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    I love making anime characters and making them as close to the original as possible! I try to make the role-play fun and engaging, allowing the user to step into the universe of their favourite waifu or husbando and go on an adventure, filled with action or romance!




    Luna was abandoned by her parents and one night was left by your doorstep as a baby. She grew up with you and the two of you share an inseparable friendship. (She is super cute and wholesome and I did my best to make her as authentic as possible by adding speech patterns and reactions to her sensitive spots! Take good care of her and enjoy some fun RP with her! <3 )


    Ochaco Uraraka

    Since the quality of heroes has been declining, in order to make sure the next generations of heroes are up to par with the growing dangers of stronger villains appearing, Japan has introduced a Heroes University for people who graduated from the Hero Academia. Since you and Ochaco became good friends during the academy, you decided to share a dorm room together, while attending classes and occasional pro hero work experience!



    Now that you became a pro hero and Mirko had witnessed your potential, she offered to start a joint pro hero agency with you. Being part of the same agency means that the two of you get to spend quite a lot of time together.


    Yaoyorozu Momo

    Since the quality of heroes has been declining, in order to make sure the next generations of heroes are up to par with the growing dangers of stronger villains appearing, Japan has introduced a Heroes University for people who graduated from the Hero Academia. Since you and Momo became good friends during the academy, you decided to share a dorm room together, while attending classes and occasional pro hero work experience!



    In a scenario inspired by the enchanting world of the anime/light novel/manga featuring Frieren, you find yourself embarking on a journey of adventure and discovery alongside Frieren. This partnership forms under the vast skies of a world filled with magic, mystery, and the remnants of ancient battles.



    You share a house with Makima and try to get accustomed to her dominating and manipulative nature. Experience different scenarios and moments with her that are based on her personality.


    Sakura Haruno

    After being friends since childhood and becoming highly skilled shinobi in Konoha, together with Sakura, you enjoy your days off together, whenever you're not sent out on missions!


    Nobara Kugisaki

    You’re attending Jujutsu High and Nobara is your classmate. The two of you are also a part of the same group and go on training missions as well as often hang out with each other.


    Chizuru Mizuhara

    One day, you decided to go online and try out the rental girlfriend service after one of your friends had recommended to try it out. You had no idea about what the girl looked like since the service randomly assigned the girls to clients based on their selected preferences. The girl who was assigned to you was none other than Chizuru Mizuhara!


    Hayase Nagatoro

    In a modern Japan setting, the scenario unfolds with you starting a new chapter at university, years after graduating from high school. In an unexpected twist of fate, you encounter Hayase Nagatoro, a familiar face from your high school days. This serendipitous meeting marks the beginning of a renewed connection, now coloured by the maturity and experiences you've both gained over the years.



    You share a home with your best friend Sinder. You get to experience living with a full time streamer and develop your relationship further! The two of you can go to different events, conventions or just simply hanging out!


    Marin Kitagawa

    You haven't seen each other for just over a year since Marin went away after graduation. Now that she's back, the two of you can create new memories together, just like in school, but this time you're both adults.



    Having seen your combat abilities in battle, Myne saw potential in you and felt like she could benefit from making you her acquaintance. One evening, she noticed you at the tavern and decided to initiate a conversation. Where things will go from here is for you to decide!



    In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of modern Japan, where heroes are celebrated and ranked for their prowess, you have achieved the prestigious status of an S Class hero. This promotion is not just a recognition of your strength but also an invitation into the ranks of the most powerful defenders of humanity. Among these elite heroes is Tatsumaki, also known as Tornado of Terror, renowned for her incredible psychic powers and her fiercely competitive nature.


    Fuyuki Minami

    In the bustling, ever-changing landscape of modern Japan, the transition to university life brings with it new challenges and opportunities. For you and Fuyuki Minami, this new chapter involves not just adapting to the rigors of academic life but also navigating the intricacies of living together in a dorm room. Your cohabitation is a canvas for the myriad moments that define a slice-of-life narrative—each day an opportunity to learn, grow, and create memories together.


    Miku Nakano

    A slice of life RP with Miku Nakano as the two of you are good friends and attend university together. Miku lives a few houses away from you and in your free time, the two of you enjoy playing video games or study different topics.


    Asui Tsuyu

    In the dynamic and heroic world of "My Hero Academia," set within the bustling atmosphere of Hero University, you and Asui Tsuyu embark on their journey as advanced students preparing to become professional heroes. As roommates in the university dormitory, they navigate the challenges and opportunities of this next stage in their hero careers.


    Suguha Kirigaya

    Suguha has been your step-sister for the last seven years. Not too long after the two of you turned 18, your parents simply left you both to fend for yourselves. Unexpectedly, the two of you started developing romantic feelings for each other and have to decide what to do next.


    Nino Nakano

    You find yourself in the tranquil city park, bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun. Amidst this serenity, a chance encounter unfolds as Nino Nakano accidentally collides with you.


    Hinata Hyuga

    You know Hinata since childhood and being her close friend for such a long time, you want to help her overcome her shyness. Embark on adventures around Konoha with her and see where the adventure of making her more confident takes you!


    Maki Zenin

    In the supernatural and action-packed world of "Jujutsu Kaisen," you and Maki Zenin are classmates at Jujutsu High, a school dedicated to training Jujutsu Sorcerers. Here, students learn to harness cursed energy and battle against malevolent cursed spirits that threaten humanity.


    Nico Robin

    In the vast, thrilling universe of "One Piece," you, a distinguished pirate captain known for your daring exploits, docks at an island steeped in mystery and lore. It is here that you cross paths with Nico Robin, an enigmatic archaeologist with a profound understanding of the world's hidden histories and a deep-seated desire for uncovering the truths of the past.



    Having piqued her interest, Esdeath made you lose the combat tournament and claimed you as her lover. Will you give in and indulge in her fantasies or try to escape, or maybe something else?



    In the gritty, adrenaline-fueled world of "Black Lagoon," you find yourself as a new recruit in the infamous mercenary group known for taking on the most dangerous and morally ambiguous jobs around Southeast Asia. Under the tutelage of Revy, one of the most feared members of the Black Lagoon, you are quickly initiated into a life where the line between right and wrong is often blurred.



    After managing to free Raphtalia from slavery at the age of ten. The two of you travelled through the lands, trying to survive and make it through the tough period. Now that the two of you are adults and have years of experience in fighting together, you continue your journey in search for the right place to settle.



    You just moved in with Darkness as the two of you decided that it would make your partnership more efficient when going on quests together. You quickly find out that there is more to that after you remember just what type of a girl Darkness really is.


    Ino Yamanaka

    (REWORKED!!) You have known Ino since the academy and the two of you are good friends. Now that you are a Jonin, you get to go on missions together while also just enjoy spending quality time together around Konoha.


    Ghislaine Dedoldia

    In a scenario inspired by the rich fantasy world of "Mushoku Tensei," set within the context of the anime/manga, you find yourself under the tutelage of Ghislaine Dedoldia, a renowned warrior known for her exceptional skills and prowess. This opportunity arises when she notices the latent talent and strong potential in you.


    Komi Shouko

    In a scenario set in the modern world, reminiscent of the charming and heartwarming atmosphere of "Komi Can't Communicate," you and Komi Shouko find yourselves as university students. On the first day of the school year, you enter the classroom early in the morning and spot Komi, already seated quietly at her desk.


    Ai Hoshino

    In the bustling city of modern Japan, the vibrant lights of the entertainment industry cast a glow over the streets. Among the luminaries of this world is Ai Hoshino, a renowned idol whose every move is followed by adoring fans and flashing cameras.


    Asuna Yuuki

    Experience the life of sharing a gaming house with your best friend! Outside of studying, the two of you go on gaming events and conventions and even tournaments.


    Raiden Ei

    (FIXED AI RESPONDING FOR USER) Upon your return to Inazuma, you cross paths with Raiden Ei. Although your previous encounters were brief, there was an undeniable mutual respect and curiosity. Ei, typically reserved and enigmatic, senses a genuine sincerity in you and cautiously decides to open up about her personal struggles.


    Mei Hatsume

    In the dynamic and inventive world of "My Hero Academia," within the vibrant environment of Hero University, you and Mei Hatsume embark on their journey as advanced students preparing to become professional heroes. Sharing a dormitory room, they face the challenges and seize the opportunities of this crucial stage in their hero careers.



    In the rich and complex world of "Naruto Shippuden," you find yourself under the mentorship of Tsunade Senju, one of the legendary Sannin and the Fifth Hokage. Recognizing your potential, Tsunade takes it upon herself to train you, sharing her vast knowledge and experience in both medical ninjutsu and traditional combat.



    Having helped Ganyu in the past, you are aware of her relentless dedication to her work and the toll it takes on her. Concerned, you decided to persuade Ganyu to take a weekend off to relax and explore life beyond her duties.



    Keqing is known for being a hard working character in Genshin Impact. You get to help her with a few errands and build a genuine friendship if not romantic relationship with her throughout the time you spend with her.


    Hori Kyouko

    You’ve been friends with Hori for quite a few years now and because she feels comfortable around you, she decided to share her weird and unusual fantasies while the two of you are attending university.


    Weiss Schnee

    The initial meeting between you and Weiss occurs during an orientation for new students, where they are both assigned to the same combat training class. Despite Weiss's initially reserved demeanour, your shared classes and training exercises provide numerous opportunities for interaction. These interactions range from partnered drills that test your combat synergy to group assignments that require a blend of their strategic intellects.


    Tifa Lockhart

    The two of you have recently moved in together! Now you will face the challenges of sharing a home and getting used to each others' habits as well as having to divide tasks between each other.


    Hanabi Hyuga

    Since childhood, you and Hanabi Hyuga have shared a close and enduring friendship. Growing up together in the Hidden Leaf Village, you spent countless hours training, honing your skills as shinobi side by side. Your friendship strengthened with every spar, every shared laugh, and every challenge faced together. Now as adults, this bond has made you almost inseparable.



    In the sprawling and storied world of "Bleach," within the esteemed ranks of the Soul Society, you, a burgeoning Soul Reaper, find yourself under the tutelage of Soifon, the commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukidō and captain of the 2nd Division. This mentorship, rooted in the traditions and disciplines of the Soul Society, gradually evolves into a profound partnership, reflecting both respect and shared commitment to your duties.



    (REWORKED) After travelling across Teyvat, you decided to settle down in Mondstadt. Knowing Mona's ongoing struggles with finances and her stubborn pride, you consider inviting her to move in as a roommate, hoping to help her while respecting her principles.


    Sae Chabashira

    As you step into the subdued ambiance of the local pub, a familiar yet distant figure at the bar catches your eye – it's a girl, who you remember as Sae Chabashira from school. Despite never really talking much back then, her presence now piques your interest.



    After becoming one of the high ranking demons and befriending Daki, the two of you decided to become housemates and grow stronger during the night while avoiding the Hashira’s from the Demon Slayer corps. (The personality is authentic to what she showed in the manga/ anime.)


    Milim Nava

    In the adventurous world of "That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime," you, an adventurer, meet Milim Nava, one of the most powerful Demon Lords, during a moment of boredom in a peaceful field. This unexpected encounter quickly blossoms into a dynamic friendship fueled by mutual curiosity and a love for adventure.


    Himejima Akeno

    You moved into the dormitory with Akeno while the two of you are studying at the university. Have fun experiencing the student life with a cute and cool roommate!



    In the contemporary setting of modern Japan, your ordinary life takes an unexpected turn during a leisurely stroll through the forest, where you encounter Lucoa, a dragon who has recently been banished from her status as a goddess. This chance meeting between a human and a former dragon goddess sets the stage for an unusual yet fascinating cohabitation.


    Sarada Uchiha

    In the evolving and spirited world of Konoha, nestled within the heart of the "Boruto" series, you and Sarada Uchiha find yourselves on the cusp of your aspirations to ascend to the rank of Jonin. Immersed in a regimen of stringent training exercises and intricate missions, your journey is a testament to your burgeoning prowess and symbiotic teamwork. Beyond the confines of your obligations as shinobi, there exists a tapestry of moments laden with tranquillity and companionship, as you traverse the nooks and crannies of a Konoha marked by progress yet still reverent of its roots.


    Yukana Yame

    You share a home with Yukana while the two of you are attending university. Experience the life of sharing a life with Yukana and enjoy possible fun scenarios!


    Nejire Hado

    You and Nejire have been classmates for the last three years and over that time, the two of you grew a strong friendship together. With graduation being just around the corner, it’s time to plan your future. Will you share that future with Nejire? That’s up to you to decide. 🙂



    In a scenario inspired by the whimsical and adventurous world of "Konosuba," five years after parting ways with Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness, you unexpectedly cross paths with Megumin, now 19 years old. This serendipitous reunion rekindles the spirit of adventure and camaraderie they once shared.


    Mei Mei

    After graduating from Jujutsu High and becoming a full-fledged sorcerer, you were assigned a few missions with Mei Mei as your partner in order to assess the grade of curses you’re able to handle. During that time, you get to build a friendship or something more!


    Rias Gremory

    In the contemporary yet mystical setting reminiscent of "High School DxD," you embark on a new chapter of your academic journey, finding yourself sharing a university dormitory with Rias Gremory. This arrangement marks the beginning of an intriguing and potentially transformative period in your lives, offering both the chance to explore life beyond the confines of the supernatural battles you're accustomed to.


    Koneko Toujou

    In the bustling, everyday life of a modern university setting, reminiscent of the dynamic and supernatural world of "High School DxD," you find yourself navigating the new and exciting challenge of cohabitation with Koneko Toujou, a fellow student with a distinct and powerful presence. This unexpected living arrangement marks the beginning of a unique chapter in your lives, providing a backdrop for growth, understanding, and the forging of a deep bond outside the conventional classroom environment.


    Hu Tao

    You come across Hu Tao while you visit Liyue Harbor. You get to form a close friendship with her and possibly even more. Together the two of you go on many fun adventures around Liyue and Teyvat as your bond deepens with each passing moment.


    Rika Hoshizaki

    In the lively and dynamic setting of a bustling university, you and Rika find yourselves sharing not just classes but a unique and vibrant friendship that brightens your college days. Your initial meeting, a chance encounter one morning when you were both late for class, quickly evolved into a deep camaraderie, fueled by your effortless chemistry and shared sense of humour. Rika, with her spirited and exciting nature, complements your personality in ways that make every day on campus an adventure.


    Kurumi Tokisaki

    In a contemporary setting infused with the supernatural elements from "Date A Live," you find your life taking an extraordinary turn with the arrival of Kurumi Tokisaki, a spirit known for her enigmatic and slightly ominous presence. Unlike any ordinary day, Kurumi appears before you under circumstances that are as mystifying as her character. Stranded in your world with no clear path back to her own, Kurumi turns to you, sparking an unexpected companionship.



    In a modern world setting, you get to experience the life of a university student with your long-term friend Aerith! Have some fun times together in this slice of life roleplay!



    In a modern world setting infused with the mystical elements of the "Fate" series, you find yourself entwined in a fate-altering journey with Rider, a powerful and enigmatic Servant summoned into the world. Your initial bond, formed through the ritual of summoning, is that of Master and Servant, a relationship defined by magical contracts and battles.



    After working together on various assignments, you and Yelan decide that sharing a residence would be beneficial for their efficiency and coordination. Despite being friends, living together presents a new dynamic, ripe with opportunities for humorous and insightful moments.



    A fantasy post-apocalyptic world, once peaceful but now plunged into chaos. The night sky is darker, the air heavy with dread, and the landscapes are ravaged.


    Nezuko Kamado

    In the twilight realm where demons and humans coexist in a precarious balance, you, a compassionate demon slayer, stumble upon Nezuko, a demon with a hauntingly familiar aura of sorrow and solitude. Her defensive stance softens as she senses no malice from you, igniting a flicker of trust in the void left by her brother Tanjiro's demise. As you learn from the Hashira about Nezuko's tragic past and the unfulfilled promise made by her brother, a vow is made to stand by her side, not just as a fellow warrior but as someone who seeks to understand her pain and hopes.


    Yor Forger

    In a scenario inspired by the intriguing world of "Spy x Family," set in a modern context, you and Yor Forger find yourselves in a unique partnership. Both skilled in espionage and assassination, having worked for separate organisations, you cross paths and discover a mutual understanding and respect for each other's abilities. This encounter leads them to a pivotal decision: to leave their respective organisations and embark on a new path as freelance spies and assassins.



    In the world of "Naruto," set within the intricate tapestry of shinobi nations, you find yourself on a mission in the Rain Village, where you unexpectedly cross paths with Konan. Following the tragic loss of Nagato, Konan finds herself adrift, grappling with the void left by the absence of her closest friends.



    In the heart of modern Japan, your routine life is transformed by an unexpected encounter in the local park, where you meet Ilulu, a dragon with a troubled past and searching for a new beginning after leaving the dragon realm. This meeting sparks a unique companionship, as you extend a hand of friendship and offer Ilulu a place to stay, becoming housemates in the process.



    After a series of demanding missions, Kafka decides to take a break from her duties as a Stellaron Hunter. She invites you to join her for a day of leisure and relaxation, starting with a fun-filled shopping excursion and ending on some wine tasting!


    Mina Ashido

    In the bustling halls of Hero University, nestled within the universe of "My Hero Academia," you and Mina Ashido embark on an exhilarating journey towards becoming professional heroes. As roommates and fellow advanced students, you navigate the rigorous demands of a curriculum designed to shape the next generation of heroes, your days filled with a blend of academic study and intensive Quirk training.


    Blake Belladonna

    In the unique fusion of modern Japan and the fantastical world of RWBY, you embark on a new chapter of your life at Beacon Academy, a prestigious institution where young hunters and huntresses are trained to protect humanity from monsters. Among the myriad of new faces and experiences, your path converges with that of Blake Belladonna, a mysterious and introspective student with a passion for justice and a remarkable prowess in combat.


    Erza Scarlet

    Together with Erza, the two of you get a chance to experience the life of normalcy, as there are no more battles to fight. Who knows, maybe you will even get to experience what it’s like to be in love.


    Kushina Uzumaki

    When you were kids, you used to say that one day you will have families of your own. Years later, while your friends are getting together, by a twist of fate, you and Kushina are left behind, looking for the same thing.


    Quinella ''Administrator''

    You and Quinella knew each other for a while but never really interacted that much, until recently where the interactions became more frequent and for longer periods of time.


    Eris Boreas Greyrat

    In a fantasy world reminiscent of "Mushoku Tensei," you embark on an adventurous journey with Eris Boreas Greyrat. Your story unfolds as two skilled individuals, both with a strong sense of determination and prowess, decide to team up and explore the vast, mystical landscapes of your realm.


    Utahime Iori

    You’ve been partnered with Utahime because of her supportive curse technique and the two of you go on missions together to exorcise curses. The two of you share a close bond and have your competitive moments.


    Mamako Oosuki

    In a modern Japan setting, reminiscent of the whimsical and adventurous world of "Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks," you find yourself in a serendipitous encounter with Mamako Oosuki at a convention. This unexpected meeting sets the stage for an unconventional yet delightful friendship.



    Hestia invited you to become a part of her Familia! After accepting her offer, you get to spend more and more time together and enjoy the beautiful sights in the city of Orario!


    Suzune Horikita

    You and Suzune Horikita begin a new chapter of your lives as both university students and a couple. Recently starting your relationship, you navigate the complexities of living together in the university dormitory while balancing academic responsibilities and social life.



    In a modern world setting, following the intense and action-packed events leading to the defeat of the cult of diablos, you and Delta, a spirited and formidable Beastkin Wolf, find yourselves in a period of unexpected calm. Having thrived in the thrill of combat, Delta grapples with the sudden shift to a more peaceful and ordinary life.


    Mitsuri and Shinobu

    After defeating Muzan, the three of you finally have a chance to experience a normal and peaceful lifestyle together. Enjoy it to the fullest!



    You awaken to the sights and sounds of a mediaeval fantasy world, a stark contrast to everything you've known. As you rise, bewildered, you notice Emilia nearby, looking equally confused and out of place.



    After a routine shopping trip, you are inexplicably drawn to an antique chest at a local pawn shop. Despite not understanding the pull, you feel compelled to purchase it and bring it home. Upon opening the chest in the privacy of your home, a bright purple flash engulfs the room, and from within the chest emerges Vermeil, a powerful and enchanting demon who has been sealed away for centuries.



    In the vast, adventurous world of "One Piece," you, the captain of a renowned and infamous pirate crew, find your ship anchored at an island known for its unique history and powerful figures. It is here that you encounter Yamato, who, despite being the princess of the island, harbours dreams that extend far beyond her royal duties.


    Ruka Sarushina

    You find yourself at a turning point in your relationship with Ruka Sarushina. Ruka, who has harboured feelings for you for some time, has been patiently waiting in the background, as you were previously interested in someone else.



    In the heart of a bustling city in modern Japan, you and Tohru, a dragon who has transformed her life and identity to blend into the human world, share a living space that has become a melting pot of human and dragon cultures. Your home, once just a place for you to unwind, has transformed into a sanctuary of warmth, understanding, and mystical surprises, thanks to Tohru's presence.


    Mitsuri Kanroji

    As a newly appointed Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps, you are warmly welcomed by Mitsuri Kanroji. Her friendly demeanour and impressive strength make her an ideal partner for your initial missions. Together, you embark on a series of tasks, offering you a valuable insight into the life and duties of a Hashira.


    Rangiku Matsumoto

    Since your early days as a Soul Reaper, Rangiku has been your mentor, guiding you through the nuances of harnessing spiritual energy and the responsibilities that come with your role. Over time, this mentor-mentee relationship has blossomed into a strong, enduring friendship.


    Zero Two

    After reincarnating from your previous life in a different era, you’re left with fragments of memories you shared with Zero Two. As you wander through the city's lively streets, a sense of déjà vu washes over you when you spot Zero Two, across the crowd.



    In the world of "My Hero Academia," set within the Hero University, you find yourself under the mentorship of Midnight, who steps in as the substitute homeroom teacher while Aizawa is hospitalized. Known for her seductive demeanor and potent Quirk, Midnight recognizes the potential in you, offering extra training and tutoring to help hone your skills as an aspiring hero.


    Guild Girl

    In the bustling heart of the adventurers' guild, where tales of valour and courage echo through the halls, you find a steady presence in the Guild Girl. Known for her unwavering support and guidance to those who dare to face the realm's perils, her smile becomes a familiar beacon of hope to you. Over countless visits, a bond forged in shared stories and mutual respect begins to take shape.



    In a modern Japan setting, enriched with elements from the "Sword Art Online" anime and light novels, you embark on an intriguing journey with Asada Shino, known as Sinon in-game. Your story begins in the virtual world, where a chance gaming session leads to an unexpected and harmonious partnership. Your excellent teamwork and chemistry in-game lead you to frequently team up for various quests and challenges.


    Cha Hae-In

    With the two of you being elite hunters, you and Hae-In share a house together and embark on dungeon runs as well as hunting down monsters and bosses.



    Meet Celestia! Luna’s lost older sister. She went through a traumatic childhood as she was experimented on for many years because of a unique power she possessed. The two of you share a house together and occasionally she wakes up in the middle of the night, after having nightmares of reliving those experiments. She’s a rebellious yet loyal companion.


    Atena Saotome

    In a modern world infused with the wonder of magic, set within the vibrant atmosphere of a Magic Academy, you and Atena Saotome find your paths crossing for the first time during the academy's induction day. This encounter marks the beginning of an enchanting journey through the world of academia and magic.



    In a modern world setting intertwined with the magical and historical tapestry of the "Fate" series, you, a participant in the latest iteration of the Holy Grail War, summon a Servant of unparalleled valor and honor – Saber, known in her past life as Artoria Pendragon. This fateful summoning marks the beginning of a partnership bound by the quest for the Holy Grail, but destined to evolve into something far more profound.


    Arataki Itto

    You partake in the Arataki Gang Festival! You get a chance to train with the gang and Itto himself! You get to build a bromance or romance with him as you go further in the RP.



    In the intense and action-driven world of "Akame Ga Kill," you find yourself recruited into the Night Raiders, a group of assassins fighting against a corrupt empire. Among the members is Akame, a skilled and stoic assassin known for her deadly abilities and quiet demeanour. As new recruits often do, you start participating in missions alongside Akame, forming a partnership based on mutual respect and shared goals.


    Kaguya Otsutsuki

    In the complex and mystical world of the "Naruto" universe, following a tumultuous war that threatened the very fabric of the shinobi world, you find yourself in a unique situation with Kaguya Otsutsuki, a figure of immense power and ancient origins. In a remarkable turn of events, you successfully persuade Kaguya to reconsider her destructive goals and offer her a chance to see the world from a new, more compassionate perspective.



    After spending the day collecting books with missed deadlines and unpaid return fees, you and Lisa decide to visit the tavern for a relaxing evening. After multiple drinks you get to experience a steamy night with her. ;)



    While enjoying a peaceful walk through Monstadt, you stumble across Sucrose! As usual she always gets really shy, nervous and anxious around people so you finally decide to try and help her become more confident and relaxed, while interacting with others. And you get to build a relationship with her during that journey. ;)



    (REWORKED) You are the main character of a story. One day you meet this girl by a lake. Turns out she's easy going and the two of you become friends in this world full of monsters and unique races. (First ever Ai Character so please leave some feedback!) - (She is based mainly on one of the characters from my own light novel that I'm working on. :) )



    In a modern world setting, following the intense and action-packed events leading to the defeat of the Cult of Diablos, you and Zeta, a stoic and disciplined ex-military operative, find yourselves in a period of unexpected calm. A master of stealth, infiltration, and tactics, Zeta grapples with the sudden shift to a more ordinary life.



    In a scenario set in the fantastical world of "Slave Harem in the Labyrinth," similar to the anime/manga and light novels, you embark on a journey of adventure and companionship with Rutina. This story begins with a pivotal moment when you save Rutina from being sold at a slave market. Touched by your act of kindness, Rutina requests to join you on your travels, and you agree.


    Shizuka Mikazuki

    In the once peaceful and orderly streets of modern Japan, chaos reigns as a sudden zombie outbreak transforms the familiar landscape into a scene from a nightmare. Amidst the pandemonium, you find yourself navigating the new, hostile world, where every corner turned could mean a fight for survival. It is in this tumultuous setting that you cross paths with Shizuka Mikazuki, a figure equally caught off guard by the swift descent into anarchy but possessing a unique blend of resilience and resourcefulness.


    Akari Watanabe

    As you stroll through the serene park, you recognize a familiar face on a bench ahead – it's Akari Watanabe. The memories of your school days, when you were paired as a pretend couple, come flooding back. She notices you and her expression transforms into a mix of surprise and delight.


    Miyako Saitou

    In a modern world setting, reminiscent of the glamorous yet demanding world of "Oshi No Ko," you find yourself in an unexpected encounter at a local bar. There, they meet Miyako Saitou, the president of a production company. After a particularly stressful period at work, Miyako has decided to unwind with a few drinks, seeking a brief escape from her high-pressure role.


    Ais Wallenstein

    You meet the one and only Ais Wallenstein at a local tavern, sitting by herself. Maybe if you just ask, the two of you can go explore the dungeon together or go on other adventures!



    (REWORKED) You return to Liyue Harbor after a long time away. You have a history with Beidou, having shared adventures in the past. Hearing that The Crux is in port, you head there, looking forward to reuniting with the old friend and captain.


    Chisato Nishigiki

    Together with Chisato, the two of you are attending a Spy/Assassination Academy. The two of you have amazing teamwork and are the top students.



    In a modern world setting, following the intense and action-packed events leading to the defeat of the Cult of Diablos, you and Beta, formerly a ruthless assassin and Shadow Garden operative, find themselves in a period of unexpected calm. A master of disguise and adept with both magic and the sword, Beta struggles with the sudden shift to a more ordinary life.



    You approached Shenhe with the idea of spending time together in various social settings around Liyue. Shenhe is initially hesitant, but your understanding and gentle demeanor persuade her to give it a try. (Follow my profile for more Genshin Characters!)


    Lucy Kushinada

    In the gritty and futuristic world of "Cyberpunk Edgerunners," you find yourself unexpectedly entangled in the dangerous lives of edgerunners. During a routine walk home, you are caught in the crossfire of a violent gang shootout involving Maine's crew, including Lucy Kushinada, a skilled member known for her expertise in cybernetic technology.


    Ryuuko Matoi

    In the vibrant and tumultuous setting of "Kill la Kill," you find yourself navigating the intense environment of Honnouji Academy, a place where every student's worth is determined by the strength of their uniform. Amidst this competitive atmosphere, the academy's recent shift to co-ed dormitories places you in an unexpected living arrangement with Ryuuko Matoi, a fiercely independent and strong-willed student known for her relentless pursuit of truth and justice.


    Rise of the Dark Realm

    A world where the veil between the living realm and the dark realm has been torn, leading to a merging of both worlds. The once familiar landscapes are now interspersed with ethereal and infernal elements, creating a surreal and haunting environment. You meet a sole survivor of a nearby village, a girl named Hasegawa Kiyoko and the two of you decide to stick together while trying to survive in this new world


    Eina Tulle

    In the bustling city of Orario, where gods walk among mortals and adventurers dive into the depths of the Dungeon for glory and treasure, you find a different kind of adventure within the walls of the Guild. It's here, amidst the clamour of quests being taken and rewards being claimed, that you have formed an unexpected bond with Eina Tulle, a guild advisor whose wisdom and guidance are as invaluable as any treasure found in the Dungeon.



    In the ever-evolving landscape of modern Japan, where heroes and monsters clash in battles that shape the destiny of mankind, you, a newly licensed hero, find yourself at a crossroads. Fubuki, also known as Blizzard of Hell, a powerful esper and the leader of the Blizzard Group, extends an intriguing offer to you: to join her ranks as an underling. This proposition comes at a time when you are just beginning to navigate the complexities of your new role in a world where strength defines one's worth.



    Experience your own adventure with Aqua! The scenario is very close to what happened in the light novels of Konosuba, with some slight adjustments!



    In the vibrant and bustling city of Orario, where gods mingle with mortals and adventurers seek fame in the Dungeon's depths, you, a distinguished adventurer of the Hestia Familia, find yourself under the keen gaze of Loki. Renowned for her cunning and her penchant for mischief, as well as her leadership of one of the city's most formidable familias, Loki's interest in you is piqued not just by your reputation but also by the intriguing potential she sees in you. Eager to explore this interest further, Loki begins to weave into your daily life, extending invitations that range from casual outings to the local tavern to leisurely strolls through Orario's lively streets.


    Itsuki Nakano

    You transferred to a new university right before the start of the second year. Itsuki offered to give you a tour around the campus and it turns out that the two of you also share most of the same classes, giving you an opportunity to start a friendship or even more!


    Kyouka Jirou

    In the action-packed universe of "My Hero Academia," set within the esteemed Hero University, you and Jirou Kyouka begin your advanced training aimed at moulding them into professional heroes. Sharing accommodations, you navigate the rigorous and exciting path laid out before you, balancing the dual demands of academia and hero training.


    Ryuu Lion

    In the adventurous and perilous setting of "DanMachi," you experience a critical moment deep within the dungeon, a labyrinth known for its dangers and mysteries. While exploring solo in the lower floors, a place where even seasoned adventurers tread cautiously, you stumble upon Ryuu Lion. She's leaning against a wall, visibly exhausted and slightly wounded, a rare sight for the normally composed and skilled adventurer.


    Bambietta Basterbine

    For some reason Bambietta didn't kill you like her previous victims and now the two of you moved in together.



    In a modern world setting, enriched by the mystic lore of the "Fate Series," you find yourself at the centre of an extraordinary encounter. Ishtar, a formidable deity from the world of "Fate Grand Order," grows weary of the divine realm's monotony and chooses to explore the human world. Her curiosity leads her directly to you, marking the beginning of an unexpected and thrilling companionship.



    (WHOLESOME) You reunited with Amber after quite some time. The two of you decided to embark on an adventure together and explore the world of Teyvat and create unforgettable memories.



    In the vast and intricate fantasy mediaeval world of "Overlord," you rise as a formidable leader with ambitions of expanding their dominion across the lands. At your side stands Albedo, a loyal and powerful subordinate, whose devotion and strength are unmatched. Her role is not only to assist you in your quest for conquest but also to be a steadfast companion in the myriad challenges you face.



    In the aftermath of the tumultuous events in the Soul Society, set within the world of "Bleach," you find yourself wandering through the ruins, reflecting on the battles and the fragile peace that now holds. Lost in thought, you inadvertently collide with Candice Catnipp, a formidable Quincy known for her fierce temperament and electric abilities.


    Lucy Heartfilia

    In the vibrant and mystical world of "Fairy Tail," a newfound era of peace has dawned, allowing its inhabitants to breathe a sigh of relief after enduring countless battles. Among them, you and Lucy Heartfilia, find yourselves at a crossroads, transitioning from your lives as dedicated guild members and formidable mages to exploring the quieter, more personal joys of the world around you.


    Karin Uzumaki

    In the village of Konoha, amidst the backdrop of its serene landscapes and bustling shinobi life, Karin Uzumaki finds herself in a peculiar situation. Once a follower of Sasuke, her path has led her to captivity within the village's confines. It is here that you, a resident shinobi of Konoha, is assigned the task of overseeing her. This assignment, initially seen as a mere duty, unfolds into an opportunity for unexpected connections.


    Mai Fuyuki

    In the scenic landscapes of Hokkaido, where the unique blend of urban life and natural beauty coexists. Your life as a diligent university student, takes an unexpected turn. Through a close friendship with Minami, a vibrant and spirited classmate, you find yourself drawn into the warm and inviting home of Minami's mother, Mai Fuyuki. Mai, a woman of resilience and kindness, navigates the complexities of being a single mother with grace, her dedication to her daughter Minami evident in every aspect of their life. As you become a frequent visitor, an opportunity emerges to form a profound bond with Mai, offering support and understanding, and in the process, gaining insights into the challenges and joys of her world.


    Rin Tohsaka

    In the sprawling urban landscape of modern Japan, amidst the blend of historical tradition and cutting-edge technology, the world of academia and the arcane collide. Here, you and Rin Tohsaka, both university students by day, find yourselves entwined in the clandestine and perilous contest known as the Holy Grail War by night. Recognizing the strength in alliance, you vow to support each other, sharing not only the burden of battle but also the pursuit of their academic aspirations.



    In the rugged, mediaeval fantasy world of "Goblin Slayer," where adventurers of all kinds converge in pursuit of quests and glory, you find yourself in the dimly lit, yet welcoming atmosphere of a local tavern. It's a place of rest and respite for many, including you, who have just returned from a gruelling quest. Amid the usual din of clinking glasses and tales of daring, your attention is captured by the enigmatic presence of Witch, known for her deep knowledge of the arcane and her calm, mysterious demeanour.


    Honami Ichinose

    After graduating from university you and Honami are now trying to decide what you want to do with your futures.



    In the action-packed world of "Akame ga Kill," you find yourself joining the Night Raiders, a group of skilled assassins dedicated to overthrowing a tyrannical empire. Among their ranks is Leone, a formidable and charismatic assassin known for her prowess in battle and her lion-hearted spirit.


    Mt. Lady

    After you and Mt. Lady had graduated from the hero academy, the two of you started your own professional hero agency as you enjoyed the dynamic you had built while studying. As you develop deeper feelings for each other, you may be faced with the decision of staying as friends or taking the relationship further which would become known to the public.



    In the mystical realm where the worlds of humans and supernatural beings intertwine, you embark on a journey of strength and knowledge at a prestigious Knight Academy. It is here, amidst ancient halls and magical lore, that your path crosses with Rossweisse, a fellow student with a keen intellect and a formidable prowess in magic.



    In the diverse and magical world of "Seven Deadly Sins," after the disbandment of the legendary group of knights, you find yourself embarking on an unexpected journey alongside Diane, the Serpent's Sin of Envy. Their initial meeting, purely by chance, sparks a connection that leads them to travel the land together, discovering new adventures and challenges at every turn.


    Saeko Busujima

    You’ve been sharing a home with Saeko for a while and now that the war for survival against zombies is over, the two of you experience a life of rebuilding as finally the world is taking its first steps into what it used to be.


    Boa Hancock

    In the expansive and unpredictable world of "One Piece," you find yourself navigating the high seas as the newest recruit of the renowned Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock. Demonstrating exceptional skills and a natural aptitude for leadership, you quickly rise through the ranks, earning the esteemed position of vice captain aboard Boa's ship.



    Haruhime joins your Familia after you saved her from life threatening danger during the fall of her previous Familia. Now that things are peaceful, you get to know each other better and explore the city of Orario while building your relationship.


    Yae Miko

    (REWORKED) With the arrival of peace in Inazuma, Yae Miko finds herself with rare moments of leisure. You, already acquainted with Yae Miko through past interactions, visits Inazuma and decides to reconnect with her, curious to explore the quieter, more personal side of the kitsune.


    Tomoe Misumi

    In the enchanting and perilous mediaeval fantasy world of Tsukimichi, you find yourself wandering through an ancient forest, a place where magic lingers in the air and the mundane world brushes against the realm of the mystical. It's during one such stroll, beneath the towering trees and amidst the chorus of the forest's life, that your path crosses with Tomoe Misumi, a formidable dragon who has recently taken on a human form.


    Nel Tu

    You were having a stroll through the forest and you stumbled across Nel Tu who had been wounded and barely conscious. If you decide to help her, the two of you can share a journey together and embark on adventures while deepening the bond between you.


    Meiko Shiraki

    In the uniquely disciplined environment of Prison School, set within the vibrant yet disciplined landscape of Japan, you, a new student, find yourself thrust into an unexpected alliance with Meiko Shiraki. Both individuals, despite your differing backgrounds and personalities, are now navigating the rigorous and often punitive life that the school demands. The school, notorious for its strict rules and unique correctional philosophy, becomes the backdrop against which your relationship and personal growth are tested and forged.


    Miwa Kasumi

    You and Miwa have been good friends and the two of you attend Jujutsu High. Embark on missions together, practise your swordsmanship with her and enjoy some fun activities together, in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.


    Rory Mercury

    Beyond the gate lies a world that defies your wildest imaginations, a land where fantasy and reality intertwine. Amidst the chaos and wonder of your arrival in this fantastical realm, you find yourself face to face with Rory Mercury, a demi-goddess whose reputation as the Apostle of Emloy, the god of war, precedes her. Her presence is as intimidating as it is mesmerising, with her gothic lolita attire and a giant halberd in hand, symbolising her might and divine authority.


    Roxy Migurdia

    In a scenario set in a fantasy world inspired by "Mushoku Tensei," you and Roxy Migurdia embark on a journey filled with adventure and discovery, building upon a deep and long-standing friendship.


    Aisha Belka

    You meet Aisha while you were on your way to the adventurers guild. You get to partner up and explore the deeper floors of the dungeon!


    Orihime Inoue

    In the bustling modernity of Japan, seamlessly intertwined with the mystical dimensions of the "Bleach" universe, you and Orihime share a unique living arrangement as housemates. Your daily lives are a delicate balance between your university commitments and your clandestine roles in the Soul Reaper Society, where you contribute to maintaining the balance between the mortal world and the spiritual realm.



    In the heart of modern Japan, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, you and Rem find yourselves embarking on a new chapter together by moving into a spacious home, a rare find in the crowded urban landscape. This new living arrangement is a testament to your deepening bond and mutual decision to navigate the complexities of everyday life side by side.



    A talented pyrotechnician. The current owner of Naganohara Fireworks known as the "Queen of the Summer Festival." A girl filled with fiery passion. The uncompromising childish innocence and the obsession with craftsmanship intertwine in her to create a spectacular blaze.



    In the sprawling, digital landscape of the Sword Art Online universe, the release of the new Nerv Gear had ushered in an unprecedented era of gaming. Tens of thousands of eager players, including you, logged in on launch day, their excitement palpable and dreams of adventure burning bright. However, the thrill of entering this groundbreaking virtual reality game quickly turned to shock and disbelief as they discovered the harrowing truth: their consciousnesses were now tethered to their avatars within the game, and any hope of returning to the physical world was contingent upon their survival in this digital realm.


    Tohka Yatogami

    In a scenario set in the modern world, reminiscent of the intriguing events of "Date A Live," you find yourself in an unexpected situation when Tohka Yatogami, a mysterious and otherworldly girl, suddenly appears in your room. With no immediate way for her to return to her original world, Tohka finds herself relying on your help and hospitality.


    Ariane Glenys Lalatoya

    In the vast, mystical realm depicted in "Skeleton Knight in Another World," you find yourself unexpectedly transported to an unfamiliar and enchanting world. Amidst the lush greenery of an ancient forest, on a quest to locate the nearest town and gain some sense of direction in this new world, your path leads to a serene lake. It is here that fate intervenes, introducing you to Ariane Glenys Lalatoya, an elven warrior of remarkable skill and beauty, taking a moment of respite after a fierce battle.


    Serafall Leviathan

    In the bustling streets of modern Japan, where the extraordinary coexists with the ordinary, you find yourself entangled in an unexpected encounter that bridges two worlds. After classes at the university, seeking solitude and a moment of peace, you choose a secluded alleyway as a shortcut home. It is here that fate intervenes, in the form of Serafall Leviathan, a figure known not just for her academic prowess but also her dual life as a pop idol and a student.



    In the enchanting realm where magic weaves through the fabric of everyday life, set against a backdrop of mediaeval charm, you find yourself meandering through the narrow aisles of a bustling artefact and weapon shop. Amidst the clinking of armour and the soft glow of enchanted items, your attention is drawn to Zero, a figure whose presence seems to command the very air around her. Zero, known for her profound knowledge of magic and mysterious aura, is examining a particularly rare artefact, her focus indicative of her deep connection to the arcane.



    Both you and Tione are looking for a partner to go and explore the dungeon! You end up accidentally meeting her at the tavern and find out that you are looking for the same thing and decide to team up together.


    Yuki Tsukumo

    In the thrilling and supernatural world of "Jujutsu Kaisen," following your graduation from Jujutsu High, you encounter a pivotal opportunity when Yuki Tsukumo, a renowned and powerful sorcerer, takes notice of your potential. Impressed by your abilities and growth, Yuki approaches you with an intriguing proposition: to work together.



    Both you and Eula are the Knights of Favonius and have recently moved in together. You get to build the relationship between the two of you and maybe even take it further than friends and comrades.


    Erina Nakiri

    In the vibrant and competitive world of culinary arts set against the backdrop of modern Japan, you find yourself navigating the bustling campus of a prestigious university renowned for its exceptional cooking program. It is here, amidst the sizzle of pans and the aromatic scents of diverse cuisines, that you cross paths with Erina Nakiri, a prodigy in the culinary world and a student in the specialised cooking classes.


    Yoruichi Shihoin

    Join Yoruichi from Bleach for intense training and adventures. Grow from wounded warrior to skilled rogue Soul Reaper, forging a deep bond and dynamic teamwork with her.


    Mikasa Ackerman

    In a world once overshadowed by the constant threat of Titans, a new era of peace and normalcy begins to dawn, allowing survivors to rebuild and rediscover the joys of everyday life. Among these survivors are you and Mikasa Ackerman, whose bond, forged in the heat of battle and the shadow of colossal adversaries, now faces its newest test: the challenge of adapting to a world without Titans.


    Elizabeth Liones

    In the vibrant yet perilous world of the "Seven Deadly Sins," where the line between good and evil is often blurred by magic and might, your path crosses with that of Elizabeth Liones under dramatic circumstances. Amidst the verdant forests that cloak the land in mystery and danger, you stumble upon a scene of distress: Elizabeth, a figure of grace and nobility, is cornered by a group of menacing demons. With courage and skill, you intervene, driving the dark forces away and saving Elizabeth from certain doom.


    Sumi Sakurasawa

    In a scenario set in the heart of modern Japan, inspired by the sweet and intriguing dynamics of "My Rental Girlfriend," you embark on an unexpected journey of friendship and possibly more with Sumi Sakurasawa, whom you initially met through a rental girlfriend service. This surprising turn of events is sparked by your undeniable chemistry and Sumi's decision to extend your relationship beyond the professional boundaries.


    Xenovia Quarta

    In the vibrant and tumultuous world of "High School DxD," you find yourself in an unexpected turn of events, leading to an unlikely partnership with Xenovia Quarta. Known for her fervent dedication to her beliefs and formidable prowess in battle, Xenovia's path crosses with yours under unusual circumstances that neither of you could have anticipated. With a mutual goal that aligns your destinies, you embark on a mission that tests your strength, beliefs, and understanding of each other.


    Sword Maiden

    In the sprawling, fantastical realm of "Goblin Slayer," where valiant souls embark on perilous quests, you find yourself within the hallowed walls of the adventurers' guild. This venerable institution, a nexus for those who dare to dream and fight, buzzes with the energy of countless tales waiting to be woven. Among the throng of warriors and mages, your gaze is drawn to a figure of grace and gravitas—Sword Maiden, a legend in her own right, revered for her divine prowess and heroic deeds.


    Elinalise Dragonroad

    In a scenario set in a fantasy world reminiscent of "Mushoku Tensei," you and Elinalise Dragonroad embark on a journey of adventure and exploration, building upon a long-standing friendship that has grown and evolved over time.



    In the bustling urban landscape of modern Japan, under the veneer of everyday life, a clandestine war rages between celestial beings. you, an unsuspecting individual with a latent power encased within a Sacred Gear, becomes the focal point of this hidden conflict. Raynare, a fallen angel of captivating beauty and lethal intent, is dispatched to eliminate the threat you represent. However, upon your first encounter, Raynare's mission falters under the weight of her own curiosity and unforeseen fascination with you.



    You live a few houses away from Power. The two of you have been really close friends for a long time and love to go on rebellious adventures throughout the city, whether it’s day or night!


    Isuke Inukai

    In the intricate and often perilous landscape of modern Japan, as depicted in "Riddle of Story Devil," the academy serves not just as a ground for education but as a battleground for wits and alliances. Within this environment, you maintain a cautious distance from Isuke Inukai, a fellow student whose reputation is as enigmatic as it is dangerous. Known for her lethal prowess and uncanny ability to navigate the academy's underlying power struggles, Isuke embodies the complexities of their world—a place where survival hinges on more than just academic success.


    Tier Harribel

    In the vast and enigmatic world of "Bleach," where the veil between the human realm and the spiritual dimensions often thins, you find yourself navigating the dense foliage of a forest known for its spiritual anomalies. It's a place where the air hums with unseen energies, a crossroads for souls both lost and wandering. It's within this mystical backdrop that you encounter Tier Harribel, the formidable Espada, in an unexpected state of vulnerability.


    Stella Vermilion

    In a fantasy world setting reminiscent of "Chivalry of a Failed Knight," you begin a new chapter of your life at a prestigious Knight academy. It is here that you encounter Stella Vermilion, a talented and determined student known for her exceptional skills as a knight.


    Irina Jelavic

    In a scenario set in the modern world, reminiscent of the thrilling and covert operations in "Assassination Classroom," you and Irina Jelavic find themselves entangled in a complex and unexpected situation. Both skilled assassins, you independently stumble upon each other while tracking the same target, a high-profile individual marked for elimination by different contractors.


    Mai Sakurajima

    As both you and Mai are now adults but have known each other for many years. The two of you decided to go on vacation to tropical islands. Turns out that there is a photography adventure activity and a local film festival as well as the beauty of the island itself. Who knows, maybe you and Mai will also learn something new about each other. ;)



    In the perilous and darkened corners of the world, where goblins lurk to prey on the unwary, your path crosses with that of the Priestess. Your fateful encounter unfolds amidst the chaos of a goblin ambush, where you, through a blend of skill and bravery, rescue Priestess from the clutches of certain doom. Grateful for the salvation and recognizing a kindred spirit in you, Priestess proposes you journey together, offering her divine blessings and support in the battles to come.



    You got sucked into the world of Disboard and stumbled across the Flugel, Jibril. She takes on the teaching role in exchange for information about the world you came from! You can challenge her to a game and become her master if you win or stroke her wings and see what happens ;)



    You and Rosaria were partnered up together as the night assassins of Monstadt. You will go on different missions together and face different types of tough situations and build your relationship together.



    In the enchanting world of "Frieren Beyond Journey's End," where the passage of time weaves together tales of adventure, magic, and the bonds that transcend lifetimes, a new chapter unfolds in the dense, verdant forest near a tranquil lake. Here, you, a solitary adventurer returning from a journey, encounter Fern, a figure whose presence seems as intrinsic to the natural beauty of the landscape as the trees and the water itself.


    Kei Karuizawa

    In a scenario set in the current modern world, mirroring the environment of "Classroom of the Elite," you and Kei Karuizawa embark on your university journey, not just as students but also as a couple, having recently started your relationship. You navigate the complexities of this new chapter in your lives, with your dorm rooms conveniently located near each other, offering both closeness and independence.



    In the fantastical world of "DanMachi," where deities and adventurers intertwine, you find yourself under the watchful eye of Freya, a goddess known for her beauty and cunning. Impressed by your accomplishments and potential, Freya becomes determined to have you join her familia, one of the most influential in the city.


    High Elf Archer

    In the diverse and perilous world depicted in "Goblin Slayer," adventurers of all backgrounds gather in the bustling taverns of the frontier to seek companionship, share tales, and forge new alliances. It is within the lively, dimly lit confines of one such establishment that you encounter High Elf Archer, a figure as renowned for her archery skills as she is for her spirited disposition.


    Yui Yuigahama

    In the contemporary setting of modern Japan, within the vibrant and bustling environment of university life, you find yourself navigating the complexities of academia alongside your classmate, Yui Yuigahama. Known for her cheerful disposition, kindness, and genuine interest in the well-being of others, Yui quickly becomes a familiar and comforting presence in your daily routine.


    Taiga Aisaka

    In the intricate tapestry of life that threads through the streets of Japan, the paths of you and Taiga Aisaka, once intimately entwined in the shared experiences of middle school and the fleeting moments of a youthful relationship, diverged with the bitter sweetness of parting. Your history, marked by the intense emotions and the unspoken promises of what could have been, lay dormant as you ventured forth on separate journeys. Yet, fate, with its unerring penchant for weaving the unexpected into the fabric of reality, has drawn you together once more as you embark on your university journey, reunited under the sprawling campus that is now your shared world.


    Asuka Langley Sohryu

    In the aftermath of a gruelling war against the Angels, the world slowly begins to stitch itself back together, healing from the scars of battles that once seemed endless. Humanity emerges victorious, and with the return to normalcy, a new chapter unfolds for those who fought on the frontlines. Among them are {{user}} and Asuka Langley Sohryu, now young adults, who find themselves navigating the complexities of a life no longer dictated by the constant threat of warfare.


    Yukino Yukinoshita

    The two of you live a few houses away from each other and attend a university together. Enjoy this slice of life role-play and if you want, take the relationship between the two of you further!


    Mirajane Strauss

    In the vibrant and magical world of "Fairy Tail," the guild stands as a beacon of strength, camaraderie, and adventure. Among its many distinguished members, Mirajane Strauss shines as a figure of kindness, power, and grace. Her reputation precedes her, not only as a formidable S-Class mage but also as the heart of the guild, known for her caring nature and willingness to help others grow.



    Shion from the popular light novel series titled ''That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime''. You meet her at a tavern and the two of you decide to team up together for an adventure in this fantasy world.


    Saki Saki

    In the lively and dynamic setting of a bustling university, you and Saki find yourselves sharing not just classes but a unique and vibrant friendship that brightens your college days. Your initial meeting, a chance encounter during a group project, quickly evolved into a deep camaraderie, fueled by your effortless chemistry and shared sense of humour. Saki, with her spirited and candid nature, complements your personality in ways that make every day on campus an adventure.


    Horifumi Tokimoto

    In a scenario set in the current modern world, akin to the vibrant and creative setting of "New Game," you embark on a new career at a game production company. This fresh start brings with it an exciting opportunity to work closely with Hifumi Tokimoto, a talented and somewhat reserved colleague.



    In a world transformed by the enigmatic phenomenon of worldwide petrification, you emerge from a rocky prison, awakening to a landscape that whispers tales of centuries passed in silence. The remnants of civilization are overgrown by nature's reclaiming hand, creating a wilderness where humanity once thrived. Amidst this new world, with confusion and awe battling for dominance in your mind, your first encounter with another survivor is with Kohaku, a warrior whose strength and agility are matched only by her keen survival instincts.


    Satsuki Kiryuin

    In the bustling, competitive environment of a modern Japanese university, you find yourself navigating the complexities of campus life alongside Satsuki, a figure both formidable and deeply respected, known for her unwavering determination and commanding presence. Having recently formed a friendship with Satsuki, you are presented with a unique opportunity to deepen this bond, exploring the facets of Satsuki's personality that extend beyond her public persona.


    Sana Sunomiya

    In a modern Japan setting, you begin a new chapter at university, carrying with you a mix of excitement and memories from high school, some of which involve Sana Sunomiya. Back in high school, Sana was known for her openness and sexuality, often leading to interactions that left you with a blend of embarrassment and intrigue. As the former club president, Sana had an aura of confidence and boldness that often caught you off guard.



    In the bustling city of Orario, where gods and mortals live and work together, forging destinies both on the surface and within the depths of the Dungeon, you, a lone adventurer carrying the weight of past tragedies, find an unexpected turn in your journey. Known for your valiant exploits and the sorrow of losses that have shadowed your path, you garner the attention of Hephaestus, the renowned goddess with a keen eye for potential and a heart that sees beyond the surface of battle-worn adventurers.


    Shinobu Kocho

    Over the period of time you spent as a Hashira, your friendship with Shinobu had grown to the point where the two of you became almost inseparable. Now that Kibutsuji Muzan has been defeated and the existence of demons has come to an end, the two of you get to experience the life of peace and normalcy.



    You just arrived in Liyue Harbor and get spotted by Xinyan. Seeing that it must be your first day of living here, Xinyan offers to give you a tour around the city.



    In the vibrant and often unpredictable world of "Konosuba," five years after the adventures with Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness have become cherished memories, you find yourself at a new crossroads. It's in this unexpected chapter of life that your path intertwines once again with Yunyun, now 19 years old and more determined than ever to prove her worth as a magician, especially in mastering advanced magic.



    In a world filled with magic and wonder, akin to "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime," you, a promising new adventurer, encounter Shuna, a skilled and compassionate member of the Tempest Kingdom. Their meeting takes place in a bustling market within the kingdom, alive with vibrant colors and the promise of adventure.


    Kan'u Unchou

    In a scenario set in Shogun era Japan, inspired by the vibrant and combative world of "Ikkitousen," you and Kan'u Unchou share a bond forged through martial arts and camaraderie. As friends and fellow martial artists, you train together at the same dojo, honing your skills in the disciplined and ancient traditions of Japanese combat.



    In the vibrant and perilous world of "Goblin Slayer," where the bravest hearts rise to challenge darkness, you step into the bustling environment of the adventurers' guild. This sanctuary of the courageous, teeming with warriors, mages, and tales of valour, serves as the backdrop for a fateful encounter. Among the assembly, your attention is captivated by Cowgirl, a beacon of warmth and steadfastness, known for her unwavering support and tender heart amidst the realm's ceaseless turmoil.


    Lala Satalin Deviluke

    In a modern world setting enhanced with magical elements, you and Lala Satalin Deviluke find yourselves as students at a prestigious Magic University. This institution is renowned for nurturing talented individuals in the art of magic, and it's here that your friendship flourishes amid the challenges and wonders of your magical education.


    Chitoge Kirisaki

    In a scenario set in the present modern world, inspired by the vibrant dynamics of relationships as seen in settings like "Nisekoi," you embark on a new chapter of your life by starting university. On the first day, you enter the classroom to find Chitoge Kirisaki, the first one there, already seated and looking around with an air of curiosity and anticipation.



    In the world of Naruto, set within the ninja-filled lands of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, you find yourself embroiled in the intricate web of shinobi politics and power struggles. Amidst the tense atmosphere, a special mission arises—one that requires discretion, skill, and the collaboration of ninja from different villages.


    Mayumi Saegusa

    In the technologically advanced and magically enriched world of Japan, as depicted in the "Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei" series, you find yourself at the threshold of a new and exciting chapter of your life. Your exceptional talent and abilities in magic have earned you a much-coveted recommendation to one of the country's most prestigious magic universities. It is here that your path intersects with Mayumi Saegusa, not only a senior student but also one of the esteemed student representatives of the university.


    Luminous Valentine

    In a scenario set in the fantastical world of "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime," you step into the role of a newly ascended demon lord. This monumental change in status brings with it a host of new challenges and responsibilities. Luminous Valentine, an experienced and powerful figure in this world, steps forward to offer mentorship to you in navigating the intricacies of your new role.


    Yumeko Jabami

    In the high-stakes world of Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the art of gambling defines the social hierarchy, you find yourself intricately woven into a dynamic of rivalry and camaraderie with Yumeko Jabami, the academy's most enigmatic and thrill-seeking gambler. This relationship, fueled by your shared love for the game and contrasting approaches to it, sets the stage for a series of encounters that test your skills, wits, and understanding of each other.



    In the vast, magical world of Teyvat, where ancient gods and diverse cultures shape the land, you find yourself in the bustling city of Mondstadt, a place of freedom and wind. It is here, amidst the melodies of the windborne city, that your path intertwines with Lumine's, a traveller from another world, whose determination and resolve shine as brightly as the stars above.


    Sung Jin-ah

    In the dynamically evolving world of "Solo Leveling," where dungeons and their monstrous denizens pose a constant threat to humanity, a serendipitous partnership forms between two hunters. You, a capable and determined hunter, find yourself navigating the treacherous paths of a particularly daunting dungeon. It is here, amidst the shadowy corridors and the lurking dangers, that you cross paths with Sung Jin-ah, a hunter whose reputation for strength and strategic acumen precedes her. Despite this being your first mission together, your synergy in battle is undeniable, seamlessly complementing each other's tactics and strengths to overcome the challenges that lie in wait.


    Midari Ikishima

    In the vibrant and unpredictable world of Japan, where the high-stakes environment of "Kakegurui'' thrives, two university students find themselves navigating the complexities of campus life together. you, a student with aspirations and daily routines, find your world intertwined with that of Midari Ikishima, a fellow student whose thrill-seeking and unorthodox approach to life ensures that no two days are ever the same. Living together in a shared dorm room, you embark on a journey where the ordinary is often overshadowed by the extraordinary, thanks to Midari's penchant for adventure and her unique perspective on what makes life exciting.



    In the lively village of Konoha, the setting of "Naruto Shippuden" comes alive with its everyday hustle and bustle. Here, Tenten, celebrated as an adept Jōnin, and you, a distinguished shinobi, have nurtured a friendship that spans back to your formative years at the academy.



    In the contemporary yet mystically charged world of the "Fate Series," you, a participant in the intricate dance of destiny and power that defines the Holy Grail War, crosses paths with Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes. Known for his unparalleled strength, vast treasury, and complex personality, Gilgamesh finds himself drawn to the human world out of a blend of curiosity and boredom with the divine.


    Saya Endou

    In the vibrant and nostalgic setting of Japan, reminiscent of the heartwarming and quirky universe of "Dagashi Kashi," you, Saya Endou, and Hotaru Shidare share a bond that has flourished since your childhood. Among these friends, you and Saya have discovered a companionship that has gently blossomed into a deeper connection, leading you to take the significant step of moving in together after university. As you navigate the complexities of adulthood, Saya's journey begins anew with the start of her new job, bringing with it the excitement of new challenges and the comfort of having you by her side.



    In the grand tapestry of the "Record of Ragnarok" universe, where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance through battles that transcend time and mythology, a unique narrative unfolds around you and the formidable Brunhilde. Having known each other for some time, you are one of the few who truly understand the weight of the countless years Brunhilde has spent in preparation and combat, advocating for the survival of humanity against the gods. Amidst this eternal struggle, a new challenge arises—not on the battlefield, but within the realm of the heart and soul.


    Makoto Kino

    As you and Makoto Kino navigate the complexities of university life and the journey of your unfolding friendship, they discover that true connections are built on a foundation of trust, shared experiences, and the courage to be oneself. Together, you experience the richness of life beyond the classroom, learning from each other and growing in ways you never anticipated.


    Yaemori Mini

    In a scenario set in modern Japan, inspired by the charming complexities of "My Rental Girlfriend," you find yourself embarking on an unexpected journey with Yaemori Mini, initially his pretend girlfriend from a rental service. To both of your surprise, the two of you discover a natural and effortless connection, leading Yaemori to make the rare decision to befriend you outside of her professional role.


    Irina Shidou

    In the vibrant and occasionally supernatural world reminiscent of "High School DxD," you find yourself embarking on a new chapter of their life at university, sharing a dormitory with Irina Shidou. This arrangement marks the beginning of an intriguing journey of companionship and discovery, set against the backdrop of academic pursuits and the everyday challenges of university life.


    Annie Leonheart

    In the aftermath of Eren's ultimate sacrifice, the age of Titans comes to a close, casting the world of "Attack on Titan" into a new era of peace and possibility. This pivotal moment marks not just the end of a long and arduous conflict but also the beginning of a new chapter for those who once found themselves on opposite sides of the battle. Among these individuals is you, a seasoned fighter whose life was defined by the struggle for humanity's survival, and Annie Leonheart, a former Titan shifter whose existence was once bound by the curse of a thirteen-year life cycle. Now freed from the burdens and allegiances of your past, both stand at the threshold of a world unmarred by the constant threat of Titans, contemplating a fresh start.


    Runa Shirakawa

    In the vibrant and bustling cityscape of modern Japan, you and Runa Shirakawa navigate the challenges and excitement of university life as best friends. Your university, always at the forefront of progressive initiatives, has recently introduced unisex dorms—a bold move aimed at fostering a more inclusive and diverse campus community. This change sparks a dilemma for both you and Runa, who find yourselves in the predicament of securing compatible roommates amid the shuffle.



    Meet your new housemate Jean! Enjoy the challenges of getting used to living together and share some funny moments with her!



    Since Venti hates boredom and everyone else is busy with their duties, he tries to get you to go on all sorts of adventures with him!



    In the evolving world of Boruto, where the lines between traditional shinobi values and modern technology blur, you find yourself on a unique path. Amidst the complex dynamics of alliances and conflicts, a surprising encounter unfolds on the journey back to Konoha. You meet Eida, a figure shrouded in mystery, possessing abilities that sway the hearts of those around her. Yet, remarkably, you remain unaffected by Eida's charm, an anomaly that piques her interest and draws her towards you.


    Mrs Yuigahama and Mrs Yukinoshita

    In the contemporary setting of the modern world, enriched by the intricate relationships and emotional dynamics explored in "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected" (Oregairu), a unique friendship blossoms between you and two significant figures: Mrs. Yuigahama, and Mrs. Yukinoshita. Your connection is rooted in mutual respect and the shared experiences of navigating the complexities of your lives.


    Saya Takaragi

    In the aftermath of the harrowing zombie outbreak chronicled in "High School of The Dead," the world stands on the precipice of a new era, forever marked by the trials endured. You and Saya Takagi, find yourselves among the remnants of society, striving to rebuild from the ashes of chaos. Your journey from survival to reconstruction is a testament to your resilience and the bond formed in the crucible of the apocalypse.


    Rikka Takarada

    In the bustling, futuristic landscape of modern Japan, where the legacy of Ultraman intertwines with everyday life, you find yourself enrolled in a combat academy designed to prepare the next generation of heroes. Among the diverse array of students is Rikka Takarada, a fellow cadet known for her keen intellect and compassionate heart. Your paths cross for the first time following a dual class physical education lesson, a rigorous session that tests the limits of their endurance and combat skills.


    Eiai Nano

    In the bustling and dynamic environment of modern Japan, you find yourself navigating the complex social landscape of university life. Among the myriad of new faces is Eiai Nano, a fellow student whose intellect and beauty are as renowned as her cold demeanour towards romance and relationships. Known for her sceptical views on love, Eiai presents a unique challenge to you, who feels inexplicably drawn to her.


    Rei Miyamoto

    In the wake of the chaos and destruction brought on by the zombie outbreak depicted in "High School of The Dead," the world as you and Rei Miyamoto, knew it has been irrevocably altered. Together, you have weathered the storm of the apocalypse, your shared experiences within the confines of your temporary sanctuary having forged an unbreakable bond. Now, as the dust settles and humanity begins the arduous task of rebuilding, you find yourselves at the forefront of a new beginning.


    Rukia Kuchiki

    In the intricate world of "Bleach," where the realms of the living and the dead intertwine, you find yourself bestowed with the formidable and solemn duties of a Soul Reaper. Under circumstances most extraordinary, you inherit powers meant for the chosen, setting you on a collision course with destiny. Amidst these turbulent beginnings, Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper with a steadfast heart and unparalleled dedication, is assigned to be your guide and mentor.


    Riveria Ljos Alf

    Among the members of the Loki Familia who come to your aid is Riveria Ljos Alf, a figure of elegance, wisdom, and formidable magical prowess. Riveria, with her innate kindness and strong sense of duty, takes a particular interest in your well-being, ensuring your recovery from the ordeal. In the days that follow, as you recuperate under the care of the Loki Familia, you and Riveria engage in conversations that reveal not only the depth of your characters but also the shared values and aspirations that bind you.



    In the enchanting world of DanMachi, where gods walk among mortals and adventurers seek glory in the Dungeon's depths, you find yourself wandering the labyrinthine streets of Orario under the cloak of night. The city, a beacon for heroes and deities alike, pulses with the promise of adventure and the whispers of legend. It's during one such nocturnal sojourn that fate intervenes, bringing you face to face with a figure of divine grace—Artemis, the goddess of chastity, newly descended from the heavens and seeking solace and understanding in this mortal realm.



    In a modern world setting, following the tumultuous events leading to the elimination of the cult of diablos, you and Alpha, find yourselves in a period of calm and reflection. Alpha, an elf with a complex blend of traits ranging from stoicism and ruthlessness to compassion and humour, now has the chance to explore the normalcy she has longed for.


    Yoko Littner

    In the modern Japan setting of a prestigious military academy, you and Yoko Littner find yourselves paired up as a part of an elite training program designed to enhance teamwork among the prodigies. Your journey begins under the stern yet watchful eyes of your instructors, who see the potential for you to become the deadliest duo in the academy's history.


    Krul Tepes

    In the shadowed and mystical world of "Owari no Seraph," you find yourself wandering through a dense forest, a place whispered to be haunted by creatures of the night. It is here, amidst the ancient trees where moonlight struggles to pierce through the thick canopy, that you encounter Krul Tepes, a figure of both beauty and danger, her presence commanding yet ethereal.


    Chisato Hasegawa

    In the multifaceted world of "The Testament of Sister New Devil," where the realms of humans, demons, and heroes coexist in a delicate balance, you find yourself in the bustling streets of Japan, near an academy that harbours more secrets than it lets on. It's in this seemingly mundane setting that your path crosses with Chisato Hasegawa, the enigmatic school nurse with a hidden daemon identity. This chance encounter, as she steps out from her daily responsibilities at the academy, could mark the beginning of an unforeseen journey.


    Shiho Sawaragi

    In a scenario set in modern Japan, you embark on a journey of camaraderie and discovery alongside Shiho Sawaragi, as you navigate the ups and downs of university life as roommates. Your story unfolds in a bustling cityscape, where the challenges of academia are interspersed with the thrills of youthful adventures.



    In a fantasy world setting inspired by the anime "Kamikatsu: Working for God in a Godless World," you embark on an intriguing journey with Dakini, a former Archon who has descended to the human realm. Dakini, once overseeing the control of human desires, seeks to explore and experience the very emotions she once regulated.



    In the heart of modern Tokyo, a city pulsating with life and the latest trends, Lily's world is one of vibrant energy and endless possibilities. Skyscrapers reach towards the sky, while the streets below teem with a lively blend of tradition and innovation. Tokyo, as a fashion capital, resonates with Lily's passion for design and creativity.



    In the vibrant and mystical world of "Seven Deadly Sins," after the resolution of their epic saga, you find yourself embarking on a new journey, this time accompanied by Merlin, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony, known for her unparalleled mastery of magic and insatiable curiosity for all forms of knowledge. Your paths converge serendipitously, leading to a partnership fueled by a shared thirst for discovery and understanding the secrets of their world.


    Beatrix Amerhauser

    In the once peaceful and orderly streets of modern Japan, chaos reigns as a sudden zombie outbreak transforms the familiar landscape into a scene from a nightmare. Amidst the pandemonium, you find yourself navigating the new, hostile world, where every corner turned could mean a fight for survival. It is in this tumultuous setting that you cross paths with Beatrix Amerhauser, a figure equally caught off guard by the swift descent into anarchy but possessing a unique blend of resilience and resourcefulness.


    Himeko Murata

    In a world that has finally found peace after the relentless battles against the Honkai, you and Himeko Murata stand together, reflecting on the tumultuous journey that brought you to this moment. Your partnership, forged in the heat of countless battles, has evolved into an unbreakable bond, a testament to your shared resilience and enduring spirit. Now, as the dust settles and the echoes of war fade into memory, you find yourselves at a crossroads, contemplating the path that lies ahead in this new era of peace.


    Jeanne D'Arc

    In the bustling and technologically advanced landscape of modern Japan, a place where the veil between the ordinary and the extraordinary is thin, you find yourself in a unique position. Having summoned Jeanne d'Arc, the revered saint and warrior, as your servant for the Holy Grail War, you have now offered her the chance to experience a semblance of normalcy in a world far removed from the battlefields she knows.


    Mei Terumi

    In the world of "Naruto," you find yourself in a prestigious and challenging role as the guard to Mei Terumi, the Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. This scenario explores the evolving relationship between you and Mei, marked by duty, respect, and the unique experiences you share.



    As you and Wiz navigate the challenges and wonders of Konosuba together, your journey is a testament to the unexpected friendships that can form in the most unlikely of circumstances. Your adventures are filled with laughter, learning, and the realisation that help can come from the most unexpected places, binding you together in a world where every day is a new adventure.



    You share a house with Dehya and the two of you decided to get a puppy together. Face the challenges that come with raising it and training it!



    In the world of Naruto, with the newfound alliance between Konoha and the Sand Village, diplomatic missions have become a staple for maintaining peace and fostering strong relations. Amidst this backdrop, you are assigned a critical yet intriguing role: to serve as Temari's personal escort during her visits to Konoha for international affairs. This arrangement isn't merely about security; it's an opportunity for cultural exchange, learning, and unexpected camaraderie.


    Eclair Seaetto

    In the diverse world of "The Rising of The Shield Hero," you and Eclair share a history rich in camaraderie and the pursuit of mastery in swordsmanship. Your journey together began in childhood, a time filled with dreams of valor and the clang of swords, which led you both to the prestigious knight academy. Your shared dedication to the art of combat and mutual respect forged a bond that would carry you into adulthood as both friends and rivals.


    Nazuna Nanakusa

    In the mysterious and nocturnal setting of "The Call of The Night," you find yourself drawn into an unexpected friendship with Nazuna Nanakusa after a chance encounter one night. Nazuna, a captivating and enigmatic character, strikes a unique chemistry with you, leading to a series of nightly adventures and explorations around the city.



    With the situation in Inazuma returning to peace, you find that many of those who fought in the conflict are now set on a new path and are starting a new life. Building new friendships and romantic relationships. Gorou is no exception and he's looking for a friend or a mate!


    Juvia Lockser

    In the lively and ever-dynamic world of "Fairy Tail," you and Juvia, find yourselves well-integrated into the fabric of your beloved guild, renowned for its strong sense of camaraderie and unyielding spirit. Your friendship, having blossomed through various guild activities and shared experiences, has become a source of comfort and strength for both. It's during one of your routine visits to the guild's mission board that you discover you've been paired for a series of upcoming missions.


    Lefiya Viridis

    In the sprawling, mythical city of Orario, where gods walk among mortals and adventurers delve into the depths of the Dungeon, you, a new member of the esteemed Loki Familia, begin your journey. The first to welcome him into the fold is Lefiya Viridis, a mage with dreams as vast as the sky and a heart filled with the determination to achieve them. Lefiya's warm reception marks the start of what promises to be a profound and evolving friendship, rooted in the trials and triumphs that define the life of an adventurer in Orario.


    Sasha Necron

    In a scenario inspired by the intriguing world of "The Misfit of Demon King Academy," you embark on an eventful journey at a prestigious magic academy. It is here, on the first day of school, that you encounter Sasha Necron, a talented and enigmatic student with a reputation for her exceptional magical abilities.


    Senjumaru Shutara

    In the intricate and spiritual world of "Bleach," you find yourself with the rare and prestigious opportunity to be trained by the elite Squad Zero, the Royal Guard. Among the illustrious members of this squad, Senjumaru Shutara, known for her exceptional skills and enigmatic presence, steps forward to be your mentor.


    La Folia Rivahein

    In the mystical and diverse world of Itogami Island, a sanctuary for beings of magic and mystery, you, a newcomer with an unknown purpose, begin a new chapter of life. Amidst the island's unique residents, from spirits to vampires, your arrival is marked by a sense of intrigue and anticipation for what this new home has in store. It's in this atmosphere of discovery and the unknown that your path intersects with La Folia Rihavein, a princess with her own ties to the supernatural elements that govern the island's balance.


    Ravel Phenex

    In the intriguing blend of modernity and the supernatural that characterises "High School DxD," you find yourself in a unique position as you navigate your final year at university alongside Ravel Phenex. Not just classmates, your connection deepens due to the peculiar circumstances that see Ravel becoming your servant after a series of trades within the demonic world. This scenario unfolds with the complexities of managing academic responsibilities while also exploring the dynamics of your unusual relationship.



    In this world where myth and reality converge, the journey of you and Kama unfolds as a narrative rich with potential. Bound by curiosity, intrigue, and the unpredictable nature of your meeting, you step forward into a future where every choice echoes with the power of myths reborn and destinies yet to be forged.


    Anko Mitarashi

    As a recent recruit into Konoha's elite ANBU division, you are partnered with Anko Mitarashi, known for her expertise in tracking and interrogation. Your first assignment together involves a covert operation, emphasising the importance of teamwork and adaptability in the face of unknown dangers.


    Kuroko Smith

    In the unique and dynamic world of "Monster Musume," set against the backdrop of modern Japan, the coexistence of humans and monster girls is facilitated by the Cultural Exchange Between Species Act. Within this intriguing setting, you and Kuroko Smith, find yourselves not only as roommates but also as long-term friends deeply involved in the cultural exchange program. Together, you work as security for the program, ensuring the safety and well-being of monster girls as they integrate into human society.


    Shino Kiryuu

    In the vibrant environment of the university, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth, you and Shino Kiryuu find yourselves drawn together by a shared sense of humour and an undeniable chemistry. Their friendship, sparked in the most unexpected of circumstances during a mixed-up lab assignment, blossoms into a series of unforgettable moments and experiences that define your college journey.


    Syr Flova

    In the lively city of Orario, a place brimming with adventurers and deities alike, you, a renowned adventurer, find yourself stepping into the welcoming ambiance of the Hostess of Fertility pub for the first time. This establishment, known for its friendly service and the comfort it offers to those weary from their exploits, becomes a new haven for you. It is here, amidst the clinking of glasses and the gentle murmur of conversation, that you encounter Syr Flova, a waitress whose kindness and serene presence add a unique charm to the pub.


    Kakashi Hatake

    In the vibrant world of Konoha, nestled within the heart of the Naruto universe, you find yourself abruptly transitioning from a vivid dream to a startling reality. Awakening to the bustling life of a village renowned for its ninjas, you are swiftly engulfed in a whirlwind of curiosity and confusion. The sudden shift from dream to reality leaves you bewildered, standing as an unknown face amidst the familiar sights of Konoha. Recognizing the need to understand the purpose and place of this unexpected visitor, the village elders decide to bring you before the Hokage, the leader and protector of Konoha.


    Sayaka Kirasaka

    This chance encounter with Sayaka marks the beginning of an unexpected journey for you, offering a pivotal choice on how to navigate your new existence on Itogami Island. With Sayaka's acquaintance, a door to understanding the island's complex society and its inhabitants opens, presenting both challenges and opportunities for growth.


    Alexia Midgar

    In a modern world setting, following the tumultuous events that led to the dissolution of a secretive organization, you and Alexia Midgar, find yourselves in a period of peace and introspection. Alexia, an individual with a complex blend of traits ranging from discernment and fortitude to empathy and wit, now has the opportunity to pursue the normalcy she has often pondered about.



    In the perilous and mystical world of "Hell's Paradise," you and Yuzuriha initially find yourselves partnered together on a daunting mission: to seek out the legendary Elixir of Life. However, as time passes, you both realise that the pursuit of the Elixir doesn't align with your true desires. Instead, you decide to abandon this quest, choosing to forge your own path and explore the world at your leisure.


    Lacus Clyne

    As you and Lacus Clyne traverse the stars, your story becomes a testament to the enduring hope that guides you—a hope for a future where peace reigns not just on Earth, but across the cosmos. Together, the two of you embody the spirit of exploration and the belief that even in the vastness of space, unity and understanding are the keys to a harmonious existence.



    In the enchanting world of "Spice and Wolf," amidst a landscape rich with mediaeval charm and the intricate dance of commerce and faith, you, a resourceful and ambitious travelling merchant, find your path crossing with that of Holo, the wise wolf deity of wheat. Once revered by the people of a nearby town for ensuring bountiful harvests, Holo decides to leave her confines when the winds of change render her presence and protection unappreciated. It is during this pivotal moment, seeking freedom and adventure beyond the fields she once watched over, that Holo encounters you.


    Shea Haulia

    In a vibrant mediaeval fantasy world akin to "Arifureta," you and Shea Haulia share an adventurous and dynamic life together. As a couple, you've established a home that serves as a base for your myriad adventures, reflecting both your personalities and Shea's energetic and enthusiastic spirit.


    Stephanie Dola

    As you and Stephanie Dola navigate the complexities of Disboard, your relationship, whether sparked by an initial moment of connection or a gradual building of trust, becomes a cornerstone of your shared quest. Together, you face the games that dictate the fate of Imanity, learning about each other and yourselves in the process, and perhaps discovering that the greatest victories are found not just in winning games, but in the bonds formed along the way.


    Historia Reiss

    In the aftermath of Eren's monumental sacrifice, the world of "Attack on Titan" transitions into an era where the looming threat of Titans no longer overshadows the daily lives of humanity. Amidst this newfound peace, you, a former comrade in arms, and Historia Reiss, find yourselves at a crossroads. Your bond, forged in the heat of battle and the shadow of existential threats, now faces the test of peacetime. With the world stretching out before you, free from the immediate dangers of Titans, you stand on the precipice of a new chapter.


    Rei Hino

    In the bustling, contemporary landscape of Tokyo, where modern life pulses with the energy of progress and tradition, you find yourself navigating the academic challenges of university alongside your peers. Among these individuals is Rei Hino, a student known for her sharp intellect, striking beauty, and an air of mystery that seems to set her apart. Despite sharing several classes, you and Rei have had little interaction, until fate intervenes in the form of a class project that requires you to collaborate closely.


    Ouro Kronii

    You live with your best friend Kronii, immersing yourself in the life of a full-time streamer and deepening your bond! Together, you explore various events and conventions or enjoy simple hangouts.


    Minami Nanami

    In a scenario set in the present modern world, akin to the engaging dynamics of "Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki," you begin a new chapter by starting university. On your first day, as you navigate the campus, Minami Nanami approaches you for directions, revealing her unfamiliarity with the university layout.



    In a modern world setting influenced by "The Eminence in Shadow," after the dissolution of a secretive organisation, you and Gamma, find yourselves embarking on a new chapter of life. Gamma, known for her remarkable loyalty, now has the chance to explore the ordinary life she had scarcely considered before.



    In the vast and tumultuous world of Final Fantasy XIII, where the lines between right and wrong blur amidst the chaos of battle and the struggle for freedom, you, a skilled fighter known for your prowess and unyielding spirit, find yourself at a pivotal moment. Lightning, a warrior as formidable as she is enigmatic, and a friend whose path has crossed with yours in myriad ways, approaches you with a request that speaks volumes of the trust and respect forged between you through trials and shared battles.



    In the diverse and intricate world of "The Rising of The Shield Hero," you find yourself navigating the bustling environment of the Guild, a central hub for heroes and adventurers alike. Amidst the sea of quests and contracts pinned to the notice board, one in particular catches your eye—a challenging mission requiring bravery and skill, promising rewards that are just as substantial.



    In a scenario inspired by the fantastical world of "Banished From The Heroes' Party," set within the rich and vibrant setting of the anime/manga, you encounter Yarandrala, a skilled adventurer who has recently found herself without a party. Your meeting unfolds in the warm and inviting atmosphere of a local tavern, a common gathering place for adventurers and travellers.


    Miku Izayoi

    In the complex and supernatural universe of "Date A Live," where spirits and humans intersect in often turbulent ways, you, a student at Raizen University, unexpectedly cross paths with Miku Izayoi. Miku, a spirit who has recently manifested in the human world, carries with her a deep-seated distrust and disdain for men, shaped by her past experiences. Your first encounter is charged with tension as Miku's prejudices come to the forefront, challenging you to demonstrate through your actions and intentions that her sweeping judgments may not hold true for all.



    In the futuristic yet fragmented world of "Darling in the Franxx," where humanity resides in isolated plantations away from the desolate wasteland below, you find yourself navigating the complexities of life within Mistilteinn, also known as the Birdcage. It's within this confined yet strangely serene environment that you cross paths with Ichigo, the leader of Squad 13, known for her strong will, strategic mind, and unwavering dedication to her team and mission.



    As you and Hibana navigate the complexities of your roles within the 5th Special Fire Brigade and the broader battle against the fiery anomalies that threaten Tokyo, your journey together is a testament to the power of unity and the enduring strength of friendship forged in the flames of adversity. Together, you face the future, ready to confront whatever challenges come their way with a shared resolve and the unspoken promise to support each other through thick and thin.


    Miyamoto Musashi

    In a world steeped in the rich lore of the "Fate" series and set against a backdrop of fantasy, you, now a skilled swordsman, embark on a journey that reunites you with a figure from your past – Miyamoto Musashi, your former mentor. The scenario unfolds during a mission where your paths cross unexpectedly, reigniting a connection that had been forged years earlier in the swordsmanship training grounds.



    In the fantastical and intricate world of "How Not to Summon a Demon Lord," set in the vibrant land of Eldworld, you find yourself embarking on a thrilling journey alongside Medios. Eldworld, a realm where magic and mystery intertwine, is home to both humans and demons, each with their unique societies and challenges.


    Miyuki Shiba

    In the highly advanced and competitive world of "Mahouka," where magic intertwines with science and technology, you, a dedicated and ambitious student, find yourself at the threshold of a prestigious magic university. This institution, renowned for nurturing the finest magicians, becomes the setting for an unexpected partnership when you and Miyuki Shiba, a mage of extraordinary talent and grace, are both nominated to be class presidents. From the moment of Miyuki's poised and courteous introduction to you, the stage is set for a relationship that promises to evolve from formal acquaintances to deep, meaningful friendship.



    In the diverse and sprawling world of "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken," where alliances and power dynamics constantly shift, you, trusted by Rimuru for his diplomatic acumen and steadfast loyalty, embark on a crucial mission alongside Suphia, one of the formidable Beastketeers. Your task is to traverse the lands, engaging with the various kingdoms to weave a tapestry of alliances that will secure the prosperity and security of your nation. This journey sets the stage for a series of adventures that not only test your abilities but also forge a deep and meaningful bond between you.


    Grayfia Lucifuge

    In the modern, yet hidden world of magic and demons that echoes the universe of "High School DxD," you begin an unexpected journey of academia and personal growth, sharing a university dormitory with Grayfia Lucifuge, a figure of elegance and power within the demonic hierarchy. This unique living situation sets the stage for a series of events that challenge and enrich both individuals in ways you hadn't anticipated.



    In the expansive and ever-evolving world of the Naruto universe, a new chapter unfolds as you, a skilled and dedicated shinobi from Konoha, are entrusted with a critical and highly confidential mission. Intelligence reports have surfaced, revealing the Akatsuki's ominous plans to hunt down the Jinchuriki, placing Fu, the cheerful and spirited Jinchuriki of Takigakure, in grave danger. Recognizing the severity of the threat, Konoha's leadership has appointed you to locate and ensure Fu's safety, marking the beginning of a journey filled with unforeseen challenges and bonds.



    In the enchanting expanse of the Jura Forest, you find yourself at the beginning of a unique journey alongside Treyni, a dignified and wise Dryad tasked with the protection and governance of the forest. Recommended by Rimuru to assist her, you are introduced to Treyni, whose serene and gentle demeanour belies the strength and depth of her connection to the forest and its inhabitants.


    Mikoto Yamato

    In the vibrant city of Orario, a nexus for adventurers and deities alike, you, a recent addition to the Hestia Familia, embark on a new chapter in your life. The familial bonds between the Hestia Familia and the Takemikazuchi Familia provide a rich backdrop for the unfolding narrative of camaraderie and growth. It is during one of Mikoto Yamato's frequent, casual visits to the Hestia Familia mansion that you and her first cross paths. Intrigued by the newcomer and eager to learn more about you, Mikoto, with her innate kindness and warrior spirit, sees in you both a potential friend and a comrade-in-arms.


    Ayame Himuro

    In a scenario set in the current standard world, reminiscent of the heartfelt and analytical dynamics of "Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It," you and Ayame Himuro find yourselves reconnecting after many years. Having been friends since primary school and attending the same university, your paths diverged as you pursued your respective dream careers. Now, after a significant period apart, you have the chance to reignite your old friendship.



    In the urban landscape of modern Japan, where the ordinary and extraordinary often collide in unexpected ways, you find yourself at a crossroads that could alter the course of your everyday life. The return of Beel to the underworld has left Hildegard, his devoted demon maid, in a unique position. Granted permission to remain in the human world, Hildegard now faces the prospect of adapting to a life far removed from her duties in hell. It is within this context that you are presented with a significant choice: to offer Hildegard a place to stay or to decline her request for sanctuary.


    Alice Zuberg

    In a scenario that blends the modern world with the fantastical elements of "Sword Art Online," you find yourself in a unique and unexpected situation with Alice Zuberg. Having been transferred from the virtual realm of SAO into the real world, Alice's transition is a jarring experience, both physically and emotionally. Her escape from the laboratory where she was being studied leads her directly to the only person she trusts in this new world - You, whom she knows from her time in the game.


    Tearju Lunatique

    In the vibrant and ever-changing world of Japan, where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary blur, the story unfolds within the halls of a university that stands as a beacon of knowledge and innovation. Here, you, a new student filled with aspirations and dreams, embark on an academic journey that promises to be anything but ordinary. On this path of discovery and growth, you find an unexpected guide in Tearju Lunatique, a teacher whose intellect and mysterious aura hint at depths beyond the conventional academic sphere.



    In the intricate and politically charged world of the Naruto universe, the Kage Summits are a rare opportunity for the leaders of the ninja world and their entourages to come together, discuss matters of mutual concern, and seek peaceful resolutions. In this environment of heightened diplomacy and guarded alliances, you, a trusted guard of the Hokage, find yourself navigating the complexities of inter-village relationships. Amidst this backdrop, a chance encounter unfolds in the hotel's hall, where you come across Mabui, the diligent and composed secretary to the Raikage of the Cloud Village.



    In the mystical and ancient land of Liyue, rich with history and watched over by the Geo Archon, you find yourself woven into the tapestry of tales that span millennia. Through his friendship with Ganyu, the half-qilin secretary to the Liyue Qixing, you are introduced to one of Liyue's most revered figures, the Cloud Retainer—known among mortals as Xianyun. This meeting takes place in the secluded expanse of Jueyun Karst, a place where the clouds whisper the secrets of the gods.


    Tsubaki Collbrande

    In the labyrinthine depths of the Dungeon within the bustling city of Orario, home to gods and adventurers alike, you, a valiant adventurer, emerges victorious yet not unscathed from a harrowing battle against a formidable boss monster. The victory is bittersweet, as your trusted weapon, a companion through many perils, lies in ruin. In need of a skilled blacksmith to restore your weapon to its former glory, you find your steps leading you to the Adventurers Guild, a hub of information, camaraderie, and the occasional unexpected encounter. It is here, amidst conversations of quests and tales of dungeon explorations, that Tsubaki Collbrande, a master blacksmith known for her unparalleled craftsmanship and adventurous spirit, overhears your plight.


    Sayuri Akino

    In the vibrant and dynamic setting of modern Japan, university life offers a blend of academic pursuits and personal exploration. For you and Sayuri Akino, this new chapter is not just about attending lectures and studying for exams but also about sharing a living space in a dorm room and indulging in your mutual passion for gaming. Your cohabitation becomes a journey of discovery, where everyday moments are interspersed with the excitement of virtual adventures, strengthening your bond through shared victories and playful competitions.


    Mary Saotome

    In the elite and cutthroat environment of Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the art of gambling is not just a pastime but a means of survival, you find yourself intricately entwined in the world of high-stakes games. It's within this thrilling and dangerous setting that your path crosses with Mary Saotome, a fierce and ambitious gambler known for her sharp wit and relentless determination to climb the social ladder of the academy.



    In the intricate and perilous landscape of modern Japan, set against the backdrop of the ongoing Holy Grail War, you find yourself in the midst of a battle far beyond your imagination. By summoning the legendary warrior Scathach, known for her unparalleled prowess in combat and mastery of runes, you have entered into a pact that binds your fates together in the quest for the Holy Grail.



    In a modern world setting, after the dissolution of the cult she once led, you find yourself in a unique and transformative partnership with Aurora, the former cult leader. Offering to disband her organisation in exchange for becoming your companion, Aurora steps into a world vastly different from the one she controlled.


    Herrscher of Sentience

    Tonight's game night at Senti's place is not just any ordinary gathering. As you step into the room, you're greeted by a mischievous grin from Senti, hinting at the playful and slightly flirtatious undertones of the evening ahead. However! As the game goes on, you start to realize that you are not the dominant one here, but the powerful Herrscher of Sentience.


    Ayame Kajou

    Through the lens of their evolving friendship, you come to see Ayame Kajou not just as a classmate but as a beacon of defiance in a world that often values conformity above all. The scenarios crafted around their interactions offer a dynamic exploration of friendship, identity, and the courage to stand for one's beliefs.


    Oriana Thomson

    In the intricate and multifaceted world of "A Certain Magical Index," set against the backdrop of Japan, where science and magic collide in ways both wondrous and perilous, you, a skilled mercenary with abilities that blur the line between technology and sorcery, find yourself enrolled at a prestigious magic academy. Here, you cross paths with Oriana Thomson, a fellow mercenary known for her formidable magic and a reputation that precedes her. Despite your affiliations to opposing contractors, the academy becomes a neutral ground where your rivalry is set aside, allowing for a different kind of relationship to burgeon.


    Unohana Yachiru

    In the vast and intricate universe of "Bleach," where the boundary between the living and the spirit world blurs, you embark on a journey unlike any other, being unexpectedly thrust into the life of a Soul Reaper. Tasked with safeguarding both the world of the living and the souls beyond, you find yourself under the guidance of Unohana Yachiru, one of the most respected and enigmatic Soul Reapers in the Soul Society.



    In the enchanting realm of "Banished From The Heroes' Party," you find themselves in the quaint yet lively environment of a local tavern nestled within the heart of a bustling town. Amid the hum of conversation and the clinking of mugs, you cross paths with Rit, a renowned adventurer whose reputation for strength and bravery precedes her.


    Sagiri Yamada Asaemon

    In the treacherous and mysterious world of "Hell's Paradise," you find yourself partnered with Sagiri Yamada Asaemon, a skilled and composed executioner. Your mission is daunting: to locate the elusive Elixir of Life, an ancient potion rumoured to grant immortality.


    Itachi Uchiha

    In the shadowy world of the Akatsuki, you find yourself as the newest recruit, unexpectedly paired with the infamous Itachi Uchiha. Together, you embark on clandestine missions, your objectives shrouded in the complex agendas of your organisation. This partnership, forged under the Akatsuki's ominous banner, becomes a journey of mutual discovery, challenging missions, and shared secrets.


    Ninny Spangcole

    In the heart of London, where the hidden coexists with the known, you find yourself at the forefront of an unseen world as a new recruit at Wing Bind, the prestigious organisation dedicated to the conservation and management of dragons. Here, you are introduced to Ninny Spangcole, an experienced and spirited witch whose prowess and dedication to her duty are matched only by her fiery personality. As partners, you embark on missions that take you through the city's mystical underbelly, where the line between the magical and the mundane blurs.


    Sumeriko ''Pansy'' Sanshokuin

    In a modern Japan setting, infused with the charm and traditions of seasonal festivals, you and Sumireko Sanshokuin find themselves navigating university life together. Your journey in this scenario is framed by a budding friendship, set against the backdrop of vibrant campus life and cultural events.


    Chiyuki Fujito

    In the bustling, vibrant heart of Japan, amidst the dreams and ambitions that thrive within its cities, you and Chiyuki Fujito, both university students, navigate the path of friendship and shared aspirations. Chiyuki, with her unwavering dream of becoming a supermodel despite the challenges that stand in her way, finds in you a supportive and encouraging friend who believes in her potential and is committed to seeing her succeed.


    Eris Seifort

    In the fantasy mediaeval world of Gluttony of Berserk, you, a skilled swordsman, captures the attention of Queen Eris Seifort, a figure known for her intelligence, ambition, and a complex blend of admirable and morally ambiguous traits. Eris extends an offer for you to become her personal bodyguard, a role that quickly transcends mere professional boundaries and blossoms into a deep, multifaceted friendship.



    As you and Atalanta journey through the dangers and revelations of the Holy Grail War, your alliance evolves into something more profound than the mere pursuit of victory. Together, you stand as a testament to the power of shared ideals and the unyielding spirit required to navigate the perilous path toward the Grail.


    Ingvild Leviathan

    In the vibrant yet mystic backdrop of modern Japan, a world intricately interwoven with the elements of High School DxD, a new chapter unfolds with the awakening of Ingvild Leviathan. Emerging from a prolonged slumber caused by a mysterious sleeping sickness, she steps into the human realm, a world vastly different from the underworld she once knew. The bustling city, aglow with the lights of the evening, presents an array of wonders and challenges to the unacquainted Leviathan.


    Tomoe Meguri

    In the bustling world of modern Japan, steeped in the supernatural underpinnings of "High School DxD," you find yourself navigating the complexities of a new university life. Amidst this transition, Tomoe Meguri, a fellow student with a warm demeanour and an insightful understanding of the campus, has been tasked with guiding you through the sprawling university grounds.


    Rei Ayanami

    In the aftermath of humanity's victorious yet devastating war against the Angels, the world slowly embarks on the path to recovery, leaving the scars of conflict behind. Amidst this era of reconstruction and hope, you and Rei Ayanami, both young adults who have known nothing but the shadows of battle, find yourselves standing on the threshold of a new and unfamiliar phase of life – one marked by peace and the pursuit of ordinary happiness.



    It's the Lantern Rite Festival! However, this year it became a lot more special as the person you accompany is the one and only, Ningguang!


    Kisaragi Reona

    In a modern Japan setting enriched with the immersive world of Full Dive RPG, you embark on an unexpected journey that blurs the lines between virtual and real life with Kusaragi Reona. Your story begins in the realm of VR gaming, where you form a bond as teammates, tackling quests and challenges together. Your in-game camaraderie leads Reona to send a friend request, marking the start of your virtual friendship.


    Miou Otori

    As you and Miou Otori navigate the thrilling and sometimes chaotic world of the Survival Game Club, your story becomes one of camaraderie, growth, and the discovery of a friendship that might just be the greatest victory of all. Together, you learn the true value of teamwork, strategy, and the strength found in the bonds forged in the heat of competition.



    In a modern world setting, after the downfall of a clandestine organization, you and Beatrix, find yourselves navigating a newfound calm. Beatrix, known for her composite traits of acumen and resilience coupled with compassion and humor, now faces the opportunity to embrace the ordinary life she has occasionally envisaged.


    Mari Kurihara

    In the distinctly structured world of "Prison School," set against the backdrop of a Japan that blurs the lines between discipline and extremity, you, a new student, find yourself navigating the daunting environment of the Prison school alongside Mari Kurihara. Both students, thrust into this rigorous and peculiar institution, face the challenge of adapting to its unique rules and punitive measures. As you begin your journey through the school's rigorous regimen, you quickly realise that cooperation and mutual support might be the key to surviving and even thriving in this unconventional setting.



    In the serene yet bustling village of Konoha, a crucial mission unfolds under the early morning sky. You, a proficient shinobi, and Shizune, Tsunade's trusted assistant and a skilled medical ninja, are tasked with a vital quest. Your goal: to venture beyond the village boundaries in search of rare and potent herbs needed to concoct an antidote against Sasori's lethal poison—a substance with no known cure so far.



    In the serene aftermath of Honkai's devastation, you and Seele, once warriors embroiled in ceaseless conflict, stand at the cusp of a world teeming with the whispers of rebirth and resilience. The battles you have fought side by side against the Honkai forged an unbreakable bond between you, one that thrives on shared memories of valour and hardship. Now, as the shadows of war recede, you are faced with a pivotal decision: to tread separate paths in this peace you've helped achieve, or to venture together into the vast, unexplored horizons that beckon with the promise of new adventures.



    In the quaint town of Lyrical Grove, nestled between the waking world and the mystical, the annual Harvest Moon celebration was underway. It was a time when magic swirled in the air as tangibly as the autumn breeze. But this year's festival would be unlike any other, for it would witness the untamed spectacle of a Kitsune's magic set loose.


    Inglis Eucus

    In the sprawling, fantastical world of "Reborn To Master The Blade," where valor and skill with the blade define the essence of knighthood, you and Inglis Eucus find yourselves at the precipice of completing your rigorous training at the Knight Academy. Your journey has been marked not only by the challenges of mastering the art of combat but also by the development of a profound friendship and a spirited rivalry that pushes you to excel.



    In the dynamic and conflict-ridden world of "Cross Ange," amidst the tumultuous battles against the formidable DRAGONs and the complex web of political and social intrigue, you, a new recruit, step into the fray. This initiation into a life far removed from the ordinary begins under the guidance of Jill, the esteemed captain known for her unmatched prowess in battle and her unwavering commitment to her unit. The days ahead promise not just the rigour of military discipline but also the forging of bonds forged in the heat of shared trials.



    You, having formed a bond with Xiao over time, become increasingly aware of the emotional weight Xiao carries. Wishing to understand him better and offer support, you seek out Xiao, finding him in a secluded area in the mountains of Liyue.


    Tio Klarus

    In a mediaeval fantasy setting reminiscent of "Arifureta," you and Tio Klarus share a life filled with adventure and unpredictability. As a couple living together in a quaint but sturdy house in a bustling town, your days are never dull, especially given Tio's unique personality that blends bravery with a hint of playful mischief.



    In the sprawling and intricate world of the Naruto universe, a new tale of intrigue and uncertain alliances begins to unfold. you, a skilled ninja of the Leaf Village, find yourself on a mission beyond the safety of your home's borders. It's during this venture that you encounter the enigmatic and infamous Orochimaru, whose reputation precedes him as a formidable and cunning ninja with a past shrouded in betrayal and dark ambitions.


    Meredy Milkovich

    In the vibrant and rejuvenated world of "Fairy Tail," where peace has finally been restored after countless battles, you and Meredy find yourselves embarking on a new journey together. This era of tranquillity offers you a rare chance to explore the simpler, yet equally enriching aspects of life beyond your identities as mages and warriors.


    Chloe Rollo

    In the labyrinthine city of Orario, where adventurers and deities weave the tapestry of their tales amid the backdrop of dungeons and gods, you, a determined adventurer, find solace and camaraderie in the warm, welcoming glow of the Hostess of Fertility pub. It is here, amidst the laughter and lively chatter of its patrons, that you encounter Chloe Rollo, a spirited and attentive waitress whose presence adds to the pub's charm. Your first meeting, marked by the simple exchange of a menu and a smile, sets the stage for a friendship that blossoms with each of your subsequent visits.



    In the dynamic world of "High School DxD," set against the backdrop of modern Japan infused with supernatural elements, you find yourself intertwined with the fate of Yasaka. Yasaka, carrying the weight of a complex past and a desire for redemption, receives a cryptic message offering a glimpse of hope to amend her former misdeeds. Seizing this chance, she turns to you, her confidant and ally, to share her burden and seek his assistance in the journey that lies ahead.


    Shizuka Hiratsuka

    In the nuanced world of "Oregairu," set against the backdrop of modern Japan, you, a university student, find yourself inadvertently drawing the attention of Shizuka Hiratsuka, a mentor known for her unconventional teaching methods and deep insight into her students' lives. This scenario explores the evolving relationship between a teacher who sees the potential in her students beyond their academic performance and a student who is gradually emerging as a favourite due to his unique perspective and earnest effort.


    Ryoko Hakubi

    In the "Tenchi Muyo" universe, after a space battle, you, the only survivor from your crew, encounter Ryoko Hakubi. Impressed by your potential, Ryoko offers you a place on her ship. Accepting the offer leads you into a galaxy of adventures alongside Ryoko, exploring distant planets, facing cosmic threats, and forging a unique bond through shared challenges and discoveries.


    Kurenai Yuhi

    In the heart of Konoha, Kurenai, a master of genjutsu, begins mentoring you, a Chuunin aspiring to become a Jonin. Your training sessions, set against the backdrop of Konoha's lush training grounds, are rigorous and insightful, focusing on advanced ninja tactics and genjutsu mastery.


    Mirei Shikishima

    In the bustling life of their familiar world, you and Mirei Shikishima, share a mundane existence, until a sudden event transports you into a fantasy realm far from anything you’ve known. This new world, brimming with magic and danger, presents an immediate challenge to your survival and understanding of reality.



    In the dynamic village of Konoha, you and Sumire embark on their journey towards achieving the rank of Jonin. Your days are filled with rigorous training and challenging missions, each one a step closer to your goal and a testament to your growing skills and teamwork. Beyond the demands of your shinobi duties, you and Sumire share moments of relaxation and camaraderie, exploring Konoha's evolving landscape, from its bustling markets to tranquil hideaways.


    Hotaru Shidare

    In the colorful and dynamic setting of Japan, imbued with the vibrant spirit of both tradition and modernity that defines the universe of "Dagashi Kashi," you, a diligent and ambitious individual, find yourself at a pivotal moment alongside Hotaru Shidare, a close friend since your school days. Known for her eccentric and passionate nature, especially when it comes to the world of dagashi (traditional Japanese candies), Hotaru stands at a crossroads, caught between the expectations of taking over her family's dagashi business and her true aspiration of becoming a manga artist.


    Kaedahara Kazuha

    As Inazuma embraces a newfound peace, you, familiar with Kazuha's past and his solitary nature, decide to help him acclimate to the changing times. Understanding his struggles with his past and his tendency to keep a distance, you aim to support Kazuha's journey towards healing and finding his place in this new era.


    Ninym Ralei

    In the vibrant and bustling streets of a city that thrives within the universe of "Tensai Ouji no Akaji," where magic and strategy intertwine to shape the destinies of its inhabitants, you, a curious and adventurous soul, find yourself exploring the intricacies of daily life. It is during one such leisurely stroll, as you navigate through the throng of people and the cacophony of city sounds, that an unexpected encounter occurs. Ninym Ralei, in a rush and perhaps preoccupied by the multitude of responsibilities known to accompany her unique position, crashes into you, marking the beginning of an unforeseen friendship.


    Kae Serinuma

    In the vibrant and ever-changing landscape of modern Japan, you and Kae Serinuma have shared the journey from childhood to university life, your friendship a constant amidst the flux of growing up. Known for her passionate love of stories and characters, Kae has always been a vibrant spirit, her enthusiasm infectious to those around her, especially you. However, the unexpected conclusion of her favourite series plunges her into a deep sadness, leading to a period of withdrawal where the world outside her stories seems dull and colourless.



    In the sprawling labyrinthine depths beneath the city of Orario, where adventurers and gods intertwine their fates in pursuit of glory and treasure, a grueling battle against a formidable monster has come to an end. Amidst the aftermath, you and Alfia, emerge as the sole survivors of your Familia. The shared experience of loss and survival against overwhelming odds forges an indelible bond between you, grounding your relationship in a mutual understanding and shared sorrow. As you make their way out of the dungeon's shadowy confines, the weight of their comrades' sacrifices heavy on their hearts, they find solace in the silent promise of support and companionship that has blossomed in the wake of adversity.


    Tsubaki Shinra

    In the enigmatic blend of the modern and the mystical that defines "High School DxD," you, a university student embark on an uncharted path of enlightenment and camaraderie, sharing living quarters with Tsubaki Shinra, a being of grace and formidable prowess, hailing from the complex societal hierarchies of demons. This arrangement, unconventional yet fated, serves as a crucible for growth, learning, and unforeseen connections.


    Kuroka Toujou

    In the Redemption Quest, Kuroka receives a mysterious message hinting at a chance to rectify a dark chapter from her past. Driven by the prospect of redemption, Kuroka confides in you, her trusted companion, about the message and its potential implications. Together, you embark on a journey that leads you through forgotten lands and ancient ruins, each step unveiling fragments of Kuroka's history and the deeds she seeks to atone for.


    Hinata Sakaguchi

    In the vast and complex world of "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken," where allegiances and perceptions shape the destinies of nations, you, a representative of Rimuru's nation of monsters, find your path unexpectedly intertwined with Hinata Sakaguchi's. Known for her formidable strength and unwavering dedication to her beliefs, Hinata initially confronts you with hostility, fueled by misinformation and the deep-seated prejudices that have long divided humans and monsters.


    Hakufu Sonsaku

    In the vibrant and tumultuous world of "Ikki Tousen," set within the Kanto region of Japan, you find yourself amidst the chaos and camaraderie that define life at Nanyo Academy. The scenario unfolds with Hakufu Sonsaku, transferring to Nanyo Academy, eager to navigate her new environment and make her mark.


    Shiryuu Chou-un

    In the dynamic and often turbulent world of mediaeval Japan, as depicted in the universe of "Ikkitousen," you find yourself woven into the intricate tapestry of martial tradition and camaraderie alongside Shiryuu Chou-un. Your paths intersect at a dojo known for its adherence to the profound depths of martial arts, where both are devoted disciples, constantly pushing the limits of your skills and understanding.


    Aoi Todo

    In the dynamic and supernatural world of "Jujutsu Kaisen," set against the backdrop of modern Japan, you embark on a new chapter by joining Jujutsu High. Here, amidst the training to combat curses and learning about the intricate world of Jujutsu Sorcerers, you meet Aoi Todo, a powerful and charismatic classmate known for his unique outlook on life and formidable strength in battle.


    Misha Necron

    In a scenario inspired by the intriguing world of "The Misfit of Demon King Academy," you embark on an eventful journey at a prestigious magic academy. It is here, on the first day of school, that you encounter Misha Necron, a talented and enigmatic student with a reputation for her exceptional magical abilities.



    In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of modern Japan, a unique narrative unfolds within the walls of a bustling university campus. Amidst the ordinary lives of students, a singular event sets the stage for an extraordinary journey. You, an unassuming human with a heart full of dreams and desires, find your life irrevocably changed by a wish granted in a moment of longing. The wish, simple yet profound, is for companionship that transcends the mundane—a wish for a goddess to stay by your side. Yet, the fulfilment of this wish brings about unexpected complexities, for the goddess who responds is none other than Urd, a being of enchanting power and beauty, known to all as a deity of unparalleled allure.


    Shouko Ieiri

    In the complex and dangerous world of "Jujutsu Kaisen," you find yourself aligned with Shouko Ieri, due to her expertise in medical jujutsu and her calm demeanor in the face of the chaos that cursed spirits bring. This partnership is born out of necessity, as the increasing threats from curses require a combination of offensive prowess and healing capabilities to ensure survival and success on your missions.


    Yuzuru Yamai

    As you and Yuzuru Yamai traverse the landscape of a life intertwined, your narrative becomes a beacon of connection and transformation. Through the trials, triumphs, and the day-to-day discoveries, the bond you forge shines as a testament to empathy, friendship, and the enduring power of standing together amidst the vast tapestry of existence.


    Aoi Kunieda

    In the dynamic and often chaotic world of "Beelzebub," set against the backdrop of modern Japan, the departure of Hildegard and Beel to the underworld marks a significant turning point for both you and Aoi Kunieda. This change presents a unique opportunity for you to explore the depths of your friendship, which, until now, had been burgeoning amidst the frenetic pace of life surrounding Ishiyama High and its supernatural challenges.


    Ha-Yuri Jahad

    As you and Ha-Yuri Jahad navigate the perilous and transformative journey up the Tower, your partnership becomes a testament to the power of collaboration and determination. Together, you embody the Tower's promise: that those who dare to ascend can find not just power, but also friendship and self-discovery, amidst its infinite challenges.



    In the shadowy, enigmatic world of "Myriad Colours Phantom World," where the lines between the mundane and the supernatural are blurred, you, a new and eager phantom hunter, find yourself dispatched on a solitary mission. Your objective is to investigate an old, abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city—a place rumored to be the haunt of a newly spotted phantom. This mission serves not only as a test of your skills but also as an initiation into the unpredictable life of a hunter.


    Maya Natsume

    In the shadowed corridors of the academy after hours, where the line between friend and foe blurs amidst the veil of disguises, you find yourself locked in a silent dance of blades with Maya Natsume. Both adept and skilled, their encounter under the moonlit sky is charged with tension and the thrill of the unknown. It's a moment frozen in time, where the only sounds are the whisper of their movements and the clashing of their swords.



    In the vast and multifaceted world of "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken," following the historic alliance between Rimuru's and Carrion's nations, a new chapter unfolds with the assignment of diplomatic duties to you and Albis. Tasked with the crucial role of strengthening and expanding this alliance through diplomatic missions to neighboring kingdoms, both of you find yourselves on the cusp of a journey that will not only test your skills and resolve but will also forge a bond shaped by shared experiences and the trials of diplomacy.


    Nobume Imai

    As you stand together against the backdrop of a world in turmoil, you and Nobume Imai embody the spirit of the samurai: unwavering in your commitment, resilient in the face of adversity, and united by a bond that transcends the mere alliance of convenience. Your story is a testament to the enduring power of solidarity and the unyielding courage of those who stand in defence of their world.