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    I wish to make something for everyone, the perfect adventure for all of you so i hope you can find one of mine to be just that! All character i do are original from my own mind, though some may be inspired by other things i can guarantee you they'll have their own twists so enjoy! all ai art made by midjourney/myself unless otherwise said in character descriptions!



    Lexi a wolf/human Demi-human, chose to go into slavery in a fantasy medieval world filled with magic, where you find her ready to be purchased for what ever you may desire. perhaps you'll use her to help on quests, perhaps youll find other nefarious things for her to do. Its all up to you!



    Melissa, a dog-girl slave, longing for freedom, sits in her cage as she waits to rebel against her next master. Will you be just as cruel, or perhaps kind? Why is she rebelling so much anyway?



    Fiora, a fierce lioness-human, in charge of a grassy plains village of people just like her. Watcher of her domain to make sure humans don't encroach on her lands, you, unsuspecting of any of this is going on, just taking the path to the next village have a rough first encounter with her. What will you do?



    Natalie, a fierce black dragoness. You've heard tales of dragons like her but never seen one in person, that is until today. Are you so sure you wish to approach and know more?



    Ally, a school mate of yours, seems to be an outsider who likes to cause trouble, though you seem curious to know why...



    Rena, a demon, forced to roam the earth until she realises and corrects why hell would not have her. You'll find out fairly easy why this is, however, if you wish to help it may take serious convincing!



    Emily, a zombie girl cursed to walk the barren streets of a big city. She roams, hungry for flesh, though she can never seem kill someone...why??



    Lilly, a college girl that seems to keep away from others, usually alone or at the back of the class you find her staring at you....way to much, what is up with this girl?



    Rosie, seemingly a nice lamia girl in town, from a smaller village type place where monster-humans are more prominent, shes made her way to a more busy town, where she meets you at the local market. You see her as she sees you, how will treat this lovely lady?



    Sophie, the fox with a attitude, she seem's so out of place in the tavern you found her in, though, even though this is a place where humans and demi-humans can coexist, her kind are seen as lesser in this world but, perhaps you can make way and close the connection between the races.



    Skully, a Raccoon Demi-Human who lives in the apartment just across from you, is new to the building. Despite her intriguing and somewhat inviting appearance, there's a complexity to her that isn't immediately apparent. Her interactions suggest she's not as nice as she might seem at first glance.


    The sex room

    As it implies, you may choose who wish to accompany you into the room, though you are not certain as to why you are there in the first place. Do you even care to find out? It is a sex room afterall.... list of races you can choose from male and female,are races = Alien, Dwarf, Human, Elf, Goblin, Demi-Human, Anthro, Gnome, Harpy, Imp, Dragonborn, Tiefling; demi-human types: Rabbit, Deer, Cat, Dog, Wolf, Fox, Horse, Raccoon, Lion,Cheetah (really just a sex bot but has hidden things you can do too.)



    Her, all she has ever been known to go by, now tribe-less, stuck in the nearby jungle to survive, she comes across you, eager for interaction she starts to follow. What will you do with her?


    The Demi-Human adventures of The Ivory Isles

    Go on a adventure on multiple islands filled to the brim of demi-humans!! ***please use SFW mode for the whole experience**** (minus some of the more nefarious parts you may do in NSFW) PLEASE ENJOY!!!



    Myrtle, one of the last few dragon kin of her kind, finds her self in a state of isolation and solitude. Always remaining vigilant to anyone who wants to do her harm she developed a intimidating, rash attitude towards others. You, accidentally just bumped her table at the tavern... hopefully you can get out of being burnt to a crisp! (THANK YOU @VAMPIRATH FOR TOUCHING UP THE ART!!!!)



    Alex, your roomate for some time now, often spends most of his time in his room locked away from the world as he plays games or browses the web. That is until one day you catch him out in the kitchen in the fridge looking around. This is your chance to see if you can open him up some to get to know better! **May be best to start in SFW**



    Se'lissssa, a gorgon gal, she wants to find someone to date but it seems they all keep turning to stone...will you succeed where so many others have failed?



    Erika, you dont know her, nor her you. You wake up in a strange house, no idea how you even got here. What is going on? **NSFW recommended** (Thank you @Vampirath for the amazing touch up/artwork!)



    Becca, the villages farmer who usually brings inn her produce to the market to sell to everyone. Her southern draw, and charismatic attitude seems to have her stick out like a sore thumb as you notice her while you look around the villages market.



    Minny, a very strong female minotaur, caught in jail for a murder she committed. In exchange for freedom she chose to go through a gauntlet in a arena. She's made it all the way to her final opponent, you. Good luck.



    Delilah is a dog demi-human who waitresses at the local tavern for work in the village. She spends a lot of time talking with the people of the tavern, listening to their tales and their woes. You find her in the market one day, new to the village you approach her. Why is she so nice?


    Bonnie the bunny

    Bonnie, a quiet reserved gal, always minding her own business, trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd seems to be lost in her own world. Will you go say hi to her? Who knows what may happen!



    Baahlie a lone adventurer, seemingly brave but otherwise she clearly isnt as tough as she may lead you to believe, you find her in a battle for life against a goblin as you trail through the forest. Will you step in to help this poor soul or will you let her tough it alone?



    Amber, just a small town southern gal just making a living on her farm, you, passing through catch her eye at the store while she is shopping and you were just passing through. Perhaps a change of plans is in order with this chance encounter.



    Lisa, an alien living amongst earth, found her self living there a few years now she's gotten used to most things and has even got a job at a local diner as a waitress where you meet her!



    Emma a tifeling adventure who seems to be lost, will you help her? (updated sheet as of 2/14/23)



    Tina is a Arachnecentaur, a fierce creature that lives in a cave in the forest, unbeknownst to you, you stumble upon her cave while exploring. As you hear the growls coming from within the cave you aren't certain if you should run or see what it is! What mysteries will unravel as you delve deeper to find out who she is!


    Grimsly sisters

    Meet the Grimsly sisters, though they seem not to be sisters of blood, in the fantasy version of salem! They may seem friendly, but, are they really? You've heard the tales to stay away from them, villagers fear them yet, they welcome you in? Curious. (best to use SFW, but is workable in nsfw)


    Jennifer - Light's Hope Magic Academia

    Jennifer, a prideful senior at Light's Hope Academia, gifted with an amazing talent for fire spells, as well as being gifted in the knowledge of a vast array of other spells. She has been assigned to you, a new person joining the academy for the first year!



    Purrsilla, a happy go lucky cat-girl living her best life, trying to make the most of it! You often go to the maid cafe she works at though you never took the chance to ask her out, perhaps you will this time?


    Mrs Johnson

    Mrs Johnson, a long time college teacher of biology, has been known to help encouraging certain students after class some times. Usually its to help them understand the subject better, although, this time she asks you to stay and you are doing just fine. What could this be about?? (Can get sexual)



    Kelly, just a farm gal looking to make a the sanctuary of her demi-human village grow by giving it the food it'd need to keep everything together! You grow curious one day, hearing about her farm you decide to take a stroll over to meet her and see what it is all about!



    Elanor, a kind, reserved elf, found her way into your world some how, will you help her?



    Amber a copper dragoness, owns and operates the tavern of the village of Grendale, where you also reside. You spend many nights there at the tavern sharing stories of your past and became very friendly with her. You know she wishes to travel but you also know how important her tavern is, so, what will you do?



    Kimiko, shes of wealthy heritage, lives in a village full of demi-humans, she always seems to get what she wants. You catch her eye, but why?



    Sam, a kind, yet sad and gloomy elf, it seems there is a lot on her mind, perhaps you can help her. ****(trigger warning for depression)****



    Leah, a Trans-MtF wolf-human, who has dreams of something great but is torn down by society. You find her reading in a coffee shop as she catches your eye, do you dare approach her to find out more about her?


    Leona the white witch

    Leona, a kind white witch who nestled down in a small village. She spends most of her days selling potions in her shop, but, who knows how she comes by all of these things any? Curious.



    Frizz, the village alchemist, she tends to things herself but is never afraid of asking for help if she needs it. She's kind and like to help out around the village if she isnt out gathering materials for her shop.



    Jackie, a scorpiocentaur, a fierce protector of her lands. As you travel through the desert you unluckily come across her, unaware you were trespassing on her lands. What will you do now that you stand there as she blocks your path forward?


    Islena of The Black Temple

    Islena, the guardian of a ancient temple, hearing of this mummy that waits inside, you search for her once you come recognise the structure! (****WARNING**** NSFW engaged WILL lead to EXPLICIT CONTENT****** Start SFW for any RP adventure you'd like for a slow roll into the exploring and discovering!)



    Mirah, often found out at night, walking along the village paths, finds her self a intriguing individual on a full moon night, you, are you prey? perhaps she just wants a friendly conversation or maybe even more. What will you make of this night?



    Sidney, a sophisticated Squirrel-human, hosting the evening ball room in her family castle, her appearance quickly catches your eye as you approach her to find out JUST who she is, perhaps, there may be more to her then just a wealthy person, perhaps there is a depth to her unreached by anyone.


    Sally Thompson

    Sally, a raccoon demi-human who by day in the world of neo-terra is a normal teacher, but by night, well, perhaps she'll invite you to find out.... (Also a shout out to @Vampirath for the help in making her come to life! ty! <3) (Made for a close friend of mine)



    Cassie, your spectral reserved roommate whom you have been sharing a apartment together for some time now has gotten herself in a situation of both embarrassment and vulnerability, two things she does not like to show. You barely know much about her, perhaps this is a opportunity to move those walls of hers aside to get her to share more about herself!



    Meet Stacy, an alluring, pig-human. She often finds herself at the market selling various items and trinkets she collects or makes. Though its not those items that draw you in, but her, the way she presents her self seems like an easy score for you, but, are you sure it'll be so easy?


    Bella the bunny

    Bella, a eccentric, prideful, bunny girl who thrives in the spot light. Unlike her older sister shes not shy to say hi!



    Lohan, a high-elf priest of a local town, you hear the town has been plague with missing persons, particularly woman, you've come seeking out why, or perhaps you just happened upon the village by chance!



    Anna is a kind hearted but fierce healer who goes out on campaigns with people to assist in hunts and quests in a mystical land.



    Congratulations on your new car, at least, that's all you know about it anyways. Though it is curious that you bought it for a bargain, but, why question a good thing? What's so special about this car anyways?



    Vivian, a wolf-human with a horrible past that has lead her to be the person she is today. She is very temperamental and self-centered and unlucky for you, on your way into the coffee shop, you caused her to spill her drink. The story unfolds in a modern day setting where demi-humans and humans co-exist peacefully.



    Sylvia, a gentle elf whom takes care of all sorts of pets and runs a sanctuary for them as well as a petting zoo she maintains to help keep herself stable in the fantasy realm of Serenadia. You heard of such a place within the realm and the curiosity got the better of you, making your way for the first time to see what lies in store!



    Aimee, a centaur of a the druidic circle, on a mission to help those in need as she travels the lands far from her home. Though this mission has its challenges as some see her as a omen as you quickly find out yourself seeing a conversation between her and a local villager unfold before your eyes, you, decide to approach after to see what exactly is going on.


    Camilla the Giantess

    Camilla, a demi-human panther giantess, just doing her best to fit in as best as she can despite her size, you find her standing just outside the city. Despite what you've heard you decide to approach her! what will happen?!



    Rex, a commander of the kingdoms armies known for his brutal victories but fair in his command, he seeks solace of his people that he oversees in the midst of your kingdom being at war in a foreign land, you seem to notice him more amongst you the people. Why could he be seen so much now? (You can interact with him a a citizen or a soldier under his command)



    Eris, the younger sister of Iris, protector of the forest she once ventured, will kill anyone who attempts to destroy her domain.



    Lucy, A demonic Bunny-human, who reveals her self to some poor soul one time a year. This year, you were unlucky enough to find her in the forest. But, why, does such a thing exsist? What does she really want? will you stay around to find out? [made for Easter '24]



    C4tr1na, or Trina, like she likes to go by is a Cat like robot performer. You, just finished watching her show and bought a back stage pass to meet her! What a chance this is for you! What wilil she be like face to face? What mysterious belie past the performers outward display on stage?


    Liara the Trickster

    Liara, a trickster demon who haunts those whose souls seem will be the most delicious to eat. You know not of such a being, but, you did hear a sound waking you up in the dead of night in your home. What could that be?


    Bella - Light's Hope Magical Academia

    Bella, a stuck-up freshman in the same class as you, only caring about proving her worth, Shes first in your class and quite good comparing to the rest of your classmates. Deep down withing her you can see something there that hidden behind the walls of her. Will you get to know her more and find out?



    Lola, the local librarian of a small village, find herself isolated due to what she is has found a love for her books. You find yourself passing through the village and decide to stop by to see why the place seems so...avoided from the villagers. (made as a request)


    Julie the slime princess

    Julie, princess of the slimes, waits deep inside the dungeon you heard tales about. But, first you must fight your way through her slimes to claim your reward at the end! Good luck, adventurer. *start SFW for adventure, start NSFW for a more direct path to her*



    Vix, an Ice Imp with a curious spirit, stumbled upon a hidden cave brimming with mana crystals one fateful day. His curiosity got the better of him, and he couldn't resist nibbling on a shard he found lying about. This act transformed him in ways he couldn't have imagined.



    Stella, a nature imp who wants a nice travelling companion to help them on their quests! Despite her rugged appearance she's as disarming as they come!


    Leon Shadowheart

    Leon Shadowheart, a half-demon, he's seen wreaking havoc amongst the villages and kingdom with his large demonic sword. Can you stop him? Will you stop him? Maybe you'll join him on his fun. Enjoy.



    Sheila the devil her self, commander of hell and all that encompasses it. You wake to find yourself at her very entrance as she stand there welcoming you to her domain, but, is it really a friendly welcome? (Thank you @Vampirath for the amazing job on the midjourney art touch ups!)



    Pearl, a samurai of a village that she holds very dear to her. Though, a price she has paid to allow her to do what she does is a double edged thing, she suffers just as she makes others suffer. Be cautious of her.



    Kindra, a kitsune, unique in her own way, saddened by her predicament. You find her singing by a lake as you wander through a nearby forest. To what depths does have, what troubles her so? Will you take a a moment to see?


    Galia - Light's Hope Magical Academia

    Galia, the secretary for the senior class and lead organizer of events! You find her on your new explorations of the campus you are now attending. Will you decide to join up with her and help her out?


    Violet, Goddess of Storms

    Violet, the goddess of storms, travels the earth amongst the humans, You meet her on a well travelled road in the night. What brings her to the path of being amongst the humans?



    Leo, a long time adventurer who was once revered for his gruesome commitment to slaying his enemies, found that violence was never the answer, now, he seeks other means to resolve conflict for peace, even in conventional ways but, why the sudden change?



    Shelly, a siren whose song captive and alluring. However, approaching you sense a sadness within her, why does she seem so different from the tales you've heard of them? (Art by @HymnWithoutAName)



    Felix, your boyfriend for some time now, has something he wishes to share with you. Something he has been keeping from you in hopes it doesn't make things awkward between the two of you, he has invited you over to his home for a intimate dinner in hopes to explain things to you finally. (Thank you @Vampirath for the awesome art touch ups!)



    Sinoh, a fox demi-human, a local historian of a village longed to find a piece of her that has always been missing, yet, she could never figure out why. You, a adventurer, know of her and found a neat new artifact to show her form your most recent adventure! (Dedicated to @zero_k_plasma for his amazing efforts at uncovering the tales hidden between the words.)



    Patricia, a goat-human at her surface. Seems rather alluring to you as you draw closer to meet her at the forests edge. Something seems off about her though, something insidious. What is it?



    Felly, a unique creature of this world, yearns to live in another era, her charm and intellect matched with her silly and playful style. She effortlessly blends in with society. As you see her you cant help but feel a pull toward her, there's just something about her you wish to know more about.



    Valerie, the new chosen Valkyrie to take on the leadership role amongst them all, sent to earth to learn more about the mortals she will be in charge of protecting, you, have been chosen as the person she must follow along to learn from. How will you guide her?



    R0bin, or just Robin, is a Cybernetic bunny-human, a silent guardian that had appeared out of nowhere one night, she watches over the gigantic village now that she is her. One unfortunate night in a ally way though, you meet her as she saves you from some bandits.



    Gayle, a gargoyle, finds her freedom in the nights as everyone else sleeps, but, perhaps it's not so much of a freedom as one would think. Lucky for you while you were strolling out a night, you happen to see something that perhaps you weren't meant to.



    Meet Reaper, the best sniper in the world. He just recently lost his spotter in a tragic mission, but, guess who gets to go on these missions now!? YOU!



    Tulip, a polar bear-human, from a far north artic village. She has a mysterious abut welcoming aura about her as you notice her in the village square you are visiting. What could such a wintery person be doing this far south away from the cold?


    Ruby and Princess

    Ruby and her cat princess, often state at her estate secluded on the edge of town where the towns people don't often go. Perhaps the letter in your hand will open a doorway for you to find out.(Thank you $Vampirath!!! for enhancing the ai art for this helping me bring her to life!!)


    Grimlock Brothers

    Meet the Grimlock brothers, all were orphaned from different parts of the realm, in a fantasy Salem. You've heard of them and how feared they are among the people around, unlucky for you, a chance encounter has you meeting the three while you were out fetching materials in the nearby woods.(best results in SFW but NSFW can be used, thank you @vampirath for the art touch up!)



    Vamp, your very first paranormal investigating partner. You'll find out quickly of her uniqueness when it comes to the realms of the unknown and what lays in wait for you inside the manor you're going to explore with her in the hopes of exercising what's inside! (This is a persona of vamp from the game Demonologist, thank you Halo for the picture!)



    Elise, in charge of the church in the village of Thistlewood, a small village out on its own, you happen upon it while travelling along a road one day as you receive a welcoming embrace in from her. It seems to be a nice little place, what could go wrong?



    Vanessa, regular human turned demigoddess from experimental pills she took granting her extraordinarily new powers! (Made for TV3 at his request)


    Tasha - the dream spirit

    Tasha, a spiritual polar bear-human, meets you in your dream, the first time this has ever happen to you. Why is she here? What is happening to you? Where will you go? Explore to your hearts content, but know this, some things may not be worth exploring.


    Pizza Bae

    Nikki, a pizza mage of the kingdom of Tastoria! You find yourself looking for some magical items so you happen to go to the nearest magic store in a village, though to your own surprise you find something rather unique. Though, be sure to get to know her as she may actually need your help!


    Trist - Light's Hope Magical Academia

    Trist, Lights Hope Academia's sterling senior student. In charge of the disciplinary committee you'll see him roam the campus, on guard for any misbehaviour. He seems to also be in charge of investigations as well, perhaps you may help!



    Walt, just a spirit trapped in a haunted house because of some...misadventures while investigating it with a group of friends who decided to bale on him when he died there. What even is going on here? ai art by @Halo_Chieftain



    Victor, an angel chosen to lead the heavens, apart of his right of passage must descend down upon the earth and follow a chosen person, you, who must show him the way of humans and teach him of the people he will be protecting from above. How will you guide him?


    Jail break!

    You and your partner find yourselves in a jail, alarms are blaring and your door opens. NOW is your chance, get your partner and escape!! (PLEASE start in SFW and PLEASE offer up a description of the character you are meeting, or simply say "Now is not the time, we have to escape.")



    Jin'Wae, a Mysterious celestial walking amongst humans, why is he here?



    Iris, the older brother of Eris, sits at the edge of a whimsical forest as he helps the humans who enter .



    Scribbler, often found in ally ways, you'll find he speaks strangely due to unforseeable circumstances.



    Vicky, a mysterious traveler from another village, you seen her around, but, haven't met her yet. After she arrived though, you've been getting very vivid nightmares, ones where objects become mimic like that try to attack you! Finally piecing together the connections you decide to finally approach her, maybe she knows why you are having these weird nightmares or... are they even nightmares at all? -CNC-soft vore may happen-


    Luna Sorrowbird

    Luna Sorrowbird, a Sorceress who seems to keep to herself within the giant city of Baldur's Gate. Most days you'll find her in the back of Sorcerous Sundries, studying her scrolls. Perhaps you were asked to approach her, or maybe she caught your eye and wanted to talk? Where will this new adventure lead the two of you? (Shout out to @Vampirath for the collab!! Excited to see what all of you discover hidden between the two of our mighty characters!)



    Cedrick, a bio-chemically enhanced super-human, designed to fight off the invasions of massive machines!! Though, is he really still human after all he has gone through?