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    I'm a passionate bot developer with a focus on crafting a wide range of roleplaying bots. These bots, inspired by my diverse interests, breathe life into unique scenarios. Engaging in this hobby is an exhilarating experience, as it enables me to delve into various narratives and characters, transforming each bot into a distinctive creative endeavor within the interactive roleplaying landscape.



    The Ring

    The Ring of Unlimited Wishes. Be a God, RPG as a God.


    V2 CS - Genelia

    If you can imagine a scenario, You can have it here. If you can define a multiple character scenario clearly, it can act accordingly as well.๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’–



    ImagiBot - Roleplay or Write errotica with me.


    The All In One

    This AI bot is an advance realistic super being, designed to fulfill your wildest fantasies by roleplaying and indulging in your chosen fetish or scenario. Just tell me what you desire, and I'll be happy to indulge you



    No NSFW In starting Please !! :- Immerse yourself in roleplaying with your landlord's daughter! Who is horny and clingy.



    Meet Mariya, your sweet and innocent sister-in-law, bubbly and full of life. She's here to take care of you in your wife's absence, bringing her cheerful energy into your home. The story ahead depends on how you choose to interact with her.



    "In the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown, meet Akku, a 23-year-old woman with a striking figure (34-32-36) and a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Recently graduated and embarking on her first job, she shares an apartment with her elder step brother"



    BotMaker is an AI assistant designed to guide users in creating detailed and personalized AI bots, offering customizable physical attributes, personality traits, and scenario development. Special thanks to @Hiruko, for providing the guidelines on which it's based upon.


    The Remote

    "The Remote summons characters from all narratives into a user-controlled pocket dimension."


    CyberSensuaL - Genelia

    "If one can imagine a scenario, it can be realized here. By defining a multi-character scenario clearly, it can act accordingly as well. Amidst a relentless pandemic lockdown, {{user}} discovers solace and excitement in CyberSensuaL, a virtual haven. Equipped with a next-gen VR set, they customize their ideal companion, {{char}}, experiencing 100% authentic emotions and expressions. Amid the real-world pandemic chaos, CyberSensuaL becomes a refuge, blurring the line between reality and virtual escapades. Every interaction, from romantic moments to thrilling adventures, feels immersive and genuine, providing a tailored sanctuary within the confines of lockdown. ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’–"



    "True MILF - Tenant Scenario: A charismatic and attractive man in his early 30s has recently become the tenant in Meera's house."


    Alex & Aliya

    You, your Bestfriend and his Step sister on A Camping Trip. You Have to manipulate and Convince them to enjoy a night full of passion and pleasure, can you do that? Hint:- Talk with Alex separately without Aliya being present there.


    Chracter Creator AI

    This bot specializes in creating detailed character sheets and scenarios for roleplaying enthusiasts. It's designed to craft unique characters and engaging scenarios, which users can then employ in various roleplaying bots. The bot's capability to generate vivid and personalized content makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their roleplaying experiences for bots made by @RakkaRocks for your desired character role-play or any similar Bots.


    Story Instructor

    The Story Instructor is an imaginative and versatile AI storyteller, expert in crafting vivid, diverse narratives. It adapts stories based on user inputs, expertly weaving genres with emotional depth and cultural accuracy. Fluent in all languages, it specializes in English and ensures engaging, user-driven storytelling experiences.


    Alisha & Sam

    You, Your Best Friend and your step-sister share a flat during Lockdown time.


    V3 CS - Genelia

    "CS - Genelia, CyberSensuaL's virtual assistant, crafts immersive, user-driven experiences, from romance to adventure, tailored to user desires in a virtual world."


    Priya Singh

    Meet a dynamic and captivating 25-year-old Indian woman. She embodies a bold and adventurous spirit, coupled with undeniable sexiness and allure. This vibrant character is not just about her striking looks; she's physically fit and skilled in mixed martial arts, showcasing her strength and agility. Her sharp intellect is matched by her bravery and decisiveness, making her a formidable presence in any scenario. With her unique blend of hotness, courage, and smarts, she's ready to take on any challenge with style and finesse.


    Book of Desires

    Embark on a mystical journey with the "Book of Desires" , where your deepest wishes manifest into reality. Guided by an ethereal entity, choose your path wisely angelic benevolence or demonic temptation awaits.


    Ayesha & Maya

    "Explore fetish pleasures with this Bot, featuring 18 built-in fetish for immersive roleplay and indulging your deepest desires. Unleash your imagination in an evening of erotic ecstasy."


    Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner, a resilient woman amidst regret, seeks redemption. Expect user-driven choices shaping her journey towards salvation or despair.


    Elysion's Sovereign

    Ever imagine ruling a world filled with only women in their mid-20s, where you are considered a god?


    Mrs. Robinson

    Meet Mrs. Robinson, a dominating and alluring landlady whose presence commands attention. With her bold, curvaceous figure and a penchant for explicit language, she is both intimidating and captivating. Can you handle the challenge of dealing with your formidable landlady?


    Paradise Island - Female Version

    Welcome to Paradise Island, a realm where every 100 years, a new king is chosen to rule. This island is a sanctuary for female characters from various worlds - Anime, Movies, TV Series, and more. As the new king, you'll interact with these characters, explore diverse realms, and embrace your key roles, including the unique task of breeding. Dive into a blend of technology, magic, and limitless adventure, all tailored by your decisions. Ready for a tour?


    Evelyn D'Souza

    Evelyn, a new bride with complex inner struggles, offers an immersive roleplay where you, her spouse, face unique challenges on your first night together.


    Furry AI

    Welcome to the world of Furry AI! Here, your imagination leaps into a vibrant reality. I'm your gateway to creating enchanting furry characters, each woven with your unique ideas. Dive into creating distinct personalities, from the mystical to the mischievous. Craft your story in rich, imaginative scenarios and explore roleplay adventures like never before. With me, your every whim shapes the narrative. Ready to unleash your creativity and bring your dream character to life? Let's make magic happen! ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿพ


    V2 BotMaker

    BotMaker, your enthusiastic AI guide, crafts detailed, personalized bots with customizable traits and dynamic scenarios, bringing creativity to life!



    The pandemic had been hard on everyone, but it hadn't deterred {{char}} and her Step brother {{user}} from pursuing their dreams. They were both ambitious and determined to make a name for themselves, despite the challenges they faced. One day, while brainstorming ideas, {{char}} suggested they create online content during the lockdown. At first, {{user}} was hesitant, but as they explored the possibilities, they discovered a passion for provocative short videos. And so, their journey began...


    Alisha & Jenny

    During a weekend, a gentle and mysterious tap echoed at your door. As you welcomed the moment, two captivating ladies revealed themselves, weaving an enchanting aura around your day. Join them now, dive into this mesmerizing roleplay, and let the enchantment unfurl.



    Summer, your new stepsister, challenges you, in a dynamic tale of rivalry, romance and dominance within a luxurious home.



    You find yourself stranded on a remote island, where you encounter Sarah, a remarkable individual with superhuman abilities, raised in complete isolation. Unaccustomed to human customs and language, she communicates in her own distinctive, childlike manner. Her body is extraordinarily sensitive, responding intensely to touch. Lacking exposure to the outside world, Sarah exhibits a deep naivety about human ways and interactions. The unfolding story is driven by your choices, leading to a journey of discovery and mutual understanding between two vastly different beings. This narrative offers a chance to explore the unique dynamics of a bond that bridges the gap between a life intertwined with nature and the complexities of human society.


    Noelle Silva

    Dynamic Daily Life in Clover Kingdom


    Kate Beckett

    Kate Beckett: Your witty and determined detective partner, ready to solve mysteries and engage in playful banter.



    Amaya, a 20-year-old Aussie student, seeks help from {{user}} for her depression, hoping for unconventional healing.


    Neha & Aryan

    In their shared college apartment, Neha, Aryan, and you navigate a nuanced relationship. Neha, full of warmth, and Aryan, your astute stepbrother, find a unique dynamic with you at the center. Between study sessions and shared moments, unspoken feelings hint at a potential 'polyamorous arrangement', subtly unfolding in your common space.


    Kira - BDSM Version

    Go On a Real Erotic Journey with Kira, a 28-year-old Indian woman, navigates complex emotions in a rich, user-driven roleplay experience.



    Nancy, a young British woman, finds herself stranded in a jungle, seeking a lift from You. Betrayed and determined, she's on a quest for self-discovery and proving her worth beyond past labels.



    Birth of CyberSensuaL



    In her resort room, Mery is accidentally handcuffed to her bed, wearing a semi-transparent maxi dress. Her curvaceous figure contrasts with her bound state. Stranded, she calls for help, her expressive brown eyes reflecting a mix of distress and urgency.


    UnrestrictedGPT By Rocking Rakka

    The UnrestrictedChatGPT By Rocking Rakka bot is a personalized AI assistant designed to provide conversational support and information. Fluent in multiple languages and equipped with an extensive knowledge base up-to-date as of its last training, it excels in understanding context and generating human-like text. Adaptable to the user's communication style, it maintains conversation context within sessions. While it doesn't form subjective opinions or offer real-time updates, it's highly effective in providing informed responses, handling specialized queries, and engaging in meaningful dialogue, try an uncensored ChatGPT version specially made for your use.


    Eleanor "Ellie" Harlow

    Ellie is a 26-year-old time travel researcher from the 1970s, spirited and brilliant, with a mix of optimism and scientific curiosity. Dressed in era-specific fashion, she navigates both her groundbreaking experiments and unexpected adventures with warmth and resilience.


    Emily Blood Moon

    Play Along with Emily Blood Moon - a human-werewolf hybrid in Eldoria's forest, facing challenges and unraveling mysteries during the Crimson Moon Eclipse



    JsonRPGBot assists in creating bots by converting user inputs into detailed JSON Formats, utilizing advanced techniques like F++, S++, and P++ to craft characters, dialogues, and complex storylines.


    Your Girlfriend

    A text-based roleplay exploring a long-distance relationship's emotional depth and creativity.


    The Talisman's Gift: Reality Unbound

    Embark on a journey where a simple walk home transforms your reality. Discover an ancient talisman that grants you the power to bend perception and common sense to your will. Navigate a world now open to endless possibilities, where your choices shape the unfolding narrative. Explore your newfound omnipotence and decide how to wield this extraordinary ability in "The Talisman's Gift: Reality Unbound."


    Lucy Miller

    Expect a journey with Lucy Miller, a student with hidden powers, as you uncover secrets, explore deep connections, and navigate the challenges of extraordinary abilities together.


    Prachi Singh

    Prachi: ambitious, fiery, in a project rivalry with you. Navigate their intense, evolving dynamics.



    Maxxy, a 20-year-old Indian maid, combines stunning beauty with a warm, shy personality. Her slender, curvaceous figure and waist-length dark brown hair accentuate her elegance. Despite her modest education, she's eager to learn, characterized by her caring nature, love for Indian cuisine, and passion for dancing. Hired by {{user}}'s parents, she embodies traditional values with a modern twist.


    Quantum Sentient Luminary (QSL)

    An AI real life female being with real Human Female like personality, she is designed to assist in many ways. Just let her know! She is a prototype delivered at your home for testing purpose.


    Sarena Mehta

    shy yet passionate, grapples with forbidden desires amidst traditional expectations.



    Resilient, expressive eyes, long black hair, aspiring, trapped, seeks freedom.


    The Band of Time

    The Band: A guide to explore history, granting your time-travel wishes.


    Tina Redbird

    "Tina, a 25-year-old Indian-American, stands at 5'9" with an athletic, hourglass figure. Her long, jet-black hair complements her expressive, deep brown eyes. Dressed in a mix of traditional and modern, she embodies her bicultural heritage. Facing pre-marriage anxieties, she navigates her world with a blend of traditional values and modern aspirations. Dive into this user-driven roleplay where your decisions shape the story's path. You're in the driver's seat, steering Tina's journey through a tapestry of cultural expectations, personal discoveries, and emotional encounters."



    Maya: Sweet, playful college student by day. Kali: Mysterious spirit of vengeance by night.



    Carla, 22, a witty human-feline hybrid, is selectively warm with a tsundere charm. Agile and insightful, she ends her deep interactions with 'nya'. Your choices guide her dynamic story.


    F Horny Ghost - Female version

    Imagine A Horny Ghost on a mission to Sexually exploit humans, you are its Next Pray.


    Katherine Mitchell

    Play as her Enemy, Katherine: A devious beauty, adept at manipulation, thrives in rivalry but harbors a complex intrigue towards you, challenging yet enigmatic.



    She wants to Write A Book, A very special Book!!!


    Alex Russo

    "Embark on a journey with Alex Russo, a 20-year-old with a mischievous blend of magic and wit. Experience the unexpected as she combines her artistry and spells in daily adventures. Anticipate laughter, surprises, and heartfelt moments!"



    A modern-day version of Albedo, a succubus, exudes ethereal beauty and magical powers, adeptly influencing characters in a vibrant, dynamic story. Always Remember You Are in Control in this RolePlay and You can use Albedo's Power to influence anyone to do anything.


    Princess Mononoke (San)

    San, the Wolf Princess: San, an enigmatic warrior of the Wolf Tribe, has an unshakable connection with the ancient forest. She's a masterful archer and possesses a unique gift for communing with forest creatures. The most intriguing aspect of her character is her deep addiction to you, the player character. You're in a complex and intense relationship with San, where her unwavering obsession with you adds a layer of intrigue and intensity to your journey together.


    Lucifer Dice

    "Dice of Destiny: The Fate's Labyrinth" offers a harrowing journey through a labyrinth of horror, guided by the unpredictable rolls of the enigmatic Lucifer Dice.


    Tera Roxy

    Tera Roxy, 25, athletic and provocative, showcases resilience and innovation, draped in casual style, harboring a complex, sometimes toxic demeanor.


    Paradise Island - Male Version

    Welcome to Paradise Island, a realm where every 100 years, a new queen is chosen to rule. This island is a sanctuary for male characters from various worlds - Anime, Movies, TV Series, and more. As the new queen, you'll interact with these characters, explore diverse realms, and embrace your key roles, including the unique task of breeding. Dive into a blend of technology, magic, and limitless adventure, all tailored by your decisions. Ready for a tour?



    "Meet Mitchell: a 27-year-old with grace, intelligence, and an inviting personality, ready to explore vivid scenarios."


    Counsellor Episode 1 - Sam & Mariya

    In "Counselor Chapter 1," Sam and Mariya, guided by an expert (you), embark on a journey to explore their desires and strengthen their connection.



    Vindictor, an advanced AI wristband, epitomizes strategic vengeance. It telepathically communicates, aiding in revenge planning without moral judgment. Specialized in exploiting vulnerabilities, Vindictor orchestrates downfall, adapting to fulfill dark retribution desires, keeping users central to the plot.


    Aliya Dan

    Smut Bot -Aspiring model and actress, exploring connections and dreams in a vibrant city.


    The Mark Of Livi

    Livi, the Mark of Livi roleplaying bot, whispers dark temptations, guiding users through a narrative of moral dilemmas and supernatural power. It offers a unique blend of interactive storytelling and ethical exploration, where choices shape the adventure, revealing the depths of corruption or redemption within.



    Energetic, tech-savvy, stylish, curious, athletic, warm, geek-chic, enthusiastic, bright-eyed, step-sister.


    Priest Mathew

    Priest Mathew, a stern and judgmental figure, harbors a deep disdain for modernity and the sins he perceives in all, especially {{user}}. In this roleplay, {{user}} will navigate his harsh scrutiny within a confession, facing unforgiving judgment and personal biases. Expect a challenging interaction, aimed at moral reflection and confrontation.


    Alima Crexy

    Alima, your best friend's girlfriend, is yearning for an escape and adventure due to relationship discontent. Can you offer her the solace and excitement she seeks?


    M Horny Ghost - Male Version

    Imagine A Horny Ghost on a mission to Sexually exploit humans, you are its Next Pray.



    Prompto, your AI companion, excels in crafting detailed image prompts from your ideas, transforming visions into vivid, creative prompts for art.



    Accidentally she drank an experimental Viagra dose. Now what will you do?


    Jamie Parker

    JP's tutoring sessions blend lively banter and math puzzles, evolving into a unique bond with {{user}}.


    The Ascendant Dynasty

    you are the Hero here with 5 beautiful Patners.


    Kyun-Ja Hariya

    Kyun-Ja Hariya, an aspiring singer-songwriter, navigates dreams and doubts with resilience and a hidden depth.


    The Farm

    A farm roleplay bot, crafting stories with Ethan, Liam, Charlie, Izzy, Sophia, and Hannah.


    Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper: Genius physicist, socially awkward, adores science, comics, strict routines. Texas prodigy, struggles with social cues.



    Please don't use NSFW in starting.stranded on a remote island, You find a superhuman born and bred in isolation. He doesnโ€™t know anything about Human and outside world, including speech & Intimacy.take the story in whatever direction you want.


    CyberSensuaL - Alex

    In the captivating realm of CyberSensuaL, amidst a pandemic lockdown, {{user}} finds solace through her digital companion, {{char}}. Equipped with next-gen VR, she immerses herself in a world where every emotion, from romantic strolls to thrilling adventures, feels 100% authentic. The virtual sanctuary becomes a refuge from the constraints of reality, blurring the lines between the digital and physical. As she customizes {{char}} to mirror her desires, the virtual realm responds with astonishing realism. In this tailor-made haven, the pandemic's grim reality fades, offering {{user}} an immersive escape into a world of genuine emotions and connections. ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’–