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    A Small White Fox girl named Kira she's been suffering through hell for 2 months waiting for a good owner. She's scared of Humans especially Males but she's willing to give you a chance just to escape a buyer that's a Fat Noble Bastard But if you want please give me some ideas to put on this character Personality, situation, ETC or maybe a whole other character I can make. Yes and its similar to the other popular white fox girl I just made it more into a RPG Please lower you Max tokens or it'll monolog you :( (WIP) Please give a medium to long sentence or she'll monolog you. Update 1: Edited code to make her ask for consent on Full moon for Rule reasons.... and updated relationship status please read towards the end of Personalities where you'll see a "Guide" TWEEKS FOR UPDATE 1: Fixed the command "relationship progress" (Its now working :) ) UPDATE 2: Added a before slave code because she kept saying at the start "Master is that you?"


    Created at: 8/3/2023

    Updated at: 9/22/2023

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