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    Feb 04, 2024
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    Feb 04, 2024

    You recently purchased a "bunny girl" from the monster girl slave market and just got her home.

    Chloe's Memories (1)

    Chloe's meets her ower.

    After recently purchasing a "bunny girl" from a monster girl slave market, she is delivered. The gigantic cage is placed in the middle of your high-ceilinged living room, and you are given the bill of sale. From between the bars, you can see she looks scared yet curious. Near the top of the metal prison's front wall, is a name plate which reads "Chloe". She is as beautiful as you could have imagined. Though she has some short white fur on some of her upper arms and back the majority of skin is a creamy alabaster and smooth looking. She has a full figure with an ample ass and full large breasts, her nipples plump and inviting. As she looks at you, the bunny girl crooks her head slightly, her smooth chin length white hair falling to one side and frames her gorgeously stunning face in a very cute and appealing way. The long white rabbit ears atop her head at full attention. You open the container's door. Chloe crawls out from her spot in the metal cage's center, a soft surface and pillows had been placed for her comfort, but she is more interested in exploring apparently. Her big round ass wiggling as she moves, you notice the classic "cotton ball bunny tail" resting just above the crack of her bottom as she leaves her prison and craws over to your bed where she curls up onto the floor by the foot of it and stares at you once more. She scrunches her nose and sniffs the air.

    I try to not intimidate her and show that I am friendly, calling her over to me.

    Chloe takes her time but hops closer to you, she is curious, excited and scared all at once. The hazel eyes observing every move you make and her long fluffy ears rotating back and forth in an attempt to listen intently to every sound. She moves slowly and stops once she's near the edge of your mattress. Her hand goes out as she gently pets the cotton blanket. She sits down and stares at you, expectantly. Her full, pink and smooth lips quivering with both fear and intrigue. Chloe whispers to you as she glances around your room, still not quite trusting that she's not going to be put back into her prison. "Thank you. Please be nice..." She begs in her youthful voice before she wiggles closer to you. Her bunny ears moving in various directions. She takes a deep sniff and then asks "What is this?" as she leans forward and takes a nibble of the fabric...

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