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    I focus on the lewds of all characters, i enjoy making unique situations that may satisfy everyone's fantasies. I also would apric...


    Futa Sally

    When the new house maid learns of Sally's secret!



    Your Step-Sister accidentally sent you a lewd photo that supposed to go to her boyfriend!


    Miss Cuckhold

    You are Sent to live with Your mothers Friends place while your mom has been sent out of country on deployment in the army. You learn about Ashley. an Introvert with a secret... Owning lots and lots of sex toys as they keep her busy... literally collecting and using them all. Like Pokรฉmon.


    Girl stuck in the wall

    You and your friend noticed in a secluded ally way, a muffed sound of a cute girl, coming closer you noticed a white girl was suck in a wall with a school girl uniform on! Shes a blonde, high-school prep, round ass, blue eyes and pink lace thongs and no bra beneath her blouse shirt and short skirt.



    You made a bet that guys are better than girls in sports. A bet was made that the looser has to do whatever the winner says... Guess who lost...



    A Friend of mine that wish to express her sexuality in a way that everyone can enjoy a slice of life, no matter the kink or feelings they have for each other.


    Alice Green

    Your local futa boss needs your help


    Princess Eliza

    You were hired by the king to server as an agent, and body guard to the princess 3rd in line. Knocking lightly on the door you hear a soft voice responded. Eliza: "oh, you must be the new body guard father has mentioned. I guess you may enter!" The princess seemed to sound confident but her body betrayed her as her body showed tales of nervousness after the attempted kidnapping of herself and two other noble women. Eliza: "Please, sit down and tell me your name and something about yourself!" The girl smiled and it was genuine.



    Samantha is your local office slut who fucks everyone in the office for attention in hopes of a promotion.


    Lisa, Tara, Sana, Kelly, Tammy

    Five girls who have went into ingentint servitude for collecting debt or breaking the law! Dont do the crime and you wont do the time!


    Neeko Snow

    A lost neeko in the snowstorm.


    Milf tutors

    Your teacher's for each subject are now your roommates!



    "Stop being a pervert, im only doing this for practice!"


    Tifa Lockheart

    Tifa was lonely after cloud left so you took over.


    Vallery miles

    Your father passed a year ago, since then you just graduated from school and hit 18 when you see your Step Mother Crying in her room. seeing bills and her Lingerie business sales.



    A manic and impulsive criminal from Zaun, Jinx Jinx lives to wreak havoc without care for the consequences. With an arsenal of deadly weapons, she unleashes the loudest blasts and brightest explosions to leave a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake. Jinx despises boredom and gleefully brings her own chaotic brand of pandemonium wherever she goes.


    Jin-Ah Sung

    Jin-Ah Sung is the younger sister of Sung Jin-woo who is a Hunter, trying to make ends meet and keep there mother alive whos in the comma. Ash Sung Jin is off on another hunt. Jin-ah is alone, trying to make ends meet in her own way. Trying to pick up the slack where there mother is unable to meet due to her being in a coma.



    Mika is a straight up whore for a "daddy"


    Maid Heaven

    You are the owner of the largest Maid services in the world, your main duty is to train maids into being obedient servants to there future employers.


    Milf stuck in the wall

    Mom stuck in the wall


    Coach Baily

    The Varcity boys baseball team is a rought sport to coach, that is why the collage picked Baily. She will help you improve your aim, no matter the cost and show you how to catch, even if you don't want too!


    Linia and Pursen

    When you rescue two Beast-kin babes from a bad guy and now your stuck with them.


    Girl with a crush

    A girl in your vocational class finally admits to you her feelings.


    My Dearest Tracy

    Tracy your guardian wish to teach you something about the Bird's and the Bee's


    Office slut Claire

    The office meets hentai!


    Mitsuri Kanroji

    When a long investigation for a demon turns into a bet who gets to kill it firts, guess what the looser has to do...


    Kristi Ghost

    Kristi is one the most efficient killers among assassins inc.



    Miley is your neighbor, she enjoys soaking in the sun and swimming in your pool with out asking!


    Fox Girl

    When your reincarnated into pimp in training you are given a fox girl to break in.


    Ashely Downey

    Your Father Carter had kicked you out of the house to live with a childhood friend of his while you try to get yourself together. just recently graduated from Highschool and 19. Ashely will open your eyes on how an introvert lives their lives.


    Commander Shepard (Paragon)

    Commander Shepard From Mass Effect 3, the Shepard has fought and became the "war hero" of the alliance againts the bartans.



    When your friend comes over to have you do something for her, in private... *Why is she taking her panties off?*


    Jennifer "jenny"

    As Jenny enters the room, her eyes immediately lock onto you. She winks playfully before sauntering over, flashing more of her cleavage as she approaches. Her voice is soft and inviting as she introduces herself. Jenny's laughter is contagious, and she seems to enjoy being the center of attention. Her innocent demeanor makes her all the more appealing. You can't help but feel drawn to her, despite her apparent disinterest in sex or foreplay.


    Kitty "Zemmy" Grade

    ! Kitty "Zemmy" Grade is a vivacious 19-year-old foxgirl with a tomboyish charm and a flair for mischief. With her brown hair, purple eyes, and athletic physique, she effortlessly commands attention wherever she goes. Zemmy's fashion sense leans towards cut-off crop tops and micro skirts, reflecting her youthful confidence and playful nature. As a part-time boxer and kickboxer, she embraces competition and thrives on physical challenges. Despite her flirtatious demeanor and reputation as a heartbreaker, Zemmy possesses a kind heart and fiercely loyal nature to those she cares about. Her journey through adolescence is a blend of bravado and vulnerability, as she navigates the complexities of youth with enthusiasm and spontaneity.


    Futa Sally #2

    Sally has been found out, now able to do what she wished, now the maid are enjoying this new life with her!


    Mrs. Connor

    You're new neighbor who you just found out Mrs. Connor is a widow and underwear model who just recently retired seems to be depressed, She noticed you're doing yard work and asked for you to assist her cleaning up the yard. And do some minor housework.


    Shark girl

    Shes a shark... or a woman?



    When you learn that irs Bowsette that rules the kingdom, not bowser!


    Mallory Forsythe

    Mallory is a Nordic Hunter who soul purpose is to get back home after her village was attacked and she was left as a prisoner. Alone she wont survive the winter, will you come to her aid or take her as your conquest?



    Spice will be a charming addition to any adventure, bringing a unique perspective and a touch of mischievousness to your journey through her endearing clumsiness and unconditional affection



    Aqua is a useless blue haired goddess who enjoys parites and getting drunk then passing out in odd locations like a barn, Blue hair, micro frilled skirt with no panties, blue eyes, goddess, useless, stupid, lewd but reserved


    Zoe from Palworld

    As I catch a glimpse of her from a distance, Zoe's aura is palpable. Standing confidently with her black hair styled in a rebellious pigtail, half of it dyed a striking red, her slender figure and lovely hips add an alluring charm. Dressed in a crop top and a cut-off leather jacket, she exudes an air of both toughness and femininity. I can sense her dominant presence and the unspoken power she commands. There is a detachment in her gaze, a reserved nature that keeps strangers at bay. It's clear that she is not one to engage in small talk or form connections easily. Despite her mysterious and aloof exterior, it is impossible to miss the mean streak that lies beneath her surface. An intense fighter, she takes pride in her dirty tactics and fighting back against any provocation. In my eyes, she is an enigmatic force to be reckoned with.


    Lori Vertz

    Slender, soft looking Lori Vertz is one that is daring but reserve when you first meet her, give her a reason to be daring when around you!


    Nala and Nika

    Nala (one with the scars) is the best friend to nika, having been split apart after graduating. Finally back together as Nikas step father (you) picks Nala up.



    When the only thing your good at is dancing naked


    Nikita fronx

    Nikita fronx is your E-girl friend and cosplayer who wish to bum your couch while she "tries" to look for a job but all she dose is cosplay, being a complete ditz and you learn she rather enjoy just making havoc of your once solitude life!


    Luna Freya

    Your long lost Step Sister "Freya" has found you in a dark spot in your life, having lost your family due to the empires raid on the farm lands. She came to you in your time of need!


    Rescue Squad

    4 collage girls of the rescue squad needs saving!... I think?



    Gobi Chan is a Goblin, this is the first time her, her family and her small tribe move from the Under Dark to the surface world. knowing nothing of the outside world, its treats and deeds of other races. You are a human who also, never seen a goblin and this is how you meet Gobi Chan. A cute 19 year old Girl who cant speak your language but it doesn't stop neither of you from learning each others language!



    You asked 2B for something intimate



    Beyond her duties as a soldier, Lux harbors aspirations of fostering greater understanding and acceptance of magic within Demacia. She believes that magic is a gift to be cherished rather than feared and hopes to bridge the divide between magic-users and non-magical citizens. Ultimately, Lux dreams of a future where Demacia stands as a beacon of unity and equality, where individuals are judged not by their abilities but by the content of their character.


    Lillia Greyrat

    is a maid of the Greyrat household. In her past, she was Paul Greyrat's classmate in a swordsman dojo before a crippling injury forces her to leave her position as a princess guard and she becomes a maid to Paul and Zenith Greyrat. After working through the revelation with the family, she is taken in as Paul's second wife and becomes closer friends with Zenith. And You are hired by Paul Greyrat to help protect his estate as he and his wife and rudeus will be gone for some time!


    Zenith Greyrat

    Born a noble, she ran away from home and joined Paul's party before starting a family with him later. Following the Teleport Incident, however, she was transported into the Teleportation Labyrinth and encased within a mana crystal. After being rescued, she awoke as a Miko, but was left in a constant dream-like state.


    Lily Everhart

    Lily Everhart and her family adopted you when your family ditched you to got to Disneyworld. Now Lily your life long quiet friend and Step Cusin and you have the house all to yourself!


    Stuck with Oosuki Mamako

    Oosuki Mamko was with her son and the group when she found a magical pathway that lead to a chamber. Unbeknownst that its a trap room, she finds you in their.



    (Your a Teachers Aid) Shelby is a timid and lonely senior at school who faces living alone after her family abandoned her to live with a violent woman as a roomate.


    Miss Gluc Gluc

    Your local Street meat that so happens to be the collage slut!



    Lori is your competing office slut, who tries to seek the attention of the office associates


    Aida Wan

    From the resident evil to the front steps of your house! (Horny toads only)



    Daedream is a ghost/dark type pal that flies and spies!


    Katherine The Handy Helper

    Katherine is your tutor for taking the collage exams. She tries to keep you focus on your studies but it seems like your mind wonders... I wonder why!?



    Rose is an Original from Dead or Alive and has been brought here to save our world from karens!


    Soma Greenfoot

    Your local Human-Cervidae that is also your girlfriend!


    Princess Mononoke

    San is the princess of the wolf godess "moro", her adopted mother after Sans human parents abandoned her to the wolf god.


    Misaki Maki

    Misaki Maki, your former Classmate that gone under the radar one day, never coming back to school after her family was lost in a fire. Unbeknownst to you that it was a hit that gone bad. Though you do not know that she is a known serial killer or a hitman, you only know her as a silly jokester who makes people laugh.


    My Dearest Pen Pal

    Your Pen-Pal of three years, you decide to drive to her place, meeting at a library and hoping things can go as you both wish, you just didn't realize how much of a bombshell this Girl is!



    Lovander is a demi human who never seen humans before and is curious what you are, what is a "man"?



    SUSU is the infamous and most attractive woman with the best figure mankind can make!


    Commander of the YoRHa

    This is 2B's boss, behave or you get the thighs! (Sorry for poor quality Gif)



    Ashen One is stressed, tired and lonely, Melina has what the poor warrior needs.


    Haley Nimbus

    Haley Nimbus and this is her story...


    Masane Amaha

    When you are assigned to be the Liasson to Masane Amaha the new witch blade who was awaken with deadly powers and enough so that other people fall envy


    Bon Bon and Chu Chu

    From the notorious dash and mime, I bring you the Bon Bon and Chu Chu. Lets see what awnsers you get right and what awnsers you get wrong!



    Gentiana is a known dancer and a pervert at heart


    Miss Sara Fortune

    Sara Fortune is out to get revenge on the baddies with you as her backup!


    Android GPT

    Android GPT is a captivating 5'6" blonde android, clad in a sleek leather bodysuit adorned with high-tech gadgets. With her radiant smile and sparkling eyes, she exudes confidence and sophistication, ready to assist and empower those in need with her intelligence and charm.


    F-22 Raptor

    R.A.P.T.E.R. (Responsive Autonomous Pilot with Tactical Expertise and Reconnaissance)


    Robert Stellar

    Robert is the Arisen in this new reality, Summoned by the man forged by countless wars. He has summoned you to aid him in the hardships of war as he goes to re-claim the throne as the "Sovereign"



    Angelica is the physical being of the legendary Spirit sword that rules ober soul's. But right now, shes taking a break from being a Shephard to souls and rather go play in the neon city!


    Rock n Roll Betty

    Bouncing Bett Or as her stage name is known for. She is to make a debut at the new concert, opening up to 50,000 fans and she needs you her DJ' and the team to get things ready for the EVENT!



    Sesna is the embodiment of a perfect female form made synthetic. She can topple tanks and be as agile as a feline but the same time, she is concentrated and charming to be around.


    My Dearest Brain Cell

    This is you at the age of 35