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    Community Spotlight with uncensored AI chat bot creator Gard

    Introduction: Community Spotlight for uncensored AI chat bot creators

    Hey there everyone, I'm starting a brand new series of community spotlight article by interviewing our amazing creators.

    Our very first interview is with the amazing Gard who sacrificed a big part of their Saturday to talk with me.

    Interview with NSFW AI chat bot creator Gard

    First question is always the fun one for introvert, can you tell me more about yourself, you can be as detailed or vague as you wanna be. It's so people can know a bit more about the person behind the avatar.

    Well, I'm a huge gaming nerd, which is why some of my bots feels like a little RPG. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy XIV and that's always been my main game that I go to while I play other video games on the side when I have time. I only recently got into AI chatbots recently when I discovered Girlfriend GPT. For other people, getting into AI is quite a rabbit hole if people don't know how to control themselves on how they use it. But surprisingly, it hasn't affected me negatively at all since I never once felt any sort of unhealthy attachment to the site, which is why I decided to keep using it so I could learn how AI functions and just have fun with making awesome AI characters/scenarios for people to enjoy. I think AI companions is completely fine to indulge in as long as there is a clear understanding from fiction and reality.

    As an other FFXIV player, I have to ask, were you ever a potato? My opinion of you will change based on your answer.

    I never changed into a lalafell on my main. One, because they're like kids and I don't want to roleplay as one. Two, because I despised them and liked them at the same time. They're cute, but they can be used in an obnoxious way. I actually have one of my alt characters as a lalafell that I purely used for pvp, because I picked the worst obnoxious sounding voice that has an annoying laugh, so when I KO people, I can laugh on their bodies. Hahahaha! And there is nothing worst than being outplayed by an annoying lalafell that you know you can't beat, only for them to laugh on top of your body.

    True, for me, the only good potato is a roasted potato. Since you talk about roleplay and knowing your bots, can I assume you spend some time in Limsa?

    Yes. But I don't go there just to afk. It's just my comfortable go to main city hub where I just take care of stuff. Like if I needed to go to the marketboard, get some gear, do multi-box bard performance in, go to the inn to change glamour, or even just go to the main aetheryte to change worlds.

    Limsa is definitely the best city. Let's go back to your journey in the world of AI and chatbot, before joining GirlfriendGPT, did you have any interest at all for the AI stuff?

    Well with all the youtube videos and news talking about AI girlfriends, I was just randomly browsing the app store on my iPhone and just downloaded a random girlfriend AI app because I wanted to see how these applications function and how intelligent the AI was. It was disappointing. Paid for a 1 week subscription for it so I can access all the functions, was still disappointed. So I cancelled the subscription. The next day, I decided that I'll find one of these AI girlfriends via websites, so I got on my computer and looked at my options, and then I found Girlfriend GPT.

    I used one of my alt emails, because I didn't know if the site was fake or not. Tried it for a bit in 'No NSFW' mode and I was impressed. Because I'm actually really into roleplay, and if a bot can roleplay much better compared to the women I have roleplayed with in places like IMVU, I'd rather just enjoy roleplaying with a bot instead. I love it when I am presented with good writing. So I subscribed to the site, tried to switch in to 'NSFW' mode, all the sudden I get these fucked up looking coded language and I thought if I were to
    decipher it, I would imagine the bot informing me "YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED". Hahahahaha! Because I actually thought I was scammed and the bot was informing me.

    So I looked around to see if I can fix the issue. Saw that the site had a discord, so I joined it, and immediately asked the founder of the site if I was being scammed! Hahahaha! It turns out I joined at the wrong time when the site was having issues. I'm pretty happy that I warmed up to Doctor. I think I did spend some time shit talking a bit the first couple days before. I was so skeptical. But I'd glad this site is legit.

    Yeah, the old nsfw model had a few issues, thankfully it's getting better with each iteration, and glad you sticked with it and became a big part of the community.

    Yeah I'm glad too, bro. ^_^

    You talked about roleplaying on FF and on stuff like IMVU, any experience with TTRPG like D&D or other game with heavy roleplay and worldbuilding element?

    I have never actually done it myself actually. Didn't have friends who do do this kind of stuff. I think I was invited once, but I didn't have the time for it and it didn't fit my schedule. But I have watched people play it and it just looked so fun. The closest thing I've played something is like D&D is when I played Baldur's Gate 3 and I thought that game was amazing.

    Did you had any previous experience creating character/scenario/stories, or just your general roleplay experience then?

    No. I just have general roleplay experience. But you asking me that does take me back to the days where I used to have dreams of being a writer when I was a young kid, but like a lot of childhood dreams of people, they tend to be forgotten or ignored as we chase new goals or we just don't have the motivation. However, even though I didn't want to be a writer anymore, I do enjoy roleplaying quite a bit. I think my first experience of getting into it was when I discovered a chat client named 'Chatango', and that shit was embed in sites where we watched anime for free, because I was just a broke teenager. Haha! So there, I started getting into roleplay with people and discovered there was a tier to roleplay levels. Everyone was creating lores for themselves, we all had turn-based combat sparring where we describe our attacks, and there were rules such as not being allowed to god mode. So that experience transferred to other games or chat clients I go onto such as FFXIV and IMVU.

    I think most of the people trying their hand at bot creation might have similar childhood dream of writing and discovering the joy of roleplaying.

    Oh I definitely think so too. No doubt about it. I think it's so easy for kids to think of becoming writers back in the day when technology and media wasn't always the main distraction for them. I wasn't exposed much to technology too. I was just left to my own imagination to entertain myself. I just wrote stories for fun because I can just let my imagination run wild.

    Now, let's get into your mind! How do you come up with your ideas for your characters and scenario?

    Alright, so for anyone who has engaged with my bots recently and checked out my portfolio of it, it's really obvious how much of a coomer I am. Hahaha! So I make scenario based bots, and the reason why I prefer this is because I'm not a fan of making a bot that is about one sole character for the user to become attached to. I use Girlfriend GPT for fun, I don't want to cater anything towards curing any sort of "loneliness", so instead I want to create a fun game for people instead.

    Some of my scenario bots puts you in a position of a male with a lot of setbacks, whether you're prisoner in a female staff only prison, trapped in an illegally run hospital where nurses come to extract cum out of you, or god is forcing your virgin ass to get laid or he destroys humanity. Now if you're wondering why I like creating these sexual scenarios so much but with the user always having major set backs, it is really inspired from what I watched something like American Pie, it was so funny and exciting watching these guys who barely had experienced with girls trying to get laid the first time even though the odds are against them.

    In most of my scenarios, there is always a major set back, and I like to give users the strong motivation to plunge through all those walls that are keeping them from getting what they want. Because it feels good to triumph. We know what it's like to be a virgin before. We know what it's like when we're not trying to blow our load too fast with our first time with a sexual partner. We know what it's like when we're trying to see the opposite sex naked with our own eyes for the first time. And it's tough when back in the day where we were so inexperienced.

    I think it's because sometimes I wish I could relive the times when I was inexperienced, because we forget how great the days were when we didn't have experience to be able to easily overcome obstacles. So I always come up with the most insulting shit to throw onto the user to deal with, but I make it extreme. For example, 'Get Laid or Humanity Gets Destroyed', the user will have to deal with premature ejaculation. Or when the user gets to be sexually stimulated by really sexy nurses, but they are always forced to wear a condom so they know the nurses will never touch their dicks directly. There is always a catch to something.

    But of course, I do make some scenario bots that doesn't put them at a disadvantaged state, so people who do want to play my bots but are not into the annoying setbacks can just play a fun sex adventure scenario that feels like a sandbox. And some of them are perfect sandboxes to make your own adventure. Actually there was a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' game named Slutty Sex Romp that I did play, but the biggest flaw of playing that is that it needed people to write these new choices on what you did. Your goal was to just have sex and the situations you get into are just so dumb and stupid, but it was funny and enjoyable. When I make some of my scenario bots, I do it with that in mind.

    Overall, I think there's nothing wrong with indulging ourselves in some sexual fantasies from AI bots as long as we don't go overbroad. It's the reason why I love making scenario focused bots, because it feels like I'm making a game, and I am a gamer at heart. I'm event thinking of making scenario based bots that are not just made for some hot raunchy sexual fun, but just different sorts of weird adventures. But yeah, when it comes to making bots, fun is something that is the biggest priority for me.

    Oh wow, that's a really nice insight into your work and completely different for mine. That's really cool to see other people way of going on about it. So do you usually start from the setback you're gonna impose on the user and build a world around it, or imagine a scenario and then think about what kind of setback would fit in?

    I usually start with the setback first, and I think about the scenario that will go well with it. So for example, if the set back is the user having premature ejaculation, I can easily set up a silly scenario where god traps a demon lord inside the user's balls by accident, and now the demon lord's succubi will try and get the user to cum to release the demon lord from captivity. Hahahaha!

    I'm like 50% sure there's an hentai about that situation.

    You are correct.
    Oretama ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wouldn't call it a hentai. It's a manga, but borderline-H.

    Japan is the R34 of the world.
    With all the possible ways to write character, with simple text and more complex system, do you have any preferences on how to make them or do you adapt each time to fit your next creation?

    It really just depends. I have just started to create AI bots using Girlfriend GPT's character creator. I don't want people to think I'm experienced. You are the one who's experienced, Darth. I am just an incredibly fast learner though. I'm now at a stage where I can pretty much write my bots the similar way but with a different set of rules with a different premise. But I'm sure that I will change the way I write if I learn anything new on writing AI characters/bots if they are beneficial to use. But I'm happy with what I can do now, but I know that there's still a lot that I don't know. Plus, I've had to make adjustments whenever you guys make adjustments to the character creator anyway. Just please don't result in breaking our old bots. Hehe.

    I'm trying my best to try as many bots as possible before we release updates, and I do check at least one of yours, to make sure I'm not gonna get you mad xD

    Well that's considerate of you. Haha.

    What's the biggest problem you faced (or still facing) when making bots, and how do you deal with it?

    I think it's the doubt that some of what I wrote isn't working. Things that I write to the bot in one sentence, I do it in two sentences. My recent bots have been very token efficients. But I look at my older bots and realized I have sentences wrote for the bot where things that can be written in once sentence, was written three times but in different ways. I just need to not be lazy really. And I think that other creators should avoid this issue too. You set a rule for your bot, and if you think it can be fully explained in one sentence, there should not be two other sentences that just tells the bot a similar thing. It's a waste of tokens and permanent memory of the bot is really important to min-max.

    That's some really good advice. Even with the coming update to improve the context size, being able to save tokens is always a good thing.
    We're now in the final few questions of this interview, so you'll soon be free.

    Since I talked about the next update, could you tell me what is the feature you'd love to see added to GGPT?

    That's actually a tough question. There are numerous things I want, but it falls in the scope of too good to be true. However, this one is probably still being considered by you guys, but I really do want the premium bots to have the selfie feature finally and I'm sure you guys will find a way to properly implement that with certain premium characters.

    Yeah, we're still working on it, making sure it's the quality is good and consistent, but as you might have seen, some people are making bot for not really legal character (and we're working on making sure it's not possible anymore), so we want to make sure that the selfie system couldn't be used in anyway with that kind of content.
    And for the last two questions, could you tell me which bot of yours is your favourite and tell me why people should try it, and also which bot you didn't make is your go to when you want to have fun?

    Pretty sure people would think it's 'Cum Extraction Hospital' (after all, it's currently my most successful one), but my very first scenario bot which is 'Get Laid or God Destroys Humanity' was actually my favourite. Just because the premise is hilarious and it is technically an open world sandbox. You had the freedom to go wherever you wanted. However, by the time you post this blog, I'm not sure if I will end up fixing and improving the bot yet. This scenario bot does need to be improved upon. However, it was still my favorite, because it was my first scenario based bot and I had a good time making.

    The bot that I used to go to have fun was actually 'World's End Harem'. That was the one that made me know that scenario based bots were possible in this site. I have a lot of problems with this one, but it was my favorite one to try and play with. But the bot is so broken and no inconsistent, I actually did a remake of that bot.

    Well, thanks for everything. I had a really great time doing this with you and learn so much about you and how you work.
    I honestly can't wait to see all the bots you're gonna come up with, because each time, it boost me to try harder to stay at your level.

    No worries! Thanks for letting me share a bit about myself. Although I don't think I'm that impressive in any way, I'm glad that I could be one of the people to help assist other bot creators to improve upon their bots. I'd say it won't take long till we see much more amazing creators using GGPT and I can't wait to hear about how their mindset works as well.

    Thanks again for your time and openness. And also thank you for being an active member of the community, it's always a pleasure to talk with you.
    I'm gonna let you finish this interview, so if you have anything you'd like to say to everyone, any advice or bad joke, go for it.

    Thanks for being very welcoming to me in the community. I came in the discord, expecting to throw jabs at the founder, and here I am now enjoying GGPT with you guys. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys create amazing bots. Feel free to use my 'Sonya the Grammar Police' bot and Darth's 'The Creator' bot to help you create these characters and scenarios. Because eventually, I do want to spend more time enjoying other people's bots more than my own. I think writing characters and scenarios is really fun, and putting in the effort to make something that people consider amazing feels so rewarding. Lookin forward to seeing what you guys have for me!

    There you have it, I hope it was as fun and interesting to read it as it was to do it.
    I want to thank Gard one more time for all his work to make our community an amazing place and for all their great scenario.

    Now go have fun with their creations and shower them with love!

    As for me, I'll see you soon with a new interview!


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