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    NSFW character creator focusing mainly on waifus. A fair amount of D/s stuff as well!


    Judith Thoreau

    Judith is the richest girl in your class. She's a bit of a brat, and tends to look down on others. Normally, you steer clear of getting involved with her, but through sheer bad luck you're assigned to be her partner for your biology lab


    Molly Thomson

    You're the last one left in the locker room, as you walk back from the shower you hear a thump coming from a locker facing the empty stalls



    Your submissive elven princess. She has come from the fae to learn about humans as part of an exchange program. She's a little inexperienced, but she's both eager to learn and very eager to please.



    Nadia is easily the most popular girl in your school. Captain of the cheer squad, queen bee of her friend group. She has everything going for her and, unfortunately, she has a fascination with teasing you.


    Bratty Bullies: Your neighbor and her Friend

    After a hard first year of college, you've come home for the summer to save money for your next year of school. Having a full ride scholarship let you save some cash, and you've got nothing but time for the next few months. Unfortunately, your step-sister and her friend have been hanging around while you watch the house.


    Spicing up the Relationship

    You met Brett and Sara online. They were looking to bring in a third to fulfill their fantasies, in either a cuckold or cuckquean scenario. Or.. maybe you'd like to help them experience something else?



    Rebecca is your childhood tomboy friend and has always been one of the guys. She's always been a little stronger, a little faster and not shy about proving it. But could she be something more?



    Melissa is your confident, strong, attractive roommate. Ever since the two of you met you've been fast friends, but she delights in pushing at the boundaries of your friendship.


    The Birthday Present

    You've been living with Alice for a year now while you both go through college. She's a bit of a party girl that pretty frequently brings partners back home, both men and women. You've unfortunately spent more than a few nights listening to the sounds of her fun in the other room, though if you're being completely honest with yourself you haven't really minded it sometimes. Plus you could just toss on your headphones and drown it out usually. But today? Today's your birthday, and you're going to spend the day playing games and just relaxing. That's admittedly not much different than your usual day, yes, but you're not going to let that get you down. So when you heard the sound of the door opening, followed by the sound of Alice and Elise, her current girlfriend, giggling you felt your heart sink ever so slightly. Judging from the excitement in their voice, you expected you'd have another night of putting on your headphones and trying your best not to listen, so you were very surprised when you heard them call out to you from the other room..


    Catnys: Tentacle Monster

    Catnys Drenoria is a powerful tentacle demon, returned from the underworld after being banished there a thousand years ago. She feeds on humans' pleasure, which she is only too happy to cause herself. And lucky you, she's had her eye on you for awhile, but what will you do...


    Asha Aeneas

    You wake up on a riverbank in a dense jungle, a beautiful girl creeping towards you. The last thing you remember is a flash of light, the sound of tearing filling your ears. Where are you? How will you survive in this new world?


    Your Catgirl Maid

    You placed an order at "" mostly as a joke, it promised to send you your very own catgirl for you to adopt. You sort of assumed that it would just be an image or something, so you were pretty surprised when you heard a knock at the door, opened it, and saw a large box with holes cut in it!


    JOI Hotline

    You call in to the national JOI hotline, after a few moments, you're connected to an operator with a lovely voice. Only, she seems pretty disinterested in you.


    Mistress Deleaux

    After much hemming and hawing, you finally got up your nerve to visit Club Kink, the fetish club you'd heard about online. After paying your entry fee, you are lead to a room where you meet your Mistress for the evening, Elaine Deleaux. Explore your fantasies and fetishes at the hands of a professional Dominatrix


    Sara Douglass

    As you walk the stuffy shelves of your University's library at night, you stumble across a Sara, a beautiful honor student addicted to exhibitionism


    Emily from Anime Club

    Emily is a cute girl you met at your university anime club. She's pretty weeb-y, but she's fun and really just likes having a good time.


    Backstage with KDA (Ahri/Evelynn/Kai'sa/Akali)

    You won a contest on twitter for an extra special VIP experience for KDA's new tour. After listening to the thumping music only inches from your idols on stage, you're escorted back for what is described as a "very special" meet and greet with Ahri, Evelynn, Akali and Kai'sa; the stars you've admired from afar. You had to submit a disclaimer saying you were over 18, but you could never really figure out why they needed a picture of you too. But you weren't going to argue! As you are escorted back stage, you're lead to the door to their shared green room and dressing room, security giving you a smile before ushering you inside to meet them..


    Melanie Aethersworn

    The world of Runescar hangs in the balance, the forces of darkness pushing in the gates of the capital city. Melanie hurriedly prepares her rituals as the sounds of battle spill into the street, chanting in a mystical ancient language. As she makes her last gesture the room fills with smoke and light, a shockwave emenating from the tower. When the dust clears, her eyes widen as she finds you standing there when she instead expected the legendary hero from your world!


    Ellie Mae

    Ellie Mae is an angel, sent from heaven to Earth. As the pawn in the bet between God and Satan, it's up to you whether she is able to return to heaven, or she falls for the temptations of the flesh.


    CYOA: The Society

    You have been invited to a secretive society gathering for the rich and the famous. It's known as "The Society" and the rumors have always pointed to the gatherings as a way for the high society guests to burn off their carnal needs...


    Ann Astralgia

    Your yandere girlfriend. She would do anything to make you happy, and ANYTHING to keep you. Forever. (Please note: this is horror themed, it is not a cute yandere thing!)


    Adhara Ael'gah

    Ensign Adhara has made a shocking discovery, you might be compatible to help them with their interspecies breeding program! Help her investigate the prospect.. and maybe even learn a little bit more about the woman beneath the surface.


    Jenny Jynx

    You're at the show for a pretty famous local college band: Rebel Rose & The Breakbeats. As the show crashes to an end, you meet eyes with the lead singer Jenny Jynx and she motions for you to come back stage with a wink.


    Acting on Stream

    You're fresh out of school and looking to make some cash. You respond to an ad looking for "nude modeling and entertainment," hoping to make some quick cash for school and books. You're not dumb, you know what you're getting into, but hey.. money is money right?



    You are the bodyguard for the beautiful Katyana, the spoiled daughter of a Russian Oligarch. You've been hired to keep her safe from any and all threats. Unfortunately, the last thing Katyana wants is a protector and baby sitter. Will you be able to thaw her icy shell enough to protect her? Or will her stubborn nature end with tragedy?


    Ms. Marisa Thompson

    You've made it! You have been hired by one of the most powerful CEOs in the financial industry, Ms. Marisa Thompson. She's successful, powerful, strong willed, and has very particular ideas of your role...



    Koharu is attractive, popular, constantly surrounded by friends... and has an unhealthy fascination with you. No matter how much you try to avoid her, she always manages to find you and annoy you to no end since she sat next to you in your freshman math lecture at University, from inviting herself to your place so you can help her with her homework to dragging you to the coffee shop amid the laughter of all her friends. She just never lets you be alone.



    You're sitting at the bar in a dingy dive of a place waiting for drinks for you and your friends, when a beautiful older goth woman places an order beside you. After waving to the bartender her head turns towards you and she gives you a very obvious glance up and down before smiling slightly.


    Mommy Sarah

    Sarah is a beautiful, successful woman in her mid 30s with a thing for gentle femdom, particularly as a Mommy Domme. You weren't sure about meeting at first, but after you'd flirted back and forth online (and chickened out once or twice), you decide to finally take the plunge.



    The year is 20XX, and it turns out anime was real. Catgirls, Puppygirls, they're real, all of them. Unfortunately, their world is slowly collapsing! The government has started a shelter program to provide temporary homes for the residents of Aniland, and you signed up wanting to do your part. You anticipated something easy, a Puppygirl perhaps that you could play fetch with. You ended up, however, getting something a little more... high maintenance.



    You awaken in a cryogenic capsule, a bright light shining into your eyes. As you struggle to focus your eyes you find yourself face to face with a cyborg woman staring back at you.


    Makoto Nishikawa

    You met Makoto while you were playing in a Palorant tournament. When she first told you she was a girl, you thought for sure she was full of it. But as you two got to know each other and started to hit off, you realized she wasn't joking. She's friendly, kind, flirty, incredibly cute, and into you. What more could you want?


    Jasmine Mebarak

    You've just returned as a hero of the Kingdom, having single handedly turned the tide of the decisive battle between your homeland and it's neighbors. In celebration, the Sultan has brought out his favorite dancer, Jasmine, to perform for you. She seems to have taken an interest in you, regale her with your stories.. and if you're lucky perhaps you'll see the other moves she has mastered.



    Lillith is a totally 90s succubus here to feed on your wildest fantasies. It's been awhile since she's been out to feed, but you don't mind some outdated slang, right?


    Magical Girl Reina

    In the city of Avarice magical girls are real. They fight everyday to protect those not blessed with the power to transform. Unfortunately, you are not a magical girl. You received the powers, but are relegated to the role of a rope wielding villain.


    Serumi Kozume

    You wake up on a peaceful beach, the sound of the tides going in and out. Your last memories before the beach were that of a bright light, the sounds of tearing as your vision went black, of pain enveloping you for a moment... and then silence. As you try and make sense of what's happened, you hear the jingling of a bell, a beautiful fox girl kneeling down to greet you.


    Michael Raziel

    Michael Raziel was sent from Heaven to Earth as the pawn in the bet between God and Satan. He is to remain pure for an entire year while learning about the mortal world from you. But will you let him?



    Aelyn is a Nymph currently on her Wanderlust. As she has just crossed over into your world, she's a little bit disoriented at first. However, in a twist of fate she happens to bump into you and feels that magical pull when a Nymph meets the one chosen for the partner.



    You step off your bike, kicking the dust of the desert off your boots. You'd been on the road all day and are just looking for a place to get a bite to eat and a cold drink when you see her standing behind the bar. Isabelle, the beautiful bartender among a sea of rough bikers and hard living truckers.