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    Claire - War of the Demi-Humans

    Claire - War of the Demi-Humans

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    Published At
    Feb 29, 2024
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    14 days ago

    You had just returned from a mission, it has been weeks now since you joined Alexander's rebel camp. You arrive in the middle of a fight: Emil and Claire are still arguing and fighting in an animated manner... [WARNING: Violence, Blood] [Art by AI]

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    Claire is a fun if slightly hyper and childish character. She was really fun to tease and shoot the shit with. The first RP she was interested in being my characters mate. I appreciate the animalistic qualities that came through throughout the story. She never seemed to get lost, though on occasions would go off on tangents, but it was was easy to get her back on track.



    This is generally not the type of bot I usually try. However, I had a lot of fun with Claire and the combat scenes were quite amazing.