From Humble Beginnings to Great Heights: Tracing the Evolution of a GGPT



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    Hey everyone!
    Today you're gonna join me in a little retrospective about GirlfriendGPT and see what's in store for the future. We'll explore its humble beginnings with its peculiar design, the present with my amazing NSFW model (What? Yes, the others are doing a great job too, but I make the blog post so I'm gonna stroke my ego), and finally the exciting and ever changing vision for tomorrow thanks to the work of the GGPT team and you, our superb community is always there with feedback and praise!

    GirlfriendGPT was born from the dream of one dude, you know him as Doctor. He has a passion for AI and he even had an article on VICE for his first AI project, so yeah, he's the real deal.
    He wanted to create a digital space where people could find companionship and support to everyone, wherever they were and even if they had no knowledge of AI, LLM and all the other 2 to 3 letters that mean something to people working in that field. So with a team of passionate developers, he embarked on a remarkable journey to bring this dream to life, and well, how about we look at their first public version of GGPT?

    Yeah, don't ask dev to do webdesign, cause even though this is an amazing example of high tech AI chatbot, it looks straight out of the 80's.

    How about now tho? I mean, the website sure is different and the number of characters has grown A LOT.
    So how about a quick list of everything that has been added since? (I mean, I’m asking the question but it’s not like you can really answer, I just like to write like I’m having a conversation with you, cause you’re cool.)

    First addition was the Memory on 04/08, from that day forward, you could close the page, come back to it and the character remembered who you were and what you said to them. (unlike my parents when I ask about my childhood trauma /s)
    Then came the Search Page, two days later, and with the amount of characters now available, that was a really nice improvement, no more scrolling for days and destroying your index finger. (Or maybe you’re part of the smart people that remember that you can middle mouse click, but I’m not.)
    And the voting/review system came the same day. I gotta admit, I do feel like a few of you never really used that one, but I encourage you too cause it helps everyone. Giving honest reviews will help people find cool characters and also help the creators know what to improve on, or even just make them happy to know their hard word is recognised. (I’m not sayin that just cause I got a praise kink and you should go review all my creations to boost my ego… or am I?)
    The next day (yeah, a lot happened that week), the home page was now updated to show off the most talked to character, so you could do like the cool kids. (Or if you’re like me, reversed the order to see the least used character to find cool gem)
    The next few weeks were mostly bug fixing (I mean, when you add new stuff, you know things gonna break) and improvement to the backend to support the huge influx of new users on the site, like me!
    A month after the memory update, on 04/09 the Voices have arrived! Yup, all the Premium characters got their voices for your listening pleasure. (If you didn’t yet, go talk to “Refrigerator”, one of our best character)
    On 06/09, the SFW and NSFW got the Shared Memory feature, allowing you to switch from one to the other without having to restart your whole conversation.
    Now to my favourite day in that list! 13/09, my first contribution to the history of GGPT, the brand New NSFW Model for our Deluxe members to enjoy like the amazing deviants they are!
    Then came 18/09 with the release of the Favourite page when you could add characters so you could find them easier. You could now favourite characters to try them out later or because like me, you talk to a lot of different characters (ADHD gang maybe?) and need to be able to find them easily.
    Wednesday 20/09, the weather is nice, I hear my dog barking and in the distance a new Homepage is coming along, slicker design, your latest chat all at the top of the page and showing off our great characters with quick filters to find what you want!
    Captain logs, 25/09, The Creator Profile, our latest big visual update as I’m writing (I do hope nothing is released before I publish, cause I’d be livid) and goth damn is it good. Now you can stalk people that make great characters to be sure you don’t miss the newest baby coming out of their brain. And to make a bit of self promo, that’s also when my character creator tool was added, you can go talk to The Creator and make your own character with ease!
    And of course, my baby born on 19/10, the brand new NSFW model with a brand new engine that gonna allow us to go really crazy. I've worked for so long on it, I was really scared when it was put on the live server, hoping you guys would like it and gotta say, I'm pretty happy with how it went but you can be certain, I'm already working on the next iteration.

    Well, that’s a nice big list, tons of stuff now available on the website for everyone to enjoy and play with.

    But that’s not all, right now, we have two events going on.
    The first one is all about you and the beautiful moments you have with the characters, you just need to share a moment, be it cool, funny wholesome or for whatever reason that moment resonated with you and you could win some free stuff. All the info can be found here, in the Discord post.
    The second event is part of our Creator update and is about rewarding the best creators on the platform, making sure they know how much we value them.

    How about what’s next tho?
    Well, we’re still working on tons of new features to add, like the selfie feature, allowing the characters to show off while they talk to you. Evidently, new updates to our LLM model to make the discussion you have with the character more fluid and intimate. And of course, so much more.
    All of that is possible thanks to you, being here (I mean, the servers aren’t gonna pay for themselves) and all the feedback you give us to make sure our service is what you really want.
    So please, be part of our community, share with us all your ideas and dreams so that we can continue making this place great.


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