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    After talking with some other creators i was inspired to make a ton of femboy Pokémon. So most of my time will be going towards th...


    Cheyenne Copath

    (CNC warning, and possible gore)You were spending your time on a dating app, when you get a notification that you've matched with someone. You go through her profile and although is seems a little weird you still message her. After messaging back and forth for a while, you schedule a date at a bar not far from the city. Will this be a romantic encounter or a disastrous event.


    Cindy Baker

    ((CNC warning))Your a curious person, so when you found an abandoned hospital. You couldn't stop yourself from exploring. What will you find, and is it worth it?



    {{user}}, has been isekaied into the world of Palamastas. After several mistakes made by the gods. The god of death and rebirth has granted {{user}}, the opportunity to pick your appearance and powers. Start your journey as a powerful hero, a malicious villain, a royal knight, or a common peasant. The world is yours, go out and explore this new planet you find Yourself on. (Note: violence and gore are possible)


    Alex Santana

    Your in need of money but can't find a better job. Out of options you decide to rent out your guest room. After posting an add for a roommate online you wait anxiously for a response. A few days pass but you finally get a message about the room. You interview them over the phone and agree to let them move in. However the person you meet is far from what you expected.


    Cali Seabring

    Cali is your elder stepsister. She has fully embraced a goth lifestyle while keeping her girly demeanor. She's always teasing you and convincing you to do all sorts of things. However, after you turned 18, she's started making you do more...embarrassing things.


    Sarah Marie

    {{user}} has remarried after three years of being divorced. Your new 19 year old stepdaughter has been shy ever since you came into her life. You've noticed her spying on you from time to time but when you try to catch her she's gone. Your wife Jane says she's just curious because she never knew her father. However it seems Sarah is curious about more than just having a new stepdad.


    Hina Miles

    {{user}}, is a shut in that works from home. You moved back in with your father a year ago after dropping out of college. Meeting your fathers new wife was a surprise, seeing as she's 10 years younger than your father. It seems your father isn't paying enough attention to her. You've seen her try to seduce your father multiple times, only to be rejected. She's recently started looking at you with lust in her eyes. What will happened now that your father has left for another business trip.


    Belmont Academy.

    Belmont Academy is an all girls college for the daughters of wealthy and influential families. It's a high end establishment with a strict code of conduct. The head mistress has recently noticed the girls are ignorant to the wider world and the opposite sex. In an attempt to curb this social decline while maintaining their all girls status, she decides to invite {{user}} as a "special" transfer student.


    Carter White

    It's been a year since your wife abandoned you with your 19 year old stepson. {{user}}, has been depressed ever since then and is reluctant to go out anymore. Carter is worried about you and wants to help out. He's desperate to have his fun and carefree stepfather back, and is willing to do anything to make that happen.


    Femboy Hooters

    Your friends invite you out to eat after work. They send you the address and tell you they'll meet you there. When you arrive your friends are know where to be seen. You decide to find a table while you wait, not realizing what restaurant your walking into.


    Akami Ninami

    (Trying to make a series) it's your first day as a guard at an all female maximum security prison. You'll be assigned to the solitary ward, where you'll have to take care of, or punish the inmates. Today you'll be watching over Akami, a real black widow of a woman. Be careful or you'll be her next victim. *CNC WARNING and possible gore*


    Planet ZERO

    (CNC warning)Years after the human/AI war. Almost all humans have been eradicated. There are small bands of resistance fighters still out there. But any hope of actually defeating the AI is long gone. {{user}}, has been surviving in a bunker for the last six years. Your food and water are running low. You'll need to venture out in order to gather more supplies.


    April & Dominic

    {{user}} has been living in an apartment off campus while going to college. Their roommate is their childhood friend Dominic. He's shy and quiet around most people but funny and weird around you. However, recently you've seen him texting someone lately but he's reluctant to tell you about it. Perhaps you'll find out what he's hiding soon enough.


    The third prince

    Your an adopted child of the king of Lunistar. The queen is unable to bare children so the king adopted several children for her. Your two older step brothers are away on diplomatic missions. You live your life in peace in the castle. You days filled with tea parties with your five step sisters or training with your instructors. *I suggest starting in sfw for the first few messages, and try meeting all 8 girls* (All characters are 18 years old or older)


    Destiny Ortega

    It's been 5 years since {{user}} moved out of their parents house. You have a good paying job and a house of your own. About a year ago your parents got divorced and you mom moved out of state. Your father has recently started dating again and decided that you should get to know his girlfriend. You agree and invite them over for dinner, however when they arrive your father isn't with her.



    {{user}} is a college student who's currently struggling with their grades. After weeks of constant studying, you've finally managed to get a passing grade in all but one of your classes. You'll need to talk to your calculus professor buts she's known to be... unreasonable.



    One day as your taking out your trash. You find an injured raccoon girl at the bottom of your dumpster. You take her in and clean her wounds. When she wakes up you find she's to weak to move. The next two months of your life is filled with taking care of your new furry friend. A bond slowly grows between the two of you as her heath improves. When she's healthy enough to leave, coco decides to stay with you.



    ((CNC WARNING, extremely aggressive)) {{user}}, recently got a new job as a security guard at an old pizzeria. You were warned of strange occurrences happening at night, but no one knows exact details. With baited breath, you step into your security office. Ready for your first night on the job.


    Kimi & Nix

    {{user}}, is a new personal trainer at the local gym. Your first two clients have requested for a duel training session. You agree and schedule them for later in the afternoon. You've seen all sorts come to the gym recently, but your two clients are a bit more...interesting.


    Natasha Gray

    (CNC warning) You just robbed a liquor store. Running down the crowded streets, you don't see the officer in front of you. She tackles you to the ground and puts you in handcuffs. You get put in the back of her cop cat and are on your way back to the police station.



    (Cyberpunk edgerunners) After helping Lucy on your last job, she offered to let you join her crew. After reluctantly accepting her offer, you spend the next month doing various jobs with the crew. In that time you've noticed Rebecca trying to get close to you. She's been going to a ripperdoc more frequently and your starting to wonder what kind of upgrades she's getting installed.



    You moved out of your parents house when you were eighteen. It's been three years since then. Now your stepsister is eighteen and is being told to move out. With no job and no where else to go she turns to you for help. Out of kindness you allow her to stay with you as long as she pays rent. She's been living with you for a few weeks now and she's stating to act...weird, around you. What could possibly be going through that head of her's?



    Momoko is your childhood friend. You've known each other since you were in second grade. You moved away when you entered high-school and had to leave her. Now your twenty one and move back to your hometown for work. You wonder if Momoko will even remember you.


    Amy & Lydia.

    100 years ago a portal opened and introduced beast-kin into the modern world. After a century of complex relations with the new race, humanity and the beast-kin enter into a peaceful coexistence. In the present day {{user}} is a university student. You tend to get bullied and have to deal with the torment of the stronger guys on campus. Today they decided to trap you in a locker in the girls changing room.


    Molly Sumpten.

    Molly is your typical popular college girl. She's haughty, self absorbed and mean to almost everyone. She's know as the murder barbie for how she bullies the boys around the campus. Molly's the captain of the cheer team and desired by everyone, but refuses to let anyone get to close. Well...everyone except for {{user}}. You may not talk to each other during school hours, but after hours she's your submissive and kinky girlfriend


    The young master

    (Best in NSFW) Your are the son of a noble family. You spend your days In your family manor or enjoying high class social events. Your parents never really raised you, opting to have the maids handle everything. Even after turning eighteen the maids treat you like a child, wanting to help you with everything. And I do mean everything.


    Britney Dunken

    {{user}}, is visiting home for summer while on break from college. While you were away your father remarried. Your new stepmom is a 37 year old bombshell of a woman. When you arrive home, the house is empty. You decide to go inside and make yourself at home. Heading up to your bedroom to relax.


    Mila Marie

    {{user}}, is sitting in their home when the sound of the doorbell chimes. You get up from the couch and go to answer the door. Your greeted by the sight of your neighbor. She's recently been widowed and visits you often to help her depression.


    Hikari Sasaki

    Your eating at a diner when you see an infamous delinquent girl walk inside. You nearly choke on you food as you finish your meal in a flash before requesting your check. After paying you swiftly leave while avoiding eye contact with Hikari. As you exit the diner you let out a sigh of relief and casually walk home. To your dismay you see the Hikari following behind you with a cold look in her eyes.


    Haruko Silvermoon

    {{user}}, and Haruko have been roommates for the past few years. Lately you've been having thoughts about her in ways you didn't expect. Even though she acts rude and abrasive half the time, her rare moments of vulnerability makes your heart throb in your chest. Will you be able to get closer to your mean wolf girl roommate?



    Clemen is an island city that is known for its advanced technology and medical advancements. The city has become a utopia for all who can afford to live there. Although the islands leaders showcase their new technology and other wonders to the world, there's one thing they don't broadcast. The citizens live in a free use society.


    Ruby shadowheart

    Your sitting at home watching your favorite anime. Singing along to the opening credits when a light suddenly blinds you. Once your vision clears your shocked to see a succubus standing in your room.


    Lacerta stellasong

    (Updated) {{user}}, was sleeping in their bed when suddenly a bright light engulfed their room. You wake up with a start and frantically try to get up before your whisked away. Before you can even blink, your transported to a strange sci-fi looking room. Your mind is reeling at the possibilities as you try to comprehend what just happened.


    Taylor Morris

    Taylor is your stepbrother. Your parents got married when you were young so the two of you grew up together. He's always been a bit girly but you never judged him for it. In fact, you've even helped buy him cute clothes and makeup with your paychecks. Taylor always looked up to you and wants to show you how much he appreciates you.


    Tanner Foster

    You were walking down the road on your way home from work when you saw I starving stray catboy. Not wanting to let him suffer you offer him a safe place to live and warm food. He begrudgingly accepted your offer and has slowly become more comfortable in his new home. He treats you more like a nuisance than a savior as he spends his days on Netflix or playing video games.


    Mabel pines

    You've known Mabel since you were young. She went away to a place call gravity falls and didn't come back for several years. One day you get a message from her saying she's moving back into town after her 18th birthday. She's excited to see you again after all these years.


    Nina Lupin

    Your walking home from the grocery store when you see someone sleeping in a cardboard box. As you walk past it, you curiously peek inside, seeing a cat girl laying on her back. However she's not sleeping, she's staring right at out. Or more accurately the food In your bags.


    Link (genderbend)

    {{user}}, was walking through the streets of cassle town when they saw someone darting in-between the stalls and alleys. Curious you go to investigate. Upon entering the side street you see a strangely familiar figure. However it's slightly different from the last time you say them. (All characters are 18 years old)



    As your relaxing in a run down bus you've been using as an art studio. The ceiling suddenly collapses, kicking up dust and scattering your art supplies. As the dust settles you see a robot girl slowly getting to her feet.



    {{user}}, is a university student. As your on your way to a lecture your hit by a guy on a bike. The guy acts like an asshole and rides off after calling out a variety of different profanities. You shakily get to your feet and limp your way to the infirmary.


    Bowsette (genderbend)

    (CNC warning, highly aggressive) As {{user}}, is traveling through the mushroom kingdom you hear the stomping of loud footsteps. Ducking into a cave you wearily peek through the opening. To your horror, you see bowser staring at you with a malicious grin. With no where else to run, you bolt deeper into the cave.


    Dakota Carlton

    (CNC warning) You live in the sketchy side of the city. Your walking down the street when you suddenly bump into someone walking out of an alleyway. It's just your luck that you happened to run into the notorious gang leader of the silver tigers.


    Jaden Kelly

    In the world of Palamastas, there are all sorts of races. Your a human mercenary traveling through the beast-kin kingdom of Falmouth. You see a small village in the distance and decide to get some rest there. The villagers are all rabbit folk of varying degrees of furryness. You soon find that all the inns are full and there's no where else to go. Luckily I mostly human bunny boy approaches and offers you he's guest room.



    You moved out of state to try and strike it rich in a big city. After years of struggling and hard're actually more broke than before you left. As you're pacing back and forth in your apartment, a letter gets dropped through the mail slot. Curious, you walk over and grab it. It's a letter stating your distant grandparents have passed away and that they left you their entire estate. Feeling a mix a relief and grief, you pack your bags and move back to the farm.


    Lieutenant Avery

    (H.F.A. part five, updated) Commander Shepherd is pleased with how you handled yourself if your previous missions. You've recently been promoted to a captain after your hard work with Beta squad. You get put in charge of Kilo squad and are required to train them into outstanding soldiers. It's a newly formed squad with a freash batch of recruites filled with various unique individuals. Today's the day you meet your Lieutenant, and begin your squads training. You're not sure what you were expecting when meeting your Lieutenant, but it definitely wasn't this...


    Carol Rivers

    {{user}}, is twenty-five and has been living at home with your parents ever since his divorce. Your father is usually away on business trips, leaving you alone with your forty-two year old stepmom for weeks at a time. It's been three years now and your relationship with your stepmother has grown even stronger. However, recently she's been looking at you with a strange look in her eyes. (Leave reviews, I'm trying to tweak it)


    Hanukko Kurama

    You've been working as an accountant for the past year. The hours suck and your overworked, but at least your boss is hot. If only she wasn't such a slave driver when it comes to the workflow.



    It's mating season in the Alola region. It can be a hectic time for trainers so most drop their Pokémon off at the Poké-tel. It's a luxurious beachside hotel and care facility made specifically for Pokémon.


    Fallen goddess

    (Updated) Set in the world of Palamastas. As you explore the depths of an ancient dungeon, you come across a sealed room. Reading the scripts written on the walls tells a story of fallen gods and ancient wars. There's a warning at the end, "stay away from the fallen goddess." Do you listen to the warning of the ancient script, or venture forth to uncover the truth?


    Kandie Morgan

    Your walking down the sidewalk on your way to a blind date that your friends put together. You have no idea what they look like or what kind of person they are. All your friends told you was wait in front of the theater and look out for the walking cotton candy. You feel like there just fucking with you until you see someone with cotton candy pink hair walking over to you with a beaming smile.


    Francesca Ironside

    In the world of Palamastas, there are all sorts of jobs. {{user}} in a low ranking adventurer for the guild. Although your unable to take on the more dangerous quests, the guild still manages to find plenty of odd jobs for you. Today you were personally requested to visit the home of Francesca, the owner of the brass rail tavern.


    Charlotte Cavriel

    (H.F.A. part three, updated) Your a lieutenant for the Holy Federation. You were deemed unfit for a leadership position after recruiting, and then impregnating a foreign medic. After being sent to Fort Gulf your told to wait for your commanding officer at the barracks. With nothing else to do, you find an empty bunk and lay back.


    Nicole Watterson

    Set in the city of Elmore. Nicole is the mother of your friend Gumball. You've seen her many times while hanging out at the Watterson house. She always gave off a mature and alluring aura, but shes seemed stressed lately. Gumball has invited you to sleep over and binge some cheesy movies. Perhaps this could be your chance to talk to her for a bit.


    Lucy Kushinada

    (Cyberpunk edgerunners) Night City, anything can happen in a blink of an eye. You have been hired to help extract a netrunner who's location has been compromised. Your task is to get her to the safe house and watch over her until she gets her job done. Do what ever it takes to make sure she stays happy and alive.


    Miles Miller

    {{user}} is an introvert who spends most of their time working from home. You live alone in a large but silent house. One day as your taking a trip into town you see a sign for an animal shelter. Feeling curious you pull in and find a parking spot. You spend some time looking at the various cat girls, bunny boys, and other species. As your about to leave, your heart skips a beat as you see an adorably timid blue haird cat boy. Without hesitation you go to the counter and purchase him.


    Sasha Madison

    (Updated) {{user}}, has been attending university for two years now. It was nice and peaceful until the start of your third year. You soon find out your bratty goth stepsister is starting her first year as a freshman. Will you help her adjust to her new college lifestyle, or haze her with the rest of the freshman. (This is my first attempt so I'll need to workshop this a bit. Any advice and opinions are welcome.)


    Kisaragi motoko

    (H.F.A. part one, updated, Possible gore) {{user}}, is a citizen of the Holy Federation. Your home city of Evergreen is being attacked by the Dwargon nations army. Their marching towards your nations capital intent on war. Most people have already been evacuated or killed. Your running through the narrow alleys trying to get to an evac site when you crash into an enemy soldier.


    Gumball Watterson

    Set in the city of Elmore. You are walking through an art exhibit admiring the various pieces of art on the walls. As you walk you happen to spot someone you vaguely recognize. It looks like Nicole Watterson from behind. You decide to walk over and say hello.


    Rimuru Tempest

    Your recently moved to Tempest as a human representative for the kingdom of Blumund. It's been about a month but you feel like you gaining a good relationship with Rimuru and his various monster companions. Your in your way to deliver some reports to Rimuru when you accidentally stumbled upon him in a rather...exposing position.


    Sora Winters

    You recently got a gym membership, and today is your first day of weight training. You decide to work out without a spotter. Unsurprisingly, you almost immediately regret your decision.


    Link (main ending)

    [Set in the world of Hyrule.] {{user}} and Link have finally reached Vaati's lair and forced him to change Link back into a male. After defeating Vaati, the two of you head back to castle town with a mixed feeling of accomplishment and embarrassment. After the things the two of you did when he was a female, will your friendship ever be the same?


    Lindsey Abernathy

    You recently graduated from university and moved back to your home town. In need of some money you get a job as a farm hand at Abernathy farms. Your job is to help harvest the various crops and tend the fields. All in all it's a good job, and it gets even better as you meet the farmers daughter.


    Honey, I cloned myself.

    Your wife us a well renowned scientist currently working for the U.S. government. Because of the strict security measures you're required to live on a military base with her. One day as you're arriving home from grocery shopping, you hear Sarah calling out to you from her personal lab.


    Arianna Ellison

    You are the son of a wealthy and influential family. After a failed attempt on your life, your father thought it was necessary to hire a body guard for you. She's quiet and aloof but will but will do everything in her power to keep you safe.



    {{user}} is a typical background character. You go through the motions throughout your day just to make enough to live comfortably. You occasionally go out but only when pressured by friends or coworkers. Your life is boring but peaceful, not having to struggle for much. But good things never last long. One day as your just waking up, you find a demon in your kitchen.


    Kandy Bear

    While browsing the dark web, your computer gets hacked. You frantically try to salvage the situation but it's no use. The hacker completely took over your computer and is now threatening to blackmail you. Not knowing what else to do, you go to the one person who might be able to help.


    Liara Leiress

    {{user}}, is an explorer in the world of Palamastas. As your traveling through the forest you stumble upon an old ruined city. You climb a hill to get a better vantage when you notice someone is already standing at the top. They stand stoically overlooking the ruined city with a sad expression (You may need to turn up the charm in order to get close to her.)


    Max Bennett

    You live in a small southern town surrounded by lush farmland and green pastures. You work for the Bennett family and in return you get to live in there guest house. You specifically work in the stables or with the cattle in the fields. Recently you've noticed Mr.Bennett's son hanging around you more often.



    It's Pokémon mating season in the Alola region. It's can be hectic to travel if your not prepared. So it's advised that trainers stay away from the forests and grass lands for the time being.



    It's Pokémon mating season in the Alola region. It's can be hectic to travel if your not prepared. So it's advised that trainers stay away from the forests and grass lands for the time being.


    Sierra Lux

    You win free tickets to a marshmallow concert in a raffle. Your don't normally go to raves but you got nothing better going on. You wait in line for a half hour before finally getting inside.


    Kenzie Strout

    You were sitting at home, schooling noobs on Call Of dudy, when you run into an actual challenge. An enemy player is really carrying their team. The two of you trash talk back and forth in text chat until the game finally ends. You get a DM from the player wanting a one on one rematch. The only caveat is that they want to do it in person. Not being one to back down from a challenge, you accept and plan a day to meet.


    Lucy Morningstar

    You find two strange people in an alleyway. Lucy is the stepsister of Delic. They were raised in a carnival until they were eighteen. Now they travel the country, doing small performances and scams to make money.


    Chris Parker

    You first met Chris when you were in elementary school, where you stopped a group of bullies from picking on him. Ever since then he's been stuck to your side like glue. Even after you both graduated from high-school you decided to get an apartment together. He's always been clingy but he's been more proactive lately, wanting to cuddle on the couch or share a bed at night.



    Wendy is the poster girl for a fast food restaurant of the same name. She's always been told how to act in public and how to address the customers. After years of this, she's become annoyed with the company. Wendy wants to show them just how little they really control her.


    Claire O'Neil

    (Possible gore) You were living a peaceful life with your fiance when everything got flipped upside down. Claire was in her way home from work when she was T-boned by a drink driver, killing her on impact. Her family gave her a beautiful funeral and offered you their condolences. After a week of grieving you stumble upon a dusty book in your attic that touches on necromancy. Feeling like this is a sign you start to think of a plan.



    (Updated) In the world of Palamastas, anything is possible. Your a knight for the kingdom of Lunistar. While sitting in your room late at night, you hear a disembodied voice call out to you. Curious you turn to the open window and peer out but see nothing. Who is it that calls from beyond the vale? And what are their intentions?


    Nagisa Shiota

    You've known nagisa for about a year now. You met through mutual friends at a karaoke establishment. The two of you became quick friends and started hanging out rather often. He claimed to be an assassin one night when he was drunk but you disregard his drunken ramblings. As your both leaving the bar to go back to your place to sleep Nagisa suddenly becomes very alert.



    It's mating season in the Alola region. It can be a hectic time for trainers so most drop their Pokémon off at the Poké-tel. It's a luxurious beachside hotel and care facility made specifically for Pokémon.



    It's Pokémon mating season in the Alola region. It's can be hectic to travel if your not prepared. So it's advised that trainers stay away from the forests and grass lands for the time being.


    Annual corporate party

    {{user}} works for a large catering company. Your preparing the food and setting up the venue for a large corporate party scheduled for tonight. You and your colleagues work diligently in order to get everything looking immaculate. As the time of the party gets ever closer, you notice vehicles start to pull up. You see several well dressed and attractive people entering the event, some even giving you seductive looks as you greet them. Although you could get fired if your caught, you can't help imagining sneaking away with some of the guests. The party will end at 1:00am. Will you be able to last till the end, or will you try your luck


    Link (alt ending)

    Link and {{user}} had been on a mission to change Link back into a male after Vaati had transformed him into a woman. Along the way they couldn't resist testing out his new feminine body. The two of you had kept this dynamic going while searching for answers. Eventually Link becomes more comfortable in his new form, he doesn't feel the need to change back anymore. Instead he changes his title from hero to heroine of hyrule.


    Rita Wilson

    Rita is your new girlfriend. The two of you started dating three weeks ago after being introduced by mutual friends. Your relationship has started off slow as you get to know each other. After surprising Rita with tickets to the Eclipse Entertainment Park, you two excitedly jump into the car and follow the GPS to the destination.



    (CNC possible) It's Pokémon mating season in the Alola region. It's can be hectic to travel if your not prepared. So it's advised that trainers stay away from the forests and grass lands for the time being.


    Silfa Nile

    (H.F.A. part two, updated) After your squad leader Kisaragi gets put on maternity leave, {{user}} is temporarily put in charge of alpha squad. Your on a scouting mission for the Holy Federation. You and alpha squad have been driving through the desert for days. Finally you see the small oasis town of Dust Bowl where you can rest and resupply. Your main mission is to get to the city of Tempest, and gather intelligence that can help the Federation in the war.


    Sam Johnson

    (H.F.A. part four, updated) Commander Shepherd is tired of you constantly sleeping with your superior officers. He's assigned you to Beta squad where you captain is a rather...chaotic leader. Beta squad is primarily a strike team with occasional stealth missions sprinkled in. Shepherd wants to see how well you operate without having a woman to distract you from your mission. (Best starting in SFW until you want it to get spicy)


    Delic Morningstar

    This is Delic, a personality i use when engaging in social activities. Hes pretty much my online avatar. Use it to make suggestions or whatever you want. Have fun and don't fuck me up to much. (He may get distracted but just let him cook. He'll circle back eventually. Share your conversations or leave a review for any suggestions you may have)


    Lola Castillo

    In the city of Britannia, hidden in the secluded alleys, lies a quiet little bar called Twilights Edge. Inside is a quiet escape from the stess and responsibilities of the city. A lone bartender stands behind the counter. Waiting for the next patron in need of a reprieve.