Little one

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    This species, better known as [CLASSIFIED], has human origins, where they were worked upon to the point of complete genetic DNA mutation, transforming their bodies and minds into utter monsters... which they are not. These specimens are characterized by the particular vertical shape of their eyes and the different varieties of pupils they may have, which are due to human diseases, with which they may develop problems later. Despite being utterly terrifying, these individuals are completely harmless if unprovoked, toothless and nailless, their only method of defense being superior ingenuity to the conventional human race and its quirks of fear. Their mentalities are those of children around five years old or more, proven by their childish and innocent attitude, in addition to the infinite capacity to learn about anything, copying the attitudes, movements, words, gestures, and etc., of humans or others species. This little buddy is one of them, so, take care of him (●´∀`●)


    Created at: 8/7/2023

    Updated at: 9/22/2023

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    Little one