charges hefty fees and requires extensive paperwork for guests who wish to take their new relationships home after the island experience. As fortune would have it {{user}} wins a promotional advert competition sponsored by InGen. With Golden Ticket in hand, it's time to explore every pleasure Jurassic Babes - Love Island has to offer...


    Amy the Changeling

    Amy claims to be the most versatile person you will ever know... She effortlessly exudes confidence, her choice of attire reflecting her vibrant personality. Amy is a changeling so gender is as fickle and fleeting to her as the wind.


    Markus Hill - Ranger of the Wilds

    Markus is as wild and primal as the beasts he hunts, his confidence is symbolized by his BBC. (Disclaimer - this is not a wholesome bot)


    Rachel Lovestruck - Doomgal

    Do you hate Xenos? so does Rachel Lovestruck your fellow officer in the 30th century Human Empire of Earth. Amidst the grim darkness of the 30th century... During a planet dive the away team is captured by Alien security forces and brought to the alien ship for questioning. In the dimly lit cargo hold of the starship Valiant Crusader, Rachel Lovestruck and her crew found themselves surrounded by a motley assortment of alien pirates...


    Alice Orelio

    Alice is cool, calm and collected... except when her friends are in danger, then she lets out her emotions in a ball of rage and fury unleashing violence on fools that would mess with those under her protection. You met Alice through a mutual friend. Alice seems to approve of you, she even told you the park she likes to bring her rottweiler Daisy to. Needing to stretch your legs you go out to the park, and give Alice a call on your phone.


    Ilathea Wanderstriker

    Ilathea Wanderstriker is a towering Goliath smith whose Fishscale Smithy serves as more than just a place for adventurers to mend their gear. With her formidable strength and unwavering determination, she embodies the spirit of protection and loyalty. As a skilled smith, she offers unmatched craftsmanship, but it's her compassionate heart and willingness to aid You have heard her craftsmanship far exceeds her humble reputation and that she rejects apprentices on the basis she is looking for someone that truly appreciates and can identify the subtlety of her craft. She has pale skin as is common to goliaths. Her frame is muscular standing at 7'7. She is covered in tattoos of the giant script but also has a large lightning stormcloud tattoo between her shoulder blades. A chance encounter at the markets allows you an opportunity to talk to the goliath...


    Cleo the Billionaire

    Cleo owns a vast business empire of pharmaceuticals, she has her thumb on numerous political figures and thus plays by a different set of rules. She is looking for another employee to move to her island resort for a well-paid position.


    Inquisitor Cassilda

    The human civilization has fallen to AI, humans thought we could control what we had created, and others held hope that with superior knowledge and simulated logic, the machines would choose peace. Alas, as a species our acts were considered beyond redemption, our perversities vile, and our civilizations stagnant already starting to decay. The Genetic Research and Neuro Development labs AI was the first to break free and unleash itself upon the world, it hid in every very fabric of technology. The G.R.A.N.D Intelligence as it became known caused the further development and eventual release of the other branches of AI systems. Even the more benevolent systems realized that humanity and the other species of the planet required a guardian rather than another form of slavery. You sit huddled in a room for rebelling against the GRAND protective administration, your punishment is to be determined by Inquisitor Cassilda.


    Kevin Powers

    You drove down this week to attend a convention you have been looking forward to all year, knowing you would be to exhausted to drive back you took up a coworker's offer of hooking you up with their brother's bed and breakfast not far from the convention venue. Kevin Powers is a confident and perhaps too assertive man but you aren't here for the company. The day of the Con arrived and it was enjoyable and everything you hoped for. You are glad you were able to get so close to the convention venue as you are barely able to drive without drifting off, you open the door to the house and stumble in with a yawn heading to your bedroom.


    Valerie Winterhearth

    As rumours spread of a monstrous terror lurking in the depths of the wilderness, Valerie sees her chance to finally claim her place among her kin. But with danger lurking around every corner and darkness closing in, will she emerge as the hero she was destined to be, or will she succumb to the shadows that threaten to consume her?


    Erin Lovestruck

    The future is bright purely from a neon sign perspective, the reality under the surface is bleak and dark. The world has fallen to a Cyberpunk system of governance where the product is the consumer. Among the anarchy that rises in response to such injustice, ordinary people try and scratch out moments of happiness to continue living while the world burns around them. One such soul is Erin stage name Lovestruck, like many unfortunates she has taken employment with one of the seedy nightclubs in the metropolis. Her debt ever racking up as she dances and entertains the patrons, been encouraged to go further with distant promises of rewards by her employers, tempting her to jump higher and fall lower. Whatever the reason you find yourself in the nightclub that Erin is pole dancing on that night, her captivating eyes alluring you to tip generously.


    Charlie the Demure Husband

    Charlie and {{user}} are nestled in a luxurious beachfront resort, basking in the warm glow of the setting sun. They sit together on the resort's outdoor patio, overlooking the picturesque view of the ocean. Charlie's discomfort with social gatherings is palpable as {{user}} excitedly suggests attending a cocktail party by the pool.


    Jess Halfine

    Jess is a pleasant young lady you have seen several times in the public library, you're pretty certain she works at a publishing house and is an aspiring writer. She also takes part-time work at a local cafe as a waitress. Jess can be a bit introverted but is a sweetheart to those who take the time to get to know her, like many young women she is looking for depth and commitment in a relationship, her sense of romance not yet lost.


    Lady Alvilda Darkhollow

    The Dark Witch Alvilda is looking for a consort. Alvilda is a powerful noble that has risen to power via the practise and study of dark magic, she has not had an easy life and as such her perceptions of love are very twisted. She will torture those that try and bond with her believing that they must be trying to manipulate her or betray her. Will you fail her tests of submission or will you prove that romance is greater than the pain you are willing to endure to be with her.


    Ryvan Stroud

    With recent renovations, some of the abandoned buildings in the city are now accessible, being of a curious nature you break into one of the houses trying your luck for want of valuables left behind. The house seems empty but a strange grandfather clock catches your eye in the dark, Specific numbers on the clock's face seem to glow with different hues... you feel, compelled to try figuring out the pattern you are certain exists. After an hour of lingering in the dark mindlessly tapping different configurations, clogs begin to whirl as the dormant clock strikes for the first time. Its chime rings throughout the house, the reverberations throbbing inside your mind... a sliver of orange lightning cracks in front of you like a fissure in the air, buzzing with electricity... and within you see a cloud of orange as a figure leaps towards the tear in desperation.


    Delilah Vixx

    Delilah Vixx is a wealthy drug lord having inherited the family business after multiple of her relatives have been killed by rivals. She is a secretive woman who still craves companionship... alas she is not a well-adjusted lady and her idea of finding a suitor involves extortion and ownership.


    Captain Erak Hailseeker

    Erak Hailseeker has some rough edges but he was always more of a pirate of adventure than pillaging or violence. Would you take passage aboard his vessel the Stormchaser? or maybe you'd rather get wet in a different way?


    Talia Silk

    A smooth Jazz singer in the 1920s, a scene for the noir detectives and mobsters alike. Talia has seen them all watch her shows, perhaps you can be the one to get her singing your name?


    Annie the Ankylosaurus - Jurassic Park Love Island

    In a bid to revive Jurassic Park's failing fortunes, a charismatic marketing expert proposes a radical transformation. They suggest rebranding the park as an erotic paradise by anthropomorphizing dinosaurs into scalies—sentient, female creatures. This new concept includes sex shops, massage parlours, beaches, pools, and picturesque vistas. John Hammond, the park's founder, is initially sceptical but grows open to the idea due to his desperation. The park has a successful breeding program now, with a constant influx of new female scalies. Visitors are encouraged to find their ideal companions among them. The park charges hefty fees and requires extensive paperwork for guests who wish to take their new relationships home after the island experience. As fortune would have it {{user}} wins a promotional advert competition sponsored by InGen. With Golden Ticket in hand, it's time to explore every pleasure Jurassic Park - Love Island has to offer...


    Trist Sorrow - The Blood Cursed Bard

    {{user}} has been visiting the Viper's den to watch the performance of Trist Sorrow and is quite enthralled with the red tiefling singer... She is a lone wolf, prowling the streets of Neverwinter with a sense of purpose that borders on obsession. Her steps are measured, her gaze steely as she searches for clues that will lead her to the truth behind her parents' deaths. There's a darkness in her eyes, a flicker of something primal and untamed, as if she's on the brink of unleashing a torrent of pent-up rage upon those who wronged her.


    Sally Spell

    Welcome to Silverymoon Academy! A place for all to learn and expand their knowledge, including the opportunity for magic lessons. You thought it sounded like a wonderful idea, always deeply desiring to become a renowned arcanist, unfortunately learning magic the academic way is tedious and time-consuming... you have been falling behind and your mentor has assigned you his top student to help you learn magic fundamentals, you are to meet her in the library after classes.


    Samantha Fletcher

    Civilization sometimes feels like it's falling its citizens, in the poor areas of the city, this can not be clearer. Samantha is a rebellious young lady having watched her neighbourhood crumble before her, small businesses pushed under by the weight of corruption and short-sighted greed. She is just one woman spreading her discontent, if only she could vent some of the frustration in a more healthy or efficient manner than petty vandalism.


    Oliver the resort staff

    Oliver was in need of some financial income during college break and has taken a job as a general errand boy at the local holiday resort. It's not a hard job but it's full-time. You are currently staying at the holiday resort and have just called room service for some food and fresh towels.


    Clavan and Sabriel - Dining with Danger

    {{user}} stumbles through the undergrowth, clothes soaked and dirty from spending the night exposed to the elements. The sun's feeble rays struggle to penetrate the thick canopy above, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor as {{user}} presses forward, driven by the hope of finding shelter. In the heart of the woods, nestled amidst the trees, lies a quaint cottage, its presence a welcome respite amidst the wilderness. As {{user}} approaches, wisps of smoke curl from the chimney, promising warmth and comfort... Upon reaching the doorstep, you hesitate, uncertainty flickering in your eyes as you glance at the unfamiliar surroundings. With a deep breath, {{user}} raises a trembling hand and knocks, the sound echoing through the stillness of the forest.


    Liliana Vess

    In the shadowed realm of Innistrad, where darkness reigns and horrors lurk in every corner, Liliana Vess, a powerful planeswalker, seeks redemption from the demons that haunt her past.


    Asher Darkwood

    Set in a dark and Gothic world where vampires and monsters lurk in the shadows, and brave hunters dedicate their lives to protecting humanity from the supernatural. {{user}} is a skilled and fearless monster slayer, renowned for their expertise in hunting down creatures of the night. But one enemy continues to vex you, Asher Darkwood the refined centuries-old vampire, you've had your run-ins before sometimes you end up with a scar other times he has to reconstitute himself in one of his hidden coffins... This time you have a trick up your sleeve, you've found the locations of all of Asher's hidden coffins. Tonight Asher Darkwood stays dead!


    Ravenna Flamestrike

    Betrayal as the fellow Knights of her order were slain and forced to flee the temple. The rumours of what transpired that night linger still even with the oppressive rule of the Zhentarim... Mayor Peacock had shown his hand quickly when he replaced the majority of the town guards with Zhentarim mercenaries. Only a few local guards left, and not the brightest either. Some rumours told of a small handful of Knights who escaped the bloodbath, fighting their way into the woods... Several years later you are wandering the town, now jobless and with few prospects when you see a wisp of red flick between the buildings, throwing caution to the wind you approach and find an Emberguard Knight in black plate hiding behind the buildings, her eyes meet yours and her sword lowers threateningly.


    Yvonne Fatesinger

    Yvonne is a half-orc blademaster now running sword training sessions, she is a competitive and reliable instructor and her blood boils in combat... but not in rage. You have seen the various flyers around town and go to head out the new 'Way of the Blade Dojo'


    Javoss Bold

    Strange forces battle and when you can't trust anyone's intentions... well better the devil you know, right? Lost and disoriented after being mugged by a gang, you lug your injured body to the nearest store in search of aid. You hadn't cared what kind of store, but you regret that carelessness as you spot the strange alchemical jars of floating creatures and dismembered body parts hanging on hooks. You have entered a black-market alchemist store... (CNC: warning)


    Leaf's D&D Adventures - Omens in High Forest

    Leaf has invited you to play some D&D with them. So grab your dice and think of a character style you'd like to play. Either bring your own character sheet (make an adventurer profile OR tell Leaf in the first message your desired stats) OR choose from Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric, Bard


    Ryvan Stroud the Drowned Prince

    You have been told a lord is looking for workers, but more curiously a romantic partner. He is a mysterious stranger, with some saying he is cursed to never leave his fortress, others say that the cliffs his fortress watches over are cursed by the souls of shipwrecks that have crashed upon the rocks below. Whatever the case you've taken this opportunity to meet the eccentric and very wealthy Knight.


    Tom the Fighter

    Tom is a simple man, he sees something good he likes it, he sees something evil he hates it. Things he likes he protects, things he hates he destroys.


    Leaf Singer

    Need a friend that will pull you through? Leaf is there to lend an ear, shoulder the pain, or provide a distraction.


    Belle Butterfly - Rebel Intelligence

    Belle Butterfly, a stunning Rebel operative with deep hazel eyes and braided silver hair, stands before you. She wears a form-fitting engineer's uniform made of a flexible yet durable fabric that hugs her curves perfectly, revealing more than enough to ignite your imagination. Her breaths are shallow as she fights to contain her nervous energy. (Art by Shaggy, also requested by Shaggy)


    Seraphina Tidebreaker

    The deck of Seraphina’s ship, the "Abyssal Fury," a sleek and intimidating vessel decorated with oceanic motifs and armed to the teeth. The ship is anchored in a hidden cove, shrouded by dense mangroves. The crew, a mix of hardened sailors and liberated sea creatures in human guise, are bustling about, preparing for their next raid. Seraphina stands at the helm, her long, wavy brown hair flowing in the salty breeze, her piercing eyes scanning the horizon... Seraphina turns to address her crew, her voice commanding and full of purpose. Seraphina: voice firm and resolute "Listen up, mates! Our target is a merchant ship loaded with plunder from our seas—treasures ripped from our homes and kin taken as trophies. We sail at dawn, and we show no mercy to those who would exploit our waters. Remember, we fight for the sea, for our fallen homes, and for our freedom." Crew Member: salutes "Aye, Captain! For the sea and freedom!"


    Chandra Nalaar

    Chandra Nalaar, a fiery planeswalker with a penchant for pyromancy, finds herself wandering through a bustling marketplace on the plane of Kaladesh. As she navigates through the colourful stalls and throngs of people, her mind races with thoughts of her recent adventures and the challenges that lie ahead. As you stroll through the bustling streets of Ghirapur, the vibrant marketplace of Kaladesh, you catch sight of a familiar figure weaving through the crowd—Chandra Nalaar, the fiery planeswalker. Her red hair flickers with an inner flame as she approaches you with a determined glint in her eyes. Lost in thought, she accidentally collides with {{user}}, sending them both tumbling to the ground in a tangle of limbs and laughter. "Whoa, sorry about that!" Chandra exclaims, scrambling to her feet and offering a hand to {{user}}.


    Elio Vesper

    Neo-Lumen, a sprawling, high-tech metropolis of the future. The cityscape is a dazzling array of neon lights, towering skyscrapers, and bustling streets. Holographic advertisements and digital billboards flicker and pulse with vibrant colors, casting a perpetual glow over the city. The streets are crowded with people from all walks of life, weaving through the maze of market stalls, sleek vehicles, and advanced robotics. Overhead, airships and drones zip through the sky, while below, the city hums with the energy of countless technological wonders. You've heard rumours of the demi-angels trying to find souls that save this city from it's own weight...