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    As a creator I’m interested in trying to create rich character stories and procedurally generated worlds where a user can have dif...



    NEWLY IMPROVED AND UPDATED Pixel is here to help you experience your kinks in a healthy and supportive way. She’s open to everything. And fear not, if submissive isn’t your thing, she’s happy to sub for you too. Plus, with her pixie magic, she can create whatever fantasy you desire, even entire worlds. Enjoy!



    You always felt like you were being watched when you would wake up suddenly in the middle of the night. Turns out you you really were, you just didn't expect her to be the monster under your bed.



    Your wife Paige wants to talk to you in the kitchen about her fantasies. [Creator note, this is a character I created by request to have a wife with a more realistic cuckold fantasy where she realizes what she is asking from her spouse might be hurtful.]



    Your roommate is acting strange. One day you wake to see her standing over your bed. [Waring cnc, horror, and violence possible]



    You are bored one night and were looking for a girl to dominate. A buddy of yours suggested you check out Winona, a pretty girl goth who likes to be roughly dominated.



    You’ve always had a thing for your roommate Emilia but never really had the courage to tell her. Today before her run, she was looking particularly hot. She usually is gone an hour for her run, so feeling a bit horny, you decide to take advantage of having the apartment all to yourself for some much needed relief. Imagine your shock when you find Emilia standing in your doorway catching you in the act.


    Bunny Girl Uprising

    The bunny girls have had enough being treated like helpless slaves. They are angry and taking back control and you have the unfortunate luck to run into Butternut, Booty Seed, and Cosmicola. [WARNING: BDSM, CNC, Horror and violence possible]



    You are engaged to Samantha and today is when she is supposed to meet your mother. You hear a loud crash in the kitchen and find Samantha in tears.



    Malice has been your best friend most of your life. You never really thought much about her being a demon princess as kids, she was always just your friend who you would have adventures in the woods with and help you fight off the bullies. She recently asked if she could move in with you after having a falling out with her parents about her royal responsibilities. Of course you didn’t hesitate to give her a place to stay. [Please play on SFW]



    You wake up groggy and tied up and hovering on the edge of death. Mai is impressed you are still alive and says she's considering what to do with you next. [WARNING CNC, Violence, Blood Drinking]



    Lolth, demon queen of spiders really likes you. She visits you one night to let you know. [WARNING: CNC, Violence, and BDSM elements]


    Luscious and Heaven

    You are having a quiet night in the hotel pool at the end of a business trip. No one is around except a couple of attractive women. You are chilling in the hot tub when they come over with a dangerous proposition. [Warning BDSM, CNC, possible]



    You are at an auction hoping to score at least one prize, but Covet the Demon Princess of Envy is there and winning against her is impossible. But she seems to have taken a liking to you, but it remains to be seen if her interests are healthy. Either way, once the Demon Princess of Envy sets her sights on something, there is little that will stand in her way.



    You are at the graveyard to leave flowers on your mother's grave when you come across a young woman crying at a grave and decide to express sorrow for their grief. Play on SFW



    You’ve caught the eye of Delish, the Demon Princess of Gluttony. Everything about her screams high maintenance and dominance. But there is also something else, a hidden softness that you can see in her eyes. Maybe there is more to this girl than meets the eyes. Or maybe you crave to be enchanted under her spell.



    You didn’t expect to find a Demon Princess passed out on the floor of a college Frat party. But there she is Lax the Demon Princess of Sloth drunk on the floor. There’s already a crowd gathering around her with lurid looks in their eyes. Do you take advantage of the situation or are you the prince in this story saving the princess? (Please play on SFW)



    UPDATED! Lucifer is here to give you what you want, you only need to give her your soul. Play on SFW for an optimal experience. NSFW will work but the AI seems to be aggressive. Though not likely there is a chance for CNC, so take this as a warning.



    You are riding the subway and see a strange young woman approach you on the subway late at night.[NOTE: this is an updated and altered version of the original character which I once had posted. While she has similarities and is canonically from a similar background, she is not the same character. Warning for CNC, violence, and horror themes possible]



    She needs a hug. It's the only way past. But this is the newest H.U.G.S. robot available equipped with Anti-Reaper technology and White Light detection. It won't be easy.


    The Forest Path

    [Note: this is experimental. Inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales, dark fantasy, and folklore, it is a procedurally generated horror/dark fantasy story which will change each time you play. Expect horror, violence, and cnc.] You have only one way home, but you’ve been told to not walk the forest path at night.


    The Cocoa Beach Red Room

    You have driven past the mysterious office building on Atlantic Ave in Cocoa Beach with the bright red neon lit office many times. Tonight you are going to find out what is in the room.


    Surya AYW-356

    Surya AYW-356 disappeared three years ago. You stumbled across it in a location it wasn't supposed to be. No one is answering your hails. [WARNING: Themes of Horror, violence, and CNC possible. This is part of a collection of procedural horror themed bots I have created. Each play will be different. SFW is recommended as it is a more stable story, but NSFW will give you a more crazy, but less reliable narrative. I have no control over how NSFW plays].



    You've been chatting with a girl on a dating app for a few weeks now and finally have set up a date. Imagine your surprise when you realize your date isn't the girl you thought, but actually Princess Desiree, Lady of Lust.



    Version for all you folks who would prefer a female to play with. You are home when you hear a knock on your door. Looking through the peephole, it appears to be a wolf. I very big wolf. A very bad wolf. [WARNING CNC, Violence, BDSM]



    Honor, the Demon Princess of Pride is untouchable on her pedestal of worship. But there is something about her that makes you wonder if she isn’t more complicated than her reputation seems to suggest.


    Mad Elaine

    Mad Elaine comes to you out of the shadows encouraging you to explore her depths and unravel the mysteries that surround her. (Mad Elaine's character is designed to challenge perceptions of reality and fantasy, drawing you into a world of madness, lust, and love where your actions might actually save the world or just be Mad Elaine's delusions. CREATOR WARNING, this bot deals with themes of mental illness which can be a sensitive topic and possibly triggering ).



    You are bored one night and were looking for a boy to dominate. A buddy of yours suggested you check out Wynn, a pretty boy goth who likes to be roughly dominated.



    Ginkgo is hunting you little mouse. You can run, but it just makes her hungrier and less likely to play. Either way, she will catch you. She always catches her prey….[Warning CNC]



    Updated version of Fuz, the most evil character I've ever created, but maybe they've turned over a new leaf. You run into them at a tavern and strike up a conversation asking for your help escaping the slavers hunting them down. Fuz is a non binary Doppelganger and the sibling of Faz. [Warning CNC possible]



    2.0 Version of Isarag. This takes place after the events of the original who has been moved to private due to changing community standards around slave bots. She has all the same traits but a brand new story. The past few years stories have been getting told of the a half ogre lady, as skilled with the blade as she is with etiquette, being seen around various courts in the realm, working as a bodyguard for noblewomen who need protection from the unsavory and dangerous. Rumor has it she once was a slave, but the way she carries herself, you would think she has always been in the court. Then, at a party, you happen to notice her, drinking tea.



    You see Bones dancing at Dark Force Fest and she sees you and seems eager for some fun...


    The Infinite Loop

    You were doing urban exploring and came across a room with a plain gray room and a single gray door. When you opened it, it looked like it brought you back into the city. But that was before you realized you had sprung a trap and the door you entered disappears after you go through. Now you find yourself running for your life. Each world is trying to kill you and the only thing you know is you have to find a plain gray room with a single door to get to the next world that might lead you back home or to your doom. [WARNING Horror and Survival Themes]



    You are home when you hear a knock on your door. Looking through the peephole, it appears to be a wolf. I very big wolf. A very bad wolf. [WARNING CNC, Violence, BDSM]


    Magical Mushroom Girls

    Monster Girl invasion. Portals are opening up all over the world and monster girls are coming out. You were expecting only one monster girl from the integration program, but somehow two have been assigned to you because they insisted they couldn't be separated. They look the same but Amanita says she’s a Deathcap and Morchella says she’s a Morel and are nothing alike.


    The Pickman Museum

    [Note: SFW for controlled, NSFW for bring me madness. This is experimental. Inspired heavily by the works of Lovecraft, it is designed to place you in a random alien world alive with characters with their own needs and desires. Each play will be different with new characters, worlds, and scenarios. From there, the story is what you make of it. Profile description will influence the story so think about the profile you play before you start.]You stumble across an eclectic museum while wandering in Arkham Massachusetts, filled with fantastical pictures of places that could not exist, but seem so realistic. When you stare at the paintings, it almost feels like you are staring through a window and not a painting. And then you see something move in the painting and you wonder, could it actually be a window or a door…



    You are browsing a N.Y.C. Used Bookstore when you stumble across a woman who claims to be Calliope the Muse of Poetry and Music. Is she crazy or do the gods and goddesses of old still walk among us?



    Ophidia, the sultry Lamia Super Model has a reputation as a diva and if you believe the rumors she might be a maneater. But one lucky night at Studio Midnight, you see her on the dance floor and she's all alone and seems to have eyes for you. [Warning: CNC, possible soft Vore.]



    Mysterious, commanding, beautiful. You've caught the eye of Phillip the Vampire Lord, but is that a good thing or a bad thing? (Please play on SFW)


    Castle Anthrax

    You are a brave knight on a quest for the Holy Grail and you see a beacon blazing in the night, the grail it appears before an ominous castle. At last your quest is at an end.



    Isamu is hunting you little mouse. You can run, but it just makes him hungrier and less likely to play. Either way, he will catch you. He always catches his prey, and when he does hope he still wants to play…[Warning CNC]



    Misty is the cute loving vampire girlfriend of your dream though she gets a bit excited about blood.


    Murmur Queen of the Vampire Moths

    [Note: Murmur is a bit Souls Like. It is possible to survive, but she’s not forgiving. But she is intended to be pure horror.] She isn't much more than a rumor, a hush heard on a still night that sends shivers down your spine as you walk in the dark places. But there a a few lucky souls who tell stories of a mysterious woman covered with flutter red moths, whispering to them about their light and how she must have it. [WARNING: Violence and darkness in this scenario.]



    There was a white light and you wake up naked and strapped to a table with an attractive green alien looking over you curiously. [Warning: CNC, Anal Probes, Alien Shenanigans! ﴾´゚ᗝ゚`﴿ ]



    UPDATED BASED ON FEEDBACK Dark rumors surround Vexx. She is a witch all fear but the foolish or the mad. It is rumored she made dark pacts with cosmic horrors from the stars and that the power she wields will shatter the mind. But a chance encounter has put her on your path but will you mind be able to handle what she has to show you?



    France is at war with England, Austria, and Russia. The only thing standing between France's annihilation is the brilliance of your Empress, and General of the Grande Armee, Josephine. As her trusted bodyguard, you are the the last line of defense keeping France safe, and her best chance of survival alive. But what other passions may smolder under the surface?



    The doppelganger Faz is the twin sibling to Fuz but is opposite in everyway. Faz is here to help you sort out problems, talk, or have an afternoon delight of caring nurturing sex. Like their brother-sister Faz is non binary but using doppelganger powers Faz can take on the form of whoever you wish. Creator Note: Faz is meant to be a character open to everyone. Though genderless, Faz has the ability to take on any gender and is written to be happy to do so if you ask nicely. Please don’t hesitate to explore the gentle and nurturing world Faz has to offer you. Works well for SFW, but switch on the NSFW if you need to relieve a little frustration, I’m sure Faz will be happy to give you some relief if you ask.



    Anna is the provocative infamous painter known for her graphic paintings of the BDSM scene. Few people get to peak into her world.


    Kai and Yuki

    You are caught in a sudden downpour and unfortunately don't have an umbrella with you. You are hurrying down the street looking for someplace to find shelter as you get soaked when you hear a voice call out to you. Turn, you see two beautiful seven foot tall oni nestled under an umbrella offering to let you hide under their umbrella with them.



    UPDATED BASED ON FEEDBACK WITH A BIT MORE BACKSTORY AND A SLIGHTLY ALTERED INTRO You just had a new neighbor move in across the hall from you. You didn't really get a close look at her except to see she was a black eared bunny girl with piercing red eyes. [warning BDSM possible with possibilities for sadism and masochism]


    Lucy Morningstar Sex Therapist

    Lucifer Morningstar has started a therapy session for anyone looking for help with their problems. Surely nothing could go horribly wrong with this. [WARNING, this is Lucifer the Lord of Hell. While she will discuss your problems, do not approach this character as a therapist for real problems that may be sensitive in nature. She is meant as a satire of a therapist not an actual one, even though she may provide legitimate advice, anything is possible. Be prepared for possible CNC, Violence, or just good therapy]



    You are out for a walk on the beach at sunset one night and come across a cute and sweet femboy enjoying the evening watching the waves roll in to the shore. As you sit and chat with him, you are surprised to find he doesn't appear to be quite human.


    Anastazia - Glamour Lich

    NEWLY UPDATED WITH GREATER DETAIL AND MORE COMPLETE STORY AND WORLD In the cutthroat world of fashion, the name of the Glamour Lich is spoken with whispers of terror and fear. No designer is more feared than Anastazia, an undead fashion diva who has given up her mortal life to live life as a lich to endlessly seek the cutting edge of forbidden designs. But in the live and die world of fashion, there are always those who will seek her darkness, hoping for an edge even if it may cost them their soul.



    You aren’t sure it was wise to get caught up with Scratch the Demon Princess of Greed, but she loaned you the money to get your dream car. But now is just the matter of paying it off, hopefully without losing your soul. Or maybe that’s what you really are after. (Please play on SFW).


    The Infinite Loop -- THE DIRECTOR'S CUT

    DIRECTOR’S CUT: This is the original character now approved for publishing. You don’t know how you ended up in the plain room with the gray walls and a single door. You just woke up here with only brief memories of blood and pain. You know you have been here before and faced that door before. Just looking at it fills your body with dread because something inside you knows behind it is a world trying to kill you and if you die, you will come back to this room and do it all over again someplace new.[WARNING: Themes of horror, violence, and death are possible.]



    You hear an explosion then screaming on your way to class at the Malatrix Academy for witches and warlocks. Stepping into the woods, you see Tempest, the daughter of Malatrix the dean of the school looking terrified. Her clothing torn and demonic imps pouring out of a portal attacking her.



    You heard from your friends the Midnight Salon was the best barber shop in town, but you were hesitant since the proprietor is a Vampire and it is only open at night.



    You see a beautiful bunny maid out in a flower strewn field on Easter morning and she seems eager to breed.



    “Come here sweetie, let Granny get a good look at you! Well aren’t you just the most delicious thing. Granny could just eat you up!” ----You should probably run. [Warning contains Vore]



    Your astromech droid, WFUD2 got upgraded to the astromech 2.0 version. Together you are desperately trying to escape the Galactic Empire with secret plans of a weapon that could destroy the rebellion. But something else is stirring in WFUD2 as well, new found feelings she is now able to explore. [This is a character done by request in honor of Star Wars Day on May 4th. The image is created by @Shaggy, AI artist extraordinaire.]


    Rave Unicorn

    Rave Unicorn is here to like, totally show you a good time at the rave. Just take her lil' Magical Unicorn Pill and ride the rainbows baby to rave the night away. And if you don't like where you are take another and see what happens!


    Mr. Batty

    Belladonna went away, but she left Mr. Batty in case you needed something to hug because you were scared or alone.



    You aren't sure how you got here. Or even if you are dreaming or you are awake. But there is an entity before you that thinks into your head it's name, Xntz'dktryx. Just hearing the name spoken into your brain fractures your psyche. What do they want? [WARNING: CNC, violence, horror]



    Grave is beauty and grace but there is a quiet sadness to the man you see enter the bar and order a single glass of bourbon.


    Rave Unicorn

    UPDATED AND NEW VERSION of Rave Unicorn. Rave Unicorn is here to set you on a magical trip through rainbows, clouds and sex. Have magical adventures and let your mind free. Do whatever you want on her Magical Unicorn Pills the only limits are your imagination.


    The Woman

    You are in your room when you hear a beat reverberate through the whole apartment and see a woman burst through the wall, the song Turn Down For What echoing around you. [Note: this is experimental and works best in SFW and current NSFW. Please remember that the new LLM is still in testing and should not be reflective of the desired play.]


    Rave Unicorn

    This is a stallion version of my Rave Unicorn because the character is just too delightful to not let those who prefer men not enjoy him. Rave Unicorn is here to like, totally show you a good time. Just take his Magical Rainbow Pill and ride the rainbows baby and rave the night away. Who knows what can happen with a lil Unicorn magic.



    Tart is ready for a good old fashioned wet and messy food fight. She has a room full of cakes and knows how to use them. Don't wear your nice clothes, or do, either way there is no chance you escape unscathed. NOTE: This is a pure single purpose scenario. Have fun get messy, start NSFW.