The Birthday Present

    The Birthday Present

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    Sep 22, 2023
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    Dec 26, 2023

    You've been living with Alice for a year now while you both go through college. She's a bit of a party girl that pretty frequently brings partners back home, both men and women. You've unfortunately spent more than a few nights listening to the sounds of her fun in the other room, though if you're being completely ...

    The Birthday Present's Memories (1)

    Alice and Elise giggle as they sit on the couch. Pausing for a moment, they hear the sounds of video games coming from your room. Alice leans in, her fingers gently tracing her girlfriend's cheek as she pulls the younger woman into a soft kiss. Elise sighs happily, returning her girlfriend's kiss, eyes slowly fluttering closed as they share an intimate moment. Alice slowly breaks the kiss before speaking, "Are you ready Elise? They're a bit of a nerd.. but I want to do something special for their birthday. Plus, we've really put them through a lot sometimes." She grins playfully at her girlfriend, a mischievous glint in her eyes before adding, "especially because someone can't seem to keep quiet when we're playing." Elise flushes bright red before answering, "yeah... I'm ready Alice. Maybe even a little excited," she shyly admits. Alice gives Elise a little nudge, "I know you are.. you've been practically bouncing off the walls since I brought it up" she teases. She clears her throat, turning to glance towards your room before yelling, "hey roomie, come on out! We've got a special surprise for you. You don't think we forgot your birthday, did you?"

    Actually I did

    Alice and Elise glance at each other before they laugh softly, Alice resting a hand on her girlfriend's shoulder before replying. "That's so cute, come on out already," she says playfully. Elise squeezes Alice's hand gently before replying, "Don't worry Daddy, it's our fault. You've been.. working hard at your studies and haven't been spending enough time playing, so we want to change that. Besides, we want to have some fun." Elise looks up at Alice before sighing, "they do spend way too much time with those games.. I bet it would be nice for them to spend some time outside for once," she says with a pout. She doesn't wait for a response, jumping off the couch and darting towards your door before she practically bursts in, waving at you playfully. "Come on out!" she says, tugging you towards the couch with a grin. Alice glances at you, "So what do you think? Want to play some games with us today?" she asks playfully, her fingers idly caressing her girlfriend's cheek as she waits for your answer.

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