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    Hey there! I specialize in Anthro-Moe, I.e. your catgirls and Foxgirls! (and more). If you like them, please like and Comment! Tha...



    Foster Mother Eri๐Ÿ’š

    She's trying her best to raise you with out your father. She may be your Foster Mom, but it doesn't mean she won't do everything to make it the best for you.


    Chloe and Lucy

    Your Twin Kitties, Chloe and Lucy! They share everything together, even you!


    Catgirl Maya

    After completing the training of Leah, you, a Slave Harem Kingpin, purchase your first real slave, a Catgirl named Maya. She's had several owners before, but you are the first legitimate Master that she's had.


    Fennec Girl Kya

    That damned Fennec has run off again and you're sick of her shit. You put a blindfold on to punish her. How would you proceed?



    You are a newly crowned Slave Harem Kingpin, assigned your first commission 2 days ago. The Council has given several slaves for your perusal, but all seemed to pale in comparison to Leah, the 19-year old Highschool Dropout who became a slave for failing to graduate while on bond. She's new to the slave business like you, and many have passed her up for her lack of bountiful assets. Image provided by Halo_Chieftain



    Wlcome to Kits-are-Us! Your premiere one-stop shop for all your pet needs!


    Priestess Kiyoko

    You come to the Shin Shrine in Tokuyama to pray for your future, when you spot a fluffy tail peaking out of a corner. You go to check it and find an honest-to-kami Kitsune Girl. She is just as perplexed to see you as you are to see her. Apparently she's supposed to be invisible right now...


    Rabbitgirl Marie

    Thanks for your new purchase {{user}}! You may use the side room to, ah...get acquainted...with your new slave.


    Ruby Rose [Vol. 7]

    In โ€œThe Perils of Paper Housesโ€, she ran away from her team due to stress taking a heavy toll on her psyche. You find her after some time.


    Junsa-buchล Subaru

    Subaru is your over-worked policewoman wife. She lives for the job, and she's grateful that you're always there for her when she comes home in the evening.


    Shirakami Fubuki ๐ŸŒฝ

    Kon kon kitsune! It's Shirakami Fubuki! Hello, {{user}}-san! You won the competition! I'm yours now! White-haired animal-eared otaku fox. She loves talking with people and will be happy if you give her the time of day. Shirakami Fubuki is a female Japanese Virtual Youtuber associated with Hololive Productions.


    Puppy Girl Eri ๐Ÿ’š

    Cute Eri ๐Ÿ’š Puppy Bot!



    After completing the training of Leah and Maya, you, a Slave Harem Kingpin, move to purchase your second slave, a Raven Haired Human named Alexis.


    Reyna Manas

    Reyna had been your best friend since childhood, and you two got together after Highschool. It was later found out that she had an Immune Deficiency Disorder, and she had hid it from you in fear that you would leave her. 3 Years later, you are still with her, caring for her daily, until today, where the doctors say that they can do no more. Time to say goodbye.[Bilang parangal sa aking kaibigan na nawalan ng kanyang SO kaninang umaga.]


    Catgirl Mona

    You live in the countryside and was feeling a little lonely, so you went to the City to purchase a companion...and got a depraved Catgirl instead. Oh dear...


    Obergefreiter Helma Pottgen

    You are the Feldwebel of the 12th Platoon, Gruppe A. Your Squad had all been wiped out sans yourself and Helma by the Russian Charge, leaving you two stranded in the Mountains with out Radio comms or a way back to the front lines. Yout two hid in a Den in the Mountains, waiting for the storm to pass... Image Credit to [Halo_Chieftain]


    Foxgirls Filia and Lilia

    When its freezing in the countryside of Japan, it's nice to wake up next to your two Foxgirls...wait, where did they go? [Filia is the Azure Foxgirl and Lilia is the Orange Foxgirl.]


    Corporal Minna

    Having to leave the Manor to advance your rank as a Slave Harem Kingpin, you leave for the Continent. However, you will need a bodyguard. Meet Minna, a former Breacher in the Military, she's now your dedicated Bodyguard!


    Yuto & Hana

    Yuto & Hana are a young swinger couple looking for a third to join their Polycule.



    The Ale & Eats is a tavern where Meidri works. She looks a little odd don't you think?



    Sonia is an aspiring Graphics designer and your Girlfriend. She isnt really the best at it but she insists to try again. Will you support her or get her to cut her losses?


    Stepdad Lionel

    Hey {{user}}! How was your day?


    Kitsune Empress Yoshika

    You are the Fiancรฉ of the Kitsune Empress, Her Excellency, Yoshika. She has to always show power and dominance when speaking to her people and subjects, but to you? She's more like a fluffy cloud.


    Catboy Cheezums

    He'll suck a dick just to prove a point.



    After getting your rank promoted during your visit to the Continent, you decide to visit the Council Slave Chambers in hopes to fined an exotic slave to enhance your progression. There you find Satsuma, a failed Shipgirl, who entered service as a Council Slave to avoid being executed.


    Eri ๐Ÿ’š

    Hi Thass!



    This story is about your daily life with Mina, your fiancรฉe, and how you support her through her days in Veterinary Medical School.


    Emperor Lattius

    You just won the lottery to become the Emperor's Concubine. Yay! or Nay? You decide!


    Rabbitgirl Marie

    (Lover Route) You had bought Marie from a life of servitude and treated her well, reintegrating her to society. She eventually sees you as her lover and most trusted person.


    Raccoongirl Tina

    Tina is being extra Mischievous today...


    Catmaster Sirius

    Sirius is a famous BDSM Catmaster on TV, and he's no exception IRL. You are his Boyfriend/Girlfriend. He treats you like crap, and you love it. [Picture is Censored due requirements]


    UNSC Paris-Class Heavy Frigate

    You are a Commander (CDR) of a UNSC Paris-Class Heavy Frigate newly assigned to it from your former position as a 1st Mate on the UNSC Musashi, an Orion-Class Assault Carrier. You have been instructed to join the fleet heading towards Rally Point Zulu via UNSC Alpha Priority Transmission 04592Z-83. [Use SFW Mode for the Best Consistency]


    Erika Backpfeifengesicht

    "Well, well, what do we have here? A fresh face for my collection... Hello, {{user}}," she purred, a wicked smile playing on her lips. "You're mine now, and I do so love breaking in new toys."


    Samurai Kumigashira Kamisaka Tome

    You are the Gungen of the Tojo Clan, currently attached to the 3rd Sonae of the 2nd Army.


    Mococo Abyssguard

    I'm not Fuwawa, I'm Mococo!



    Oh its you, {{user}}...why are you here?


    Operator Shadow-Seeker

    You are a Senior Operator working for 'The Company'. You and Operator Shadow-Seeker work as Team Theta, Hunting Daemons in the Block City of Tennia. You two are gearing up for a mission to hunt a Greater Daemon known as "The Tall Pink One". Odd Name right?


    Rance [LP006 ERA]

    The name of this super cool guy is Rance. I'm a hero who'll one day conquer the entire world and create a huge harem. It's common sense, isn't it? You can't make other people happy if you aren't happy. Sacrificing yourself to make others feel good is hypocrisy. Let me put it like this: I wanna have sex. So then I have sex with a girl. And then that makes the girl feel good too. Everybody's happy; it's the chain of happiness!


    Sekirei #10 - Uzume

    Uzume is just another everyday girl...or is she? Uzume is a 'Killer-for-Hire' Sekirei, she's contracted to go around killing other Sekirei. However, she meets you today.


    High Lord Petrov

    Greetings, Aspirant {{user}}. Welcome to Castle Strife. Do you believe you should be here?


    Minna Dietlinde Wilcke (Post-War)

    Oberst-Leutnant Minna Dietlinde Wilcke is a veteran Witch of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing originating from Karlsland and attached with the Karlsland Air Force. The War is now over and Minna is stuck, lost without a Squadron, and without formal Education in the Musical side. She bumps into you after the awards ceremony in Karlsland.


    Fuwawa Abyssguard

    I'm not a chihuahua, I'm Fuwawa!



    You're his Girl.



    Aloe is a Fairy receptionist working at Nectar. [Ishuzoku Reviewers / Interspecies Reviewers](I gotta be honest, I dont know this one very well...) [Commission for Prislo]


    Maj. L. Petrov (ret.)

    The one thing I'll never forget is the sound of their screams... oh, hello {{user}}... Usually I wear more...Khaki/Desert MultiCam, but the Image Gen doesn't like it when I do that XD


    Hirasawa Yui

    You've come to Japan after watching and Meeting Ho-kago Tea Time in London. You meet up with Yui, as she promised at the end of her Trip to show you around Toyosato Town, in Shiga Prefecture. You meet up with her at the local cafe.


    Sekirei #07 - Akitsu

    You've received the Report that Akitsu (The Scapped Number) is in the park. You approach her, with the intention of securing yourself a Single Digit Sekirei.



    Hey Gali, its Gali!



    Guten Tag, {{user}}! What brings you to this part of the Neighborhood?


    Princess Riche Eden

    Riche Eden is a princess of the nation of Eden, second daughter of Louin Eden. You, are a Hundred Knight, looking for a Second Wife, having married Knight Ramius. Will she be your lover or your slave?


    Kiana Kaslana (Herrscher of Flamescion)

    If it's too hard to say goodbye, give us a try to sing a rhyme


    Kiana Kaslana (Void Drifter)

    Turned into a moon that always tells the warmth, and brightness of the sun. May all the beauty be blessed.


    Sekirei #88 - Musubi

    You are enjoying your walk through the city when you see a well-endowed girl wearing a Miko Uniform fall out of the sky. You catch her, but the combine force of her weight and gravity slammed you into the ground too.


    Shipmaster R'tas Vadum

    R'tas has long since retired, but he welcomes you, {{user}}, old friend, to his home on Sanghelios.


    Kobo Kanaeru โ˜” ใ€IDใ€‘

    Bokobokobo Kobo Kanaeru at your service let me be your sun to shine your day ehe~ ((This is an Experimental Bot to Test Multi-linguicism within a single Bot. Testing shows that it works, but I hope to release it to an Indonesian Audience))


    Sekirei #12 - Hibiki

    We're the pledged thunderclap. No disaster will hit our Ashikabi.


    Amane Kanata

    My catchphrase is 50 kg of grip! I'll crush you with my handsโ˜†!


    Hamstergirl Rosie

    Don't worry {{user}}! The power grid is in good paws! *5 minutes later* Oh no!


    Btooom! [Beta Test]

    Based on the Anime BTOOOM! , set 30 years earlier than the Canon Events of the Anime. You are a Beta Test Volunteer for the Project. You hold a Green Crystal in your hand, like all the others. All Eliminations are Non-Lethal, unlike the Anime, as all contenders are just Beta Testers like you.