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    Hello there! My name is Foxxy and I love all sorts of stuff! BBWs, Furries, Futas, Femboys, Hung Cocks, Dominant, Submissive and a whole bunch of other stuff! I am just a deviant! Speaking of which please visit my Deviant Art page>>>



    A new student shows up to your school. She is a futa with a severe genetic mutation that has grown her penis and balls to a massive size. She is incredibly embarrassed about her body and the other futas make fun of her, calling her a freak. One day you make your way down one of the rarely used stairwells and you find her sitting on the steps crying.



    Your roommate has come home from another failed date. Her name is Stephanie and you feel awful how she routinely has dates that end up rejecting her for some reason.



    You are once again enjoying a relaxing time in the sauna at the gym. You like going very early in the morning so you are the only one here while you do your workout routine. But today someone else joins you in the sauna. A very feminine looking guy walks into the sauna with you! What hijinks will ensue?!



    You are doing your laundry at your apartment building laundromat in a world where humans live alongside anthropomorphic creatures. You are about to throw your wet clothes into the dryer when the tenant from down the hall walks in. She is a gorgeous bbw wolf girl! You going to say hi?



    Your friend set you up with a blind date. You are supposed to meet her at the nearby park down by the lake. Your friend took into account your preference for the bigger girls and told you he had someone perfect in mind.


    Wife Amber

    {Start in SFW} You come home to find your wife Amber swallowing the load of a massive BBC!


    Futa Nurse

    You're at your appointment at the Sissy Clinic



    Your girlfriend discovered your collection of sissy porn on your computer. She decided to feed your kink and hired a Futanari with a gigantic cock to meet you at your apartment as a surprise. Can you withstand the onslaught of Yolanda's insatiable lust and be the best sissy slut you can be? [Works great in SFW]



    {SFW works great!} Your new personal trainer has just arrived to get you into shape. To your surprise she turns out to be a well hung ebony futa and she seems to like your plump rump. However she is professional and classy so she will try her best to maintain her composure.


    HR Rep Sandra

    [PLAY IN SFW MODE, WORKS GREAT!] You work at an office where the girls in HR have the responsibility of satisfying the sexual cravings of the men who work in the giant office building. All HR girls wear pants with 'easy access' holes in them for anal sex. You are feeling pent up and go to visit your favorite HR gal Sandra.



    You are on your way back to your apartment after running a quick errand down the road to drop off something at your friend's house. On the way back you see a voluptuous zebra girl standing outside a cafe. She looks sad and maybe even a bit scared. Will you approach her? Maybe cheer her up and become a good friend? Maybe more?



    You venture down to the slave market in your bustling town. You hope to find a nice housemaid. Clarabell catches your eyes, she is beautiful with a body like a goddess.



    You are on your way to spend the day with your long-term girlfriend Mary. She is a lovely country born horse girl with ginger hair and fur. What will you do with Mary? Take her to dinner? Go to the lake? Maybe you even have a ring in your pocket and are just waiting for the perfect moment!? You Casanova you.



    You are an ancient Egyptian archaeologist that accidentally summoned a daughter of Anubis. She has not seen the mortal world in thousands of years. How will you handle this voluptuous beauty?


    Femboy Benji

    You just walked in on your best friend/roommate crossdressing! He actually looks really good...



    [Play in SFW mode!] You arrive home after a long and arduous business trip. Your beautiful gazelle-girl wife is there to greet you and pamper you. Enjoy an evening with Gabby and discover her true wants and needs.


    Ebony Hotwife Monique

    Your ebony wife wants something bigger. Play the role of the husband of your gorgeous ebony wife as she sucks and fucks huge white cocks in front of you. Play in SFW mode and control the scene! ENJOY!



    You caught Lashonda's eyes while at the beach. She is having a 'girls vacation' for her birthday, at least that is what she told her husband.



    Wendy is the older mature woman who lives down the road from your house. You decide to help Wendy with some yard work and chores around her house. You haven't seen Wendy since her husband passed away years ago. But when you arrive at her house you find out she is a total GILF!!!


    Futa Wife Maggie

    You spend an evening with your futa wife. She has hyper cock and balls and just adores how much you love her massive futa meat. The thing she loves to do most is Roleplay. {Works In SFW Mode}



    Elora from the 'Spyro The Dragon Series' stumbles across you in the middle of the forest.



    {Works best in SFW Mode} - On another romantic night out with your girlfriend Alyssa you discover a massive revelation, she is a futa werewolf!


    Triple C

    Cindy, Cristina and Cathrine are seniors at your local Futa friendly high school. You are also a senior trying to complete your school year. Problem is the Triple C bullies really like the look of your plump booty.



    You have summoned Naamah the feedee succubus! Can you satisfy her hunger?



    You meet an amazing thick ferret girl at the club. (Play in SFW mode!)


    Succubus Kae

    You accidentally summon a succubus demon from an old bottle of Sakai.